Saturday, December 23, 2023

Just Hanging Out, A Treat for Me and a Visit

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Dec. 23rd the only thing on my agenda was for a visit this afternoon. This morning, I got up around 7 and hopped in the shower. It had been a fairly warm night but a quick zap of the furnace took the dampness out of the Suite.


Gibbs wanted attention first thing.
He hadn't had any for at least 5 minutes. 💖

It rained a lot yesterday and there are postings from people all around of the rushing waters and road closures surrounding us. We don’t have many puddles, just the odd one here and there. Trying to read the sky some days is pretty tough but the forecast called for a mostly clear/partly cloudy day. Bill watched the clouds and left for the field after 8. Worse case scenario, he could go to Jim’s to work on his crashed plane. The one from November.

I actually caught the sunrise this morning!
That, my friends, is a winter blanket of low lying clouds
hanging over the east mountains.

After Bill left, he sent me these two photos.
Later, he posted a few videos of the rushing waters in
Tyson Wash and reported closed roadways because of it.
We weren't near it but it will take a day or two to
dry up.

Gibbs and I went for our walk and it was warm enough at 51F/10C that I only needed my windbreaker. Gibbs walked proud in his new winter coat and the main evidence of yesterday’s rain were our footprints in the soft sandy path – oh, and that wet desert smell. Which I happen to like. 😊 I played my word games online and then placed an order for a few things that tickled my fancy. They are for after Christmas, obviously, but something for me.

Here we go again with the sky photos

This morning, just before noon, I walked over with a gift for Patti. Remember the blue blanket I made 2 winters ago out in the desert? Maybe not. I didn’t need it and she was just the recipient I was looking for. She was very happy with it, at least as far as I could tell. Now she has her own cuddle blanket and I’m happy it has found a new home. I kept the bulky one I made after it in case one day I’ll need it!


I wish I'd gotten a picture of Patti with the blanket but
I didn't.
I did get a picture of Gibbs stopping in his tracks at
this puddle of water.

Speaking of tracks.
Are you seeing the same illusion that I am?
Gibbs small 'circled' prints look normal.
Mine look more like raised forms. Once
you see it, you can't UNsee it. 😂

Bill was home for lunch and then he left to go back to Jim’s. Dora, one of the hosts here, my friend, came over to paint my finger nails for me. I can do them myself but it is a good chance to visit, get to know each other one on one. We’ve not done that. She was covering the office phone for Patti so brought it along. I like my newly painted nails, using one of her colours and the sparkles of mine. 😊 I’ll try not to mess them up before the big day.

They are hard to see as it is hard to take a picture
so close up. Thanks Dora, I love them.

Bill was home around 3:45 and went up for a snooze. At 5:20, I took Gibbs for his walk and we managed to catch the actual sunset for once! We chatted with Rick, Patti and Dora and Gibbs and Buddy met for the first time. It was a mutually pleased meet. When we returned, it was time to prepare supper. I turned our power and the outside lights on.


And I also saw the sunset.
These pink fluffies are to the southeast.

Tonight, it is chicken legs in the air fryer with coleslaw and stove top dressing or rice.  I’m out of potatoes so needed to change things up and it was a very good meal with a few leftovers. The legs cook so well in Rosy, nice and crispy! 😊 We cleaned up the dishes and spent a quiet evening together. We’re glad the rains ended and the sun returned for the day. We reached a cooler 65F/16C but it was lovely.


Earrings and a different brooch today with just 2 sleeps to go (really!). Yesterday, I said ‘2 more sleeps!’ but that’s because I wrote it this morning……duh. Don’t put your stockings out tonight! 😊

These pictures are always blurry.
But this little Santa lights up IF
I had the right batteries in our arsenal. 
Good night!

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  1. Like your Santa brooch! Those are some crazy foot prints? hmmmm
    Been home for 2 days cold and cloudy- then rain yesterday. Tomorrow the sun starts to come back! Temps in the 60's = fleece for me. Keep warm!

  2. Rain rain go away ... we want sun for Christmas Day!!!

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Bill and Gibbs! I do hope the sun arrives in time for Christmas Day.

  4. I’m so very thankful for the blanket. Knowing you made it makes it even more special. Thank You! 🩷 Patti