Friday, February 2, 2024

A Sunny Day but Cooler Again and Countrified Rodents

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Feb. 2nd we remember that it is Groundhog Day.  Waiting for Wiarton Willie, back home, or Punxsutawney Phil, in Pennsylvania, to forecast when spring will arrive is not anything we are concerned about. He would definitely see his shadow here today! We all know spring is 6 weeks away, no matter how you look at it. The temperatures dropped overnight though, after the rain, and it was a chilly, windy 48F/8C when we got up after 7.

Another early morning surprise

The red was SO red!

Bill wasn’t flying, the winds were too strong with gusts up to 15 mph, but he did leave to go to Jim’s and work on something club related. Gibbs and I went for our walk and walking into the southeasterly wind gave me cause to rush the walk a bit. 

Gibbs and I walked before 8:30 and the rays
were beautiful in a picture

these two pictures give you an idea of
how windy it was and we were walking
right into it for part of our walk.

The flags were just a flapping

Not too much, it is his time and I let him get as many (almost as many) sniffs in as he needs to. 😊 Every so often there is that ONE that just lures him in and I may have to tug on the leash “come on, let’s go!”.

Still puddles
and still a lovely sky

I thought I’d try and accomplish something on the horse puzzle this morning so took my water and walked over to the clubhouse. I took the time, first, to move the 2 sheets of Bristol board to a table near the office wall. Temporary, but at least it is out of the way for the music jam tomorrow. I worked on it for a while, paid our electric bill which totally surprised us at how low it was, and then chatted with G as I stared at the pieces some more. LOL I’m disliking it, a lot.

It looks lush and fresh after a rain.
I do like the smell too! 😁

After about an hour, I came home for my coffee and to sit with Gibbs. I’ve decided that for February, at least, I won’t be painting so have put the paint supplies back under the bed for storage. Once Bill moves his planes (!!), it will actually be a nice seating area again. 😊 Bill came home for lunch so I mixed up some chicken breast meat for sandwiches. Gibbs got the juice on his bowl of dry food. Boy, did he gobble that up! Kibble soup.

did any of you ladies do this as a child?
I was taught with wool. The adult version is
maybe using sheet strips instead?

I started this when we bought the Suite
thinking maybe a bathroom mat.
Ha! good thing we didn't wait for it! 

With Pokeno on in the clubhouse this afternoon, I decided to stay home and get my sewing machine out. Stuffy’s material is too tough for my machine and it seemed the bobbin apparatus was not working right anyway, so I put that away. Frustrated. Bill says we’ll get it serviced this summer; it has been about 10 years. So, I worked on another one of my craft projects. Things that I’ve started years ago and every so often just work away at it.

afternoon sky

Still windy but more from the west by now

The puffy clouds leave black shadows on the mountains
to the east

You might remember seeing the ‘corking/spooling’ thing, from the last time I got it out. I’m running out of the sheets that I use so will have to visit a thrift store soon and see if I can find something that will blend well. I know that Bill is out of bread so wanted to make him more for lunches. However, with spaghetti on the menu tonight, I veered away from that and instead, made some Garlic Knots. Yum, they might be good with the meal.

Someone is keepinng Daddy company upstairs. ♥

I had my tea around 4, when the knots were rising and then started my blog while I waited. Bill had his snooze, with Gibbs for part of the time and then we got out for our afternoon walk. 

Kneaded in the bread machine.
Rolled and knotted by hand

Spread with homemade garlic butter
and baked.
I've never made these cute little (big) knots before
so was quite pleased. 

The day has been quite nice but the winds are still a factor unless you are dressed accordingly.  Supper was absolutely perfect! I’m more into the spaghetti than Bill is but he couldn’t deny that the knots were a great addition. 😊 We cleaned up and I finished my blog before finding another good movie to watch.

Good night and Happy Groundhog Day!

This has been a nice day, no complaints.


  1. Your Pacific front arrived here in TX this evening. Nice, with some RAIN. The wind is going to be something else though. That bread looks great!

    1. Seems I remember you saying it doesn't rain much in Texas. Enjoy.

    2. Glad to send some rain your way, Judithk. Sorry about the winds though!

  2. Knots? Who could not like knots. :O)

  3. Spooling was never on our list of appointed tasks. Maybe you can show me how it works. Looks interesting. Knots loaded with garlic ... right up my alley!!!

    1. I will try and remember when i see you next to show you.
      The knots are delicious and fun to make.

  4. Spool knitting is what we called it and I can remember my Dad tapping the nails into an old spool for us. How to actually do the knitting, I don't recall, but I remember making the cords. We used yarn, if I remember correctly. The sheet idea is interesting, and it would make a nice mat. Perhaps you can use as a hot pot mat rather than finishing the bath mat.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Yes, my dad used nails when the pegs came out. It is just a wrap around process, lifting the bottom yarn over the top of each nail. One at a time.

  5. At one point a few years ago I was silly enough to use my bits and bobs of yarn to make rather large rugs using the spool knitting method. Took forever it seemed.

    Those garlic knots look really tasty.

    God bless.