Saturday, December 23, 2023

A New Master of the Suite, Rainy Day

Park Place RV Park

On Friday, Dec. 22nd, we are into the second day of winter. That means ‘now’, we are officially south for the winter. 😊 We expected the rains to start around 10 pm last night but they didn’t. Nor did they start any time through the wee hours of this morning. He was the main event of the day, so Bill didn’t go flying and I didn’t go to work on a puzzle. I'm not even sure they've started one. 

Good morning, before the rain we got out
for a walk around.

I took him for a walk and at 8:45, we left to take him to The Animal House for his spa. This is the first time at this venue but we’ve heard good reviews about Jennifer, the owner/groomer. She does the grooming in her small (maybe 20’) travel trailer so we took him in to meet her. After dropping him off with some instruction, I drove Bill to Jim’s, where he would be helping Ron with a plane. I wanted to mail a card and then stop at Family Dollar for some creamer.

A couple of poses.
Gibbs before

Like this, Mom?

I pulled into Coyote Fresh’s parking lot because there was more room for Black Beauty and walked the few steps to FD. They didn’t have creamer AGAIN but I bought the last box of Rice Krispies (hard to find this time of year, apparently!) on the shelf plus 2 small jars of smooth peanut butter for some baking. As I was in the check out line, I noticed Coke products were son sale 3 for $12 so I picked out 3 cases for Bill. It meant taking their cart across the two lots but I did it. 😊

For a while this morning, we thought
the rain would miss us altogether.

Then I nipped into CF for cream, of which I got 3 of the 1-quart bottles for $3.49 each. I was home by 9:30 and it felt strange, not having Gibbs at the door to greet me. I put a few things together and wrote a couple of cards before I finished with the worms. I tried a new colour and really liked working with that particular yarn. At 10:50, Animal House texted that Gibbs was ready and the cost so I drove to pick him up. Bill was finished at Jim’s too so both trips were involved at the same time.

Who is this new little Master?

You almost wouldn’t think he was the same pooch with his new cut except for those gorgeous brown eyes and happy tail. She did a great job so I booked him again for March, shortly before we leave the area. We had lunch and when the rain started around 12:30, I saw Gerald walking in from the back. I’d expected Dora to come over to paint my nails for me but the weather was playing havoc with her sinuses. We’ll try again tomorrow, it’s no big deal, just a chance to hang out.

Oh! It's you Gibbs! Such a handsome guy
all ready for Christmas with his new scarf

The rest of the day was just ‘chillin’ (with Bill and Gibbs). I did a bit more crocheting and then when they went up to watch a movie and snooze, I made some No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies. What a long name! They are so easy and even with the Splenda or Stevia substitute, turn out awesome. I’m not sure if more baking will happen but most likely. We had fish and chips for supper and then watched an episode of NCIS Sydney.

Before the rain, we had to pop the top down 
on the gazebo. Wind was 25 mph at times from the south
Around 2 I had to go pop it back up when the winds
died and the rain was gathering.

By then I was too tired to write my blog, hence the late posting. I watched a couple of movies and Bill and I switched places. Gibbs doesn’t like the rain, at all, so will not go out to piddle He did not go out until 10. That’s since 11 am! Quite the little bladder he has. Daddy had to almost drag him out and he was quite full and had to feel tons better when we went up to bed. 

Supper was good. 

We split one of the little pies. 

This was a wet but good day, rained until about 4 am (Bill said) but puddles are non-existent this morning.

These are a no fail cookie and delicious!
Good night!

 I wore Christmas earrings and a brooch again today. Two more sleeps! Thank you for the visit.


  1. Love the header! Gibbs is very handsome now! My dog didn't like the rain either.....carried her to dry spot in yard then carried her back in. Something about getting the feet wet.
    Love the little pies too!!

    1. Thank you, the header was a last minute change. Gibbs did get shocked last winter so maybe he remembers. We have one more pie to share another night. :)

  2. Gibbs looks terrific in his new cut.
    I can hardly believe the price of soda pop. It was.$13 for two cases at Walmart when I purchased our cranberry gingerale earlier in December.

    1. Gibbs says thank you. :)
      I know, Bill doesn't drink as much as he used to but I thought I'd grab it on sale while I could. I hardly drink it at all but use it in my beer margaritas. ♥

  3. Sweet family Christmas photo! Merry Christmas folks

  4. Hubby and I both are diabetic. Can you give me the instructions in making the Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Splenda? I have only made them with sugar.

    1. Hi Cheryl. The exact same recipe, just substitute the sugar with Splenda, exact amount. I could send the whole thing if you like.

  5. Gibbs looks quite pleased with his new look though, you know who said "poor Gibbs".