Thursday, February 1, 2024

Nice Start to the Day, Impending Rain, Visit from Keith

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Feb. 1st we approached the new month in warmth and an overcast sky. We slept well, geared up to face our last couple of months here. 😊 We’ve enjoyed it here so far, doing what we love and taking part in the activities we like to do. Gibbs and I went for our walk and Bill left for the flying field by 8:30. He wasn’t planning on flying, the rain forecast was still questionable, but he also had stuff to do for the club at Jim’s.

At 7:30, I saw this sky when I opened the blinds

The best part was how it reflected on our 
Home Suite Home♥

At 9, I boiled hummer food and left it to cool on the stove while I walked over for Ladies Poker Pool. There were 5 of us today, but beginning of the month ties up the hostess on duty (Patti today), so we only managed to play 4 games. Hydro/electric bills are due, which reminds me that we have to pay ours tomorrow. Woops! Patti was quite run off her feet BUT she was the big winner, scoring only 2 points overall! 😊 Good job, girl!

A peek of blue in an otherwise cloudy sky
Gibbs finds some good smells in the Mesquite bushes

I had a noodle soup for lunch and walked back over while Bill and Gibbs snoozed. The puzzle needs attention and although we are not succeeding in finishing the sky, I worked away on the horses – making a wee bit of progress. 

That sky has been apart umpteen times
and we're still not happy with it.

Tomorrow, we will be moving it to the other table so it is out of the way for Saturday. That will be a trick! I came back home when the ukelele players started showing up for a practice at 3.

It was starting to drizzle when I walked home
but too Gibbs out quickly for his jaunt.

Bill finished the chairs and I will let him
tell that story when he writes his blog.
This is one of the covers that we bought for them.
I can tell you now how comfy they are though!

Bill was just finishing up with my chair recovery and they turned out really well. It was a nice surprise that Keith arrived for an afternoon visit and we got caught up before he headed home around 4:15 or so. He is leaving this area tomorrow for a couple of weeks or so. 

The continuing saga of Stuffy
Today, Gibbs emptied his belly and nose.
I gathered up the fibrefill as he pulled it out.

For supper, I planned pork chops, a potato and vegetable. If I had been better at menu planning, I would have thawed the small Butterball turkey we bought. LOL We'll do that another wet day.

I may be getting my sewing machine out in the next
day or two just to stitch him together - empty. 
Help me, I'm deflating!!

This has been a good day, and the rain started, as predicted, around 3. Just a steady rain that expected to last until 10 pm this evening. Supper was delicious and very filling. I took 2 Advil, just before eating, for a headache that has been bothering me today. Hopefully it will disappear before too long!

It was a good supper and before I finish this blog post,
my headache is gone. 😍
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to.


  1. Nice to be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures.
    The Chair Cover looks good.
    Poor Stuffy.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Poor Stuffie! He's got no guts. :p
    I wonder, will Gibbs pay him less attention now that he's managed to pull the inards out?
    This is the first year since I've followed that you didn't move around during the season down there. Do you suppose you'll do the same next year too? There is something to be said about seeing different areas, but the peace of mind of knowing where you'll be and what to expect is good too. And you've obviously made good friends there with lots of activities you both enjoy.

    1. Haha, cute first statement! We'll see about Stuffy.
      Last year we were here from December to March 31. We'll be here next winter as well from November to April1st again. We enjoy being settled here. We've seen most of what we want down here, can sightsee on our journey down and back if we choose.

  3. How nice that Keith came by to visit! Poor Stuffie, at least you know he's loved. Chair covers look really nice! Dinner looks yummy!

  4. The redo on the chairs looks great. I bet they are very comfortable. Poor Stuffy, while greatly loved, does not give you much time between mending sprees.

    God bless.