Sunday, February 4, 2024

Feeling Much Better about the Horses, Fun Happy Hour

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Feb. 4th we started our day late. Gibbs slept until 6:45, as did I, so when we got up at 7, it seemed that I’d slept in. 😊 Especially on a Sunday, it is laundry day! We walked the basket over and loaded 2 washers. It was still very quiet all around so our timing was still good.

When Bill and I walked over with the laundry,
this was the sky - 7:15.

A few minutes later, the sky was painted
a pretty pink

And a few minutes after that, the rays of the
sun risin were so beautiful

Before Bill left, I walked over and transferred loads to the dryers. It was bonus day for me as although someone had not emptied the lint from a dryer, they also left me $1.25 in the coin slot. Free dry! I guess I’ll have to pay it forward one day. The clothes were all washed, dried, folded and mine were put away by 9 am so I’d say that was my work done for the day!

My timing was perfect when I walked back
to fold the clothes.
There was a fine line between the mountains
and the clouds and I caught the sun rise just on time.

Why, thank you!

Bill had gone to the field and we were both very surprised when the clouds cleared out to bring a clear blue sky and minimal winds. That changed though by noon when the winds picked up. It was a gorgeous day, reaching a high of 68F/18C. After Gibbs and I went for our walk, I popped my ear buds in and walked around the residential neighbourhood and back around the Arizona Sun parks before returning home. I was in a sleeveless top and it was perfect.

Today, we got along. The horses and I.

I made myself a coffee and walked over to move the puzzle back to the front table and then settled in until noon. I began to feel better about the horses, as a few more pieces were falling into place. I’m trying NOT to give up on it and between then and 2:30 this afternoon, we were getting along. The puzzle and I. It may survive after all! I had kneaded a loaf of bread this morning and left it to rise under the counter light. It is coming along nicely. Bill needs sandwich bread. 😊

Before our company arrived,
I blended Bill and I a pina colada

At 3, our friends, Ken and Kim, came in for Happy Hour. This was really nice and the perfect day for it. We sat in the gazebo together and spent the next 2 ½ hours chatting, sharing stories, solving problems, and laughing about old television programs we watched as children and young adults. It was fun. Bill and I had pina coladas and Gibbs was the best little guy after once more burying his special bone. Silly boy!

We had a really nice visit.
Group Happy Hours are fun but
a one on one (or two on two) 
are special.

It was an easy prep for supper for us, so I reheated the spaghetti and garlic knots at the same time I fried the few leftover potatoes for Bill. It was delicious! 

Supper and another
loaf of white bread

While we ate, I put the loaf of risen bread in the convection oven to bake. We’ve had a wonderful day. We hope to see K & K once more before they leave but just in case the Jello (meringue) jiggles, we’ve hugged goodbye. Sometimes things change. 😊

Back home, our gate is still standing. 😃
Donna's footprints.
She walked up the Ridge to check on things.
All is well. 
Good night!

Thank you for the visit today. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours.


  1. Don't you just love that bread machine? Glad Kim and Ken got to visit.

  2. Visits are always nice.
    Not much snow at The Ridge. The Cabin as of last week is still out of reach by foot, snow shoe maybe, definitely nothing motorized. Too much snow. Glad we aren’t there, seems like a good motto.


  3. Is that a new windmill? Looks like it is right in your yard in the picture. I would not want one that close to me. Cell towers are bad enough.

  4. I was surprised you would quit on a puzzle. But you didn't. That's the Patsy I think I The Pina Colada looks delicious.

  5. Looks like a great happy hour with you guys! I agree the Pina Colada looks delicious! Glad you're carrying on with the puzzle.

  6. You're definitely more persisten than I am. Good luck with the rest of the puzzle.
    The gazebo has certainly been a great investment. A place to relax or read or have friends.