Friday, December 15, 2023

Trying Something Different, Sold! Puzzling Again

Park Place RV Park

It was about 7:15 when I woke and got up on Friday, Dec. 15th. Wow, staying awake until 10:30 or 11 pm is showing! I was frustrated last night, couldn’t seem to get the downstairs tv working. I gave up and shut it off. Bill had trouble too with both but eventually got things going. He has more patience for the electronics in our home, apparently.

Good morning from sunny Quartzsite, Arizona!

I did manage to get more worms crocheted though so that was good. I told you that I was going to read the Stieg Larsson book next but I just couldn’t seem to start it. I didn’t give it a chance, really, so put it aside last night and returned it to the clubhouse library this morning. I’ll find another one that is in my cupboard, I have a few to choose from.

Bread making was the order of the day.
On the left, a 1.5 lb. loaf rising.
On the right, a 2 lb. loaf completed in the bread maker.

Bill left for the field and Gibbs took me for my/his walk around the park. It was brisk out there but I was dressed for it and Gibbs wouldn’t notice with his furry coat. 😊 I missed getting a picture of the pretty pink east sky but that’s okay, I know it will be another sunny day with temperatures in the low 70’s/20’s. Today was bread baking day for me. We needed some more.

So, I started this puzzle.
In the top picture can you see a discrepancy?
There are two border pieces exactly the same. 😁
That means someone else with this same puzzle is missing one.
So that is how it happens!?

First, I texted Susan, from behind us, to see is she was still interested in my 2nd ordered, 1st received bread maker and within 5 minutes she was at our door. Gibbs was very excited for the company and only wanted attention, showing her his new chew bone. (Sorry, Susan, he made a nuisance of himself.) We made a deal and she took it home, yay! I don’t have to advertise it. 😉

What a tired little boy and what a hairy little boy.
He needs a haircut for sure, his eyes are closed
but you can't even see them. Friday, the 22nd
is his appointment. 

I had already started to knead a 1.5 loaf of bread in my other machine and when it finished that first step, I removed it and put it into a loaf pan to rise, covering it with a tea towel. The way Mom used to do it. While that was happening, I made a 2 lb. loaf in the maker. I know it means two loaves on the go but I’m testing both the rising technique and baking in our convection oven.

This is our old-fashioned wind monitor.
We look out our window and see the streamer.
It helps Bill in the morning and me later in the day.
Whether to fly and whether to wear a jacket. 

I went to the clubhouse and started a new puzzle. The ladies have been doing small ones so there is nothing for me to work on when I get there. This one will be different; 750 pieces and it is 37” long and 12” high. 😊 I set to work and was well on my way by lunch time. Bill was home before me and wanted to return to the field so had eaten his lunch early.

Top picture was this morning.
Bottom picture was this afternoon when I left.

I had a ham salad sandwich and after the bread was done, I went back over for a couple of hours. When I returned home around 3:30, I popped the risen loaf into our convection oven for 33 minutes and took Gibbs for a longer walk. He’s been good and with Daddy away, alone longer than usual. It tired him out. The bread looks great, both loaves, but the 2nd one will be easier to slice for Bill’s sandwiches. Maybe I’ll need to do that more often.

Our afternoon walk.
The quail were running in groups but they
were too fast for me to catch on 'film'.

For supper, we had shrimp and fries and I’m hoping that I will have access to tv tonight. We don’t know what the problem was last night but it sure was frustrating!

It looks great and perfect for sandwich slices.

On the Ides of December,
aka the 2nd (or 3rd?) day of Christmas,
I wore snowman earrings. 

The wind did pick up after lunch and that just lead us into another coolish evening. The warm up has begun for a week at least. This has been a good day. The news today is that my sister, Gayle and her husband, John, have made it to Mexico. Not yet to their final beach destination but in the country at least. 😊

Easy supper tonight.
Bill did the fries and I put the shrimp on our plates. 😂
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. Cute snowman earrings!
    I have a question, you mentioned twice you are crocheting worms...what are crocheted worms and what are they for? Are there pictures. Good to hear Gayle and John made it to Mexico, safely.

  2. My SIL, who makes awesome bread, swears by the technique of using a bread machine to make the dough, then baking it in to the regular oven.

    Apparently there’s a lot of recipes just for that on the interwebs. Baking in a loaf pan, in a cast iron pot, even on a pizza stone.

    Your sandwich bread loaf looks fantastic!

    1. I'm coming around quickly to that idea as well. It is much nicer to slice and toast.

  3. My daughter has a bread machine, which she uses to mix and knead the dough. I think she may let the rise the first time too, but then she takes the dough and makes buns (less waste for her) and lets them rise on the pan for the second time before baking in the oven. They are so much lighter than mine - I think it's the extra kneading the dough gets in the machine.
    Nice you were able to sell the second/first bread machine so quickly.

    1. I read about the second rise but had never heard of it so haven't done it. Hmm. I'd like to make the buns too.

  4. I do love my bread machine. I think making it in a loaf pan gives you smaller slices, which I prefer. Sometimes I'm just lazy and leave it in the bread machine to cook. Glad you are having fun with it!!

    1. I'm also anxious to try some of the sweet and quick bread. Loving it!

  5. My bread machine bakes a loaf like one can buy in a store. We paid a pretty high price for it to begin with, but over the years the cost is becoming lower and lower per loaf. I know many people who make their bread in a machine, put when it comes to baking, take it out and bake it in the oven. It all depends on how you want to do the baking. When it comes to buns I use the dough setting and then after forming let them rise once again.

    I would also like to know what you use your crochet worms for? I know they can be used as book marks.

    God bless.

    God bless.