Sunday, December 3, 2023

Deck the Halls, A Prime Rib Birthday Supper!

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Dec. 2nd  it was another cool start to the day. The days have been cooler also but still, how bad can 67F/19C be under sunny skies in the winter? 😊 We’re not complaining. By Tuesday, we’ll be back up to 75F/24C for a few days. A note last night from my travelling sister said they were keeping warm with their propane heater and my daughter stayed warm dancing up a storm at a familiar Legion where Chris was playing!   Everyone is doing fine no matter the weather.

The day started like this.

When I got decorations and the tree out,
the Supervisor was quiet but watchful.

Back here, Bill went flying. Gibbs and I went for our walk and then I got out the Christmas decorations. Time to get festive! It didn’t take too long, with the holiday tunes playing on Sirius XM, I was finishing up by the time Bill got home around 11. I love getting all of our special things out and they all have a home in this small little house of ours. 😊 I was happy to let Giggles and Jolly out of the cupboard, they’ve been hibernating up there.

Before and after
We turn our coffee table at the end of the island
for obvious reasons.

A view inside the Suite all festive.

We had lunch and then around 1, I wandered over to see what puzzle the girls had started. Turns out it was one of the teeny piece ones so I sat and worked on it until the music jam folks were ready to begin. They have quite a group of interested musicians. Back home, Gibbs and I went for an early walk and I mixed together a cole slaw for supper. Bill and I packed a cooler of drinks and the salad and left Gibbs in charge around 4.

Last winter, I ordered these special ornaments.
My siblings and I, Bill's siblings and him

The Supervisor has approved, can't you tell
from the look? 😂

I worked on the teeny puzzle for an hour 
The pieces are 1/2" in size. I need magnifiers to look at the picture!
The other ladies are younger than I am, what a challenge!

Gary and Judy, our Alberta friends, are camped at La Posa South and Judy invited us out for Gary's birthday supper. Who could turn down prime rib but that isn’t the reason we wanted to go. Turns out (my memory was a blur) we haven’t seen them since the winter of 2020/21. 

The whole meal was awesome but that
prime rib was to die for! Yummy!
Judy also home made the rolls - no bread maker. Show off! ♥

Gary's birthday cake, no candles
but a cute heart in the icing. 

We enjoy their company and had a great meal and fun few hours with them, sitting outside on their covered patio. It was 7:30 when we left for home and we were VERY grateful for Black Beauty’s cookies to follow out. 😊

Happy Birthday, Gary!
Thanks for letting us share it with you both.

Judy helped us (me, mostly) with the final steps to get myself set up to watch my programs again. We ended the evening sitting around their propane fire. Sue got Bill set up but I needed to download Surfshark on my profile too, in order to have the same access. 😊 Thank you, Judy, I watched 2 episodes last night before bed. 

Nice and cozy under the awning and wind/sun screen.
The Albertans were in shorts. 😃

This was a wonderful day and now we’re ‘dressed’ for the season. This paragraph is for fellow desert campers. Mostly boondockers an update. We drove into Tyson Wash to see the 'new' water and dump station. It has been a discussion since last spring that they are closing the dump station at La Posa South LTVA because the tanks are beginning to leak. From our friends we've learned that the new stations will be opening in January, not December as previously rumoured. The delay is because of the required time in order to fill the in-ground tanks to be ready for 'customers'. There aren't 10 but at least more than La Posa South had. 

Top pix shows 4 dump stations
Bottom pix shows 8 taps available for water fills.

Good night!

Thank you for the pop in!


  1. OH there's that POP of RED this morning!! Wasn't it pretty? Clouds do make a difference.
    That dinner looks delish.......I need to stock up my freezer with some meat!
    Your house looks very festive !

  2. I have the CTV app downloaded and see that Justified is there. Take care. Melissa.

  3. Happy Birthday to your friend Gary. Very nice of he and his wife to share the birthday dinner with you and Bill. Good company is always a gift.
    Enjoy the challenge of the new puzzle!

  4. Happy Birthday Gary!! Wow!! Prime rib!!!! Nice of them to share.

  5. Enjoy your Christmas decorations :-)

  6. Your home looks very festive. Sharing a meal with good friends is always a welcome gift.

    God bless.