Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Clouds Ruled the Day and Made for a Gorgeous Sunset!

Park Place RV Park

This weather is very strange and today, Wednesday, Dec. 27th, is no different. With promises of partly cloudy skies all day, we were 90% covered with a blanket of white. There were the odd patches of blue but it didn’t last and it didn’t warm up beyond 64F/16C. My hands felt chilly all morning which explains why much of my time was spent indoors.

Good morning?
pink sky = warning?

Whatever it means, it's pretty

I love our view this way

This morning around 8:45 I took our sheets and duvet cover over to be washed. It was coffee hour at 9 so I decided to put the wash in and sit at the puzzle. I was surprised that it was a very quiet ‘coffee hour’ today, when it usually is fairly busy. At least I think so, I don’t go over, from the cars I see parked over there. Today, there were only 5 plus me so I joined in occasionally. 😊

Back home, Gibbs greets us with his
Stuffie. I think he likes him - a lot. 💘

With such a small group, I did get the opportunity to meet May (Mae?). I’ve heard Sheila and Patti mention her but never really knew who she was. I have to admit that she left a wonderful impression on me, such a lovely, strong lady. I’m inspired by her determination. After a late summer hip surgery, she fell down cement steps in October and broke her pelvic bone in 6 places. It is one of those things that needs to heal on its own but, here she is, walking with a walker!

Morning, then afternoon

I stayed working on the puzzle until noon, retrieved the items off the clothes line and then after lunch with Bill, I returned to add more pieces. I’m loving it! It is a good challenge. 😊 

By then, we were seeing more blue sky
but it didn't last.

Bill keeps himself busy with his hobby.

I was back home around 3 and replaced the duvet cover, made my tea and sat to write this. Gibbs and I went for our walk around 4:30 while Bill puttered outside with his planes. For supper, he barbecued steak, warmed leftover dressing, had coleslaw and I had squash on my plate.

The steak was great tonight

So was the warmed up Apple Crisp with
cranberries and heavy cream. Yum!

When Gibbs and I walked at 4:30, I thought this would
be my last sky picture.
Boy, was I wrong!!

After clean up, we watched some tv and called it a day. This was a good day.

These two were taken from out front of our Suite
(Rick is bringing a new rig in to their site)

These two were taken looking from the entrance
Not sure why the colour difference, no touch ups were made.
Perhaps, because the clubhouse light was shining?
No matter, still beautiful!
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. OH YUM - apple crisp is my favorite dessert! Like the morning pics BUT the evening are the BEST! Thanks!

  2. The sky was beautiful this way, also tonight. My favorite picture you took is the last one the colors are wonderful. That is quite the expression on Gibbs face holding his "stuffie" I am not sure I would want to come between him and

  3. There's that pretty sky. Never go inside until it's completely done. Sometimes the second half is better than the first. I think Gibbs has the same thoughts about his toys as does Cooper. It's so funny when they carry them around. He certainly loves that one.

  4. Yep, Gibbs is adorable with his stuffie! Love the sunset pics! :)

  5. The sunset photos are beautiful!
    It looks like the new stuffie is holding it's own with Gibbs, at least for the moment.
    Hoping for warmer weather for you soon.