Thursday, December 14, 2023

More Shopping, Changing it Up, Warming up Too

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Dec. 13th it was close to 7:30 again when I got up. Bill had his club meeting and elections this morning so was ready to leave close to 8:30. Gibbs and I went for our walk after I finished my tea. I didn’t dress quite so heartily today after seeing the sunshine and clear sky. Bill had turned off our power before he left and when Gibbs and I got back, the furnace (which we ran for a couple of cycles) got turned off. Note: Blogger changed things up on me so not sure if you'll notice any difference. LOL

Off for our first walk

Good morning, Madame Mourning Dove!

The temperature has been on the cool side over the last week or two but when we think about it, it is still winter here and December, in particular, is normally a downside of the weather. Days are shorter so we don’t get as much of this gorgeous sun here in Arizona either. However, when we do get it, it is hotter than it is back home because we are closer to the equator. 62F/15C here, depending on the winds, is shorts weather, back home, close but not so much. 😊 We accept it and still love it!

On my own walk, I can't help but enjoy the
beauty of the mountains all around me. 
Although the "Q" has faded somewhat, the highest peak in the top picture
is the Q Mountain.

I dropped Gibbs back at home and slipped out the door with my fanny pack once more. We need ½ and ½ cream, so I decided to walk up to Roadrunner Market. It is further than Family Dollar by almost a block maybe, so I went the back way. From N. Plymouth Rd. I cut across to E. Mockingbird St and walked through a different neighbourhood.

I turned onto E. Mockingbird St. for some
new sightings - and I got them!

It’s older, with some scruffier looking homes, many of which are rv’s or park models. There are some nice lots though. I cut through the back of the market and got creamer and some cheddar cheese. We were getting low of that too and the price wasn’t too bad – really. 😊 Walking home along Main Street, I slipped into Family Dollar to see if they had any sticky letters, but their craft section is non-existent.

I tried to flag down the stage coach but it
was racing away from this fellow, it seems. 

BUT their ½ and ½ was .65¢ cheaper so I bought a second one. When I noticed that their gallon of 2% (& whole) milk was .60¢ less than it has been, I bought a jug of that too. Oh-oh, that all makes for a bit of a heavy load for the walk back home, but the exercise was good for me. Good for the upper arms, right? Let’s just say I was grateful to see the nose of the Suite when I got back into the park. Phew! I did get over my 6,000 steps again today though, so kudos to me.

Airstream lovers should get a kick out of this oldie.
Looks like it is just storage now but look how the outside
still appears!

I decided this morning to change my day up today. There was coffee hour(s) this morning in the clubhouse anyway so no puzzling for me. My choice entirely. Instead, I wrapped the gifts I’d picked up for Bill and Gibbs, stuffing stockings at the same time. That done, I changed into shorts and chatted with Johnny and Rich next door until Bill got home around 11 and then Gibbs and I sat in the sun, soaking up that warm Vitamin D. It was beautiful!

These lucky owners have this
beauty in their back yard.

 We had lunch and we went right back to our outdoor activities. Until the sun dropped behind the Suite, I wanted as much as possible. I came inside when it turned shady and cooler and decided to refresh my brain on crocheting. I have many hobbies so like to keep switching it up. Bill joined us and they had their snoozes while I worked away quietly.

These pigeons have a meeting every morning.
Now that is dedication to the job or maybe it is
morning happy hour?

We’ve chosen to visit the Times Three Restaurant for supper tonight, so I had my tea at 3:30 and took Gibbs for his walk before we left. Getting to the restaurant around 5 was good timing as we were able to get right in. First off, they need to replace the seats in their booths but other than that, we had a sweet young server, and she accommodated our every need. 😊 We each had butterfly shrimp and our choice of potato, but we managed to save room for dessert by having senior meals.

Gibbs was dozing under my chair
this afternoon, it was very warm!

Oh my, we were glad we did. This was a good day ending with a lovely dinner out together. I didn’t have to cook!

Our shrimp plates weren't too colourful
but these desserts were worth a photo.
Chocolate Slip pie and Bread Pudding w/brandy sauce.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It's always nice not having to plan or cook a meal. Those desserts look delicious!
    All those pigeons, I can only imagine how much they poop. LOL

  2. Wow, those desserts are huge!! We have two Mourning Doves that stay in the large evergreen in the neighbours yard. They feast at our bird feeder every morning. I love listening to them.

    God bless.

  3. Any bread pudding left over? Sure looked good!