Friday, February 16, 2024

A Walk to Start the Day, Chillin’ for the Afternoon

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Feb 16th the family was up and moving by 7. Gibbs was snuggling up with Bill before 6 and it seems no matter how I tried, that was it for me. They came back to bed for a while. Things running through my head until we finally got up.  When my tea was finished, Bill had left and Gibbs and I went for our walk. It was a lovely morning again and all I needed was shorts and my hoody with a windbreaker. 😊

Well look at that.
We started our day with a ring around the sun.

After bringing Gibb back home, I left the hoody behind and headed out for another walk. Duh, I forgot my ear buds so it was just me walking, silently, in between chats with our creator. I’m grateful for a lot of things and often like to make it known. I went as far as Coyote Fresh Foods, after a stop at the Family Dollar. I’m looking for frozen lime juice for my beer margaritas but after forgetting it at Walmart, can’t find it at either store here.

We like our home and the
property we claimed for the winter. 

We have lots of room,
these park sites are some of the widest.

Back home, I just chilled outside in the sun Actually, there was no ‘chilling’ involved, that sun was hot and perfect, just how I like it! Gibbs didn’t want to come out – he’s turned into a real Daddy’s boy. Bill was home by 12:30, we had lunch and sat together outside. 

The sun had disappeared from the patio so I followed it into the gazebo where it was lovely. The book I’ve started is called The Finishing School by Joanna Goodman and it has me hooked. 😊

When Gibbs and I walked the park,
clouds had temporarily moved in.

Look at this 'fresh off the tree'
bag of fruit. Yummy!

I do enjoy sitting outside with a good story, in perfect weather and few distractions. When Bill told me that Sheila and Randy had brought grapefruit and oranges in to the clubhouse, I walked over to retrieve a few. He can’t eat grapefruit because of his cholesterol meds but he can have ‘some’ on occasion. I love it and don’t have that problem. Thank you S & R! I appreciate it very much.

We drove to the field, which is all set up
for tomorrow's event.

I was able to capture some lovely
sky views out here.

And some other great views, as well. πŸ’“

Bill’s flying event at the field starts tonight with night flying and carries on Saturday. I thought I would join him this evening as I’m sure there will be a good turnout and I like to support him/them. Supper will be what we feel like when we get home. Turned out to be toast with peanut butter, jam and/or honey. The weather today, as I’ve mentioned, has been wonderful. 72F/23C makes for a great day.

It doesn't look like a styrofoam flyer, does it?
I like Russel's choice of colour!

The planes are pretty cool, all lit up and yet
the darker it got, the harder it was to capture them in flight.

Here are Bill's planes lit up.

He can change colours, the pattern
and the speed of the light changes.

I took many sky pictures too but had to pick
just a couple to share. It was gorgeous so a challenge to choose.

I should have said this above, but I stripped the bed this morning and took our flannel sheets and duvet cover over to wash. They were hung on the line and all dried quickly by noon. Bill helped me get a duvet cover on and to make the bed. It is just easier with 4 hands instead of 2. Well, Gibbs tried to help but mainly by staying off the bed and out of the way. 😊 We left at 5:30 and returned home by 7:30. It was a nice evening to share together and then I got back into my book.

The day ended with this huge ring around the moon.
Supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow.
good night!

This has been a nice day. Thank you for stopping around.


  1. Looked like you both had a wonderful day, doing what you like.
    Bill did a great job on his plane.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It's so cool to see those planes with lights flying in the dark. I'll see if I can find some lime juice for you.

  3. The two of you have no difficulty filling your days with the things you most enjoy.
    Enjoy those oranges and grapefruit. Fresh off the tree sounds wonderful!

    1. Our hobbies may not be joined but at least we can support each other.
      the fruit smells so fresh and the orange I had was wonderful!