Friday, February 9, 2024

A Very Lazy Day, Sky Pictures Mostly

Park Place RV Park

First thing on Friday, Feb. 9th, we were all up shortly after 7. I showered after my tea. I’d debated going to get my hair cut in town yesterday but with everything else, I decided to just trim my bangs and leave it for now. I’ll see how long I can go before I change my mind about that!

I'm not quite sure why the blur but it
is still a pretty sunrise

The morning was a bit cool with an uncertain sky. Some clouds, some blue, some sun. When the sun was not hidden behind a cloud, it was lovely and warm, although only 57F/14C for a high temperature all day. With the puzzle done, and the music jam tomorrow, there was no reason to be at the clubhouse this morning or this afternoon. Bill and I just hung out at home. We had lunch together, minced pork sandwiches, and they were very tasty.

Clouds, blue sky and sun.
All day, it varied until late afternoon.

Bill dozed and I took a book and dvd over to the library before carrying on for a walk in the fresh air. I wandered back through the park and around the Arizona Sun RV Resort behind us. I see they have a yard sale advertised for tomorrow morning so I may have to go and check it out after 8. It was a nice fresh air walk and when I returned home, rather than sitting, I scrubbed the shower floor. It was looking dirty.

Pictures from our walks

Bill teases now about the blinding gleam when he walks in there. šŸ˜Š Well, good! I started reading a new book called The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. There are mixed reviews so I will have to see what I think. So far, at page 44, I’m interested. Around 5, Gibbs and I went for our walk but the sun had disappeared and the wind made it feel cool. I shortened the walk. Sorry Gibbs!

Here I am on my own, walking west

For supper, we had leftovers. Hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, dressing and a vegetable. It was very good but far too much. What we couldn’t eat was disposed of, it was very little. It did clean up 3 dishes from the fridge at the same time. We’ll get into a movie tonight or a book.

The street behind us with the two rv parks
runs north/south
I'll come back in the morning to check out the sale
at the park where the big sign is

It looks like we’ll be seeing 6 days in a row of full sun so that should bring our daytime temperatures back up a bit. That needs to happen, this is Quartzsite, Arizona! This has been a good, quiet day together. Thank you for the support regarding yesterday's post.

If you use your imagination,
you might see a mama cuddling a
babe in her arms.

One commenter is asking for details, suggesting that I was no help regarding a new scam to watch out for. But it isn’t a new scam. It started with a laptop shutting down, a note on screen to call Microsoft in order to retrieve it – etc. etc. If it happens to you, shut it down and call your bank or Geek Squad, whoever you have connection with. From talking to others, similar instances have happened a lot over a number of years.

Way too much supper tonight, but
we cleaned things up one way or the other.
After 3 nights, it was time.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Thank you for the info on the scam. That is a new one to me and I probably would have been caught. Oh well, now I have something new to worry about.

    1. You're welcome. It's sad isn't it, that we have to worry about others doing this to us.

  2. Okay, that cactus looks like a shark eating a ball. LOL. It's too bad we can't open anything on our computers any more because you have no idea if it's real or not. That dinner??? Wow!!! Now I'm craving turkey and gravy!

    1. Haha, true enough about the cactus!
      That little turkey breast was really good and we'll buy it again.

  3. Yikes, that would freak me out. My geek squad lives with me - my son deals with all my computer issues. We've got a security system (Norton) on our computers and they are password protected as well. I don't know if that helps but so far, knock wood we've been okay.
    Hope the sun continues to shine today!

  4. Yes, I have heard of that scam and even had phone calls asking about our Microsoft and that it's infected. Good to get the word out there! Your dinner looks just like Thanksgiving :)

  5. Isn't it crazy that it was warmer back home than it was down here? February seems to be quite a mix of up and down temps. That is a good photo of the cactus and yes, I can see the mama and baby. Very cute!

    1. Our weather had been nuts this year, worse than last year even.

  6. Oh yeah been definitely hit with that one a couple of times. I love the sunny skies as I am living in dreary, darkened skies right now.

    God bless.

  7. I've had that message twice. The first time it scared the heck out of me but my daughter knew it was a scam. A couple weeks ago Jerry got the phone call about a love one being in an accident. I could hear the voice. His first mistake was he called us mom and dad. We don't have sons. But the voice was very convincing. I had to call my grandson and sons in law to make sure everyone was OK. Crazy world.