Friday, December 1, 2023

A Calmer Day, New Player, Gibbs Makes a Date

Park Place RV Park,

On Thursday, Nov. 30th the temperature felt totally different when we got up. It read 53F/10C and yet felt much warmer than yesterday. There was no wind. We had the dilemma of my parcel back home to deal with, so Bill stuck around until he could make that phone call at 8:30. With the postmaster not entirely graced in proper English, it was a bit of a challenge but we finally got it sorted. She called Donna (after our call) to confirm that it was there and available for her to pick up on our behalf. LOL

Didn't notice the ring around the sun until
I downloaded the pictures. 

Back from a quick walk with Gibbs

With that put out of our minds, Bill left for the field and I went to the clubhouse to play Poker Pool. Today, we had 6 ladies playing and that included a rookie. 😊 Angel is the youngest of the group and a pleasant participant to our game. Need I say that we had fun? Not really, we always do! I only had one bad ‘jumper’ shot. Angel and I scraped the bottom of the finish line but no worries, we each managed to go out once or twice!

A backwards shot by Adele

Our new player, Angel
setting up the shot

Home for lunch and Bill was out taking pictures of his purty yellow Piper with wings on. We had some homemade bread in a sandwich for lunch and when the boys snoozed at 2:30 I walked over to start a puzzle. 

Salmon sandwich with a krispie square
for a treat (they're gooood!)

This one was brought from home too and all 3 of my puzzling sisters had signed off on it. That means it had no pieces missing which is always good news. Susan, Adele and I made strides on this one before calling it a day around 4:30.

Our next puzzle and a good start

Gibbs and I went for our walk and he greeted his buddies, Carol-Ann and Kobus. He asked them if they would ‘dog-sit’ him next week when his Mom and Daddy go away for the day. You know what their answer was. They love him and will probably spoil him rotten. We’d like to get to Yuma for some shopping and it is easier not having to take turns sitting in the truck with him plus nicer for him to be home with someone.

The sun getting ready to say good evening

Bill began grilling his pork chop, it was clean up night, and I started cooking rice on the stove and air frying the last 5 chicken nuggets. We finished around the same time and it was a filling supper. No dessert necessary. 😊 We wanted to try and find some of our regular programs from home, NCIS, Magnum PI, etc. but the new season was not available yet on Prime. We watched the first episode of the new NCIS: Sydney and it looks like good characters too.

I'd never seen this kind of Campbell's
soup but it was great on the rice.

Tasty supper
Of course, olives!

I wasn’t feeling like blogging but soon became quite frustrated when I couldn’t get Justified again. I’m into the last season but it is now asking me, on my Profile, to pay to see it. Grrr. 

After sunset the sky was
still pink.

Anyway, I’m not going to let it ruin my winter, I’ll watch movies. Heck, I may have to watch Christmas movies with Bill, won’t that be something? 😊 

I went up to bed at 10 and that was after the rain started around 8:30. There was even a bit of thunder out here in the Arizona desert! I was tired and dropped off quickly.

Bill surprised me today by stringing lights. 💖

I didn't even notice until he was barbecuing
and he flipped them on.
That means Christmas decorations go up very soon!
Good night!

This was another good day. Thank you for the visit.


  1. Lighting the screened patio. Great idea!!

  2. Glad you got the package issue sorted out.
    You've got some great people there - especially the willing dog-sitters. I'm certain Gibbs will enjoy the company...and the spoiling. :)

  3. I am glad that you got your parcel situation fixed. I am also glad you like NCIS Sydney... I am still not too sure about it. We shall see.

    Love that you have those wonderful friends that will watch Gibbs for you.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, we are happy that Donna now has it. It will be there in April when we return.
      Sydney should be good, but one episode may not be the best judge. :)

  4. Haha I laugh when you talk about Christmas movies, I would be right there with Bill watching them, but hubby would be with you watching anything else :-)

    1. Ha ha, we have friends exactly like that. I would be with the men watching ANYTHING else and Bill with the ladies. ♥

  5. christmas movies.,,, new lights on the tent,...and a blog for us to enjoy the read...You give all of us something to look forward to... ;)

    1. Always fun to read your comments. I know how much you LOVE to read! ♥

  6. I'm with you as for watching Christmas movies.....not my thing. Your bread looks good!

    1. Thanks sis. I did watch a cheesy one last night with Bill and poked him when he fell asleep!!