Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas Day and Christmas Fun-2023

Park Place RV Park

On Monday, Dec. 25th we were all up by 6:30. Gibbs couldn’t sleep in, too excited I guess, so had Daddy up at 6. It’s pretty dark outside at that time and still was when I got up. Bill takes his flashlight or the light on his phone. We made one phone call to his step-mom, my m-i-l, Marilynne, and then opened stockings and gifts. There were a few surprises for each of us but mostly things we’d bought for ourselves. πŸ˜‰

Christmas morning started like this.
Seems appropriate, doesn't it?
Looks like a star from hundreds of years ago. πŸ’“

Gibbs was surprised by everything and claimed one new toy as his favourite of the day. Indestructible I think the tag said. Hahahahaha. Gibbs could prove that theory wrong any time! We called his 2 daughters; we’d called Krystal yesterday as it was her birthday, a Christmas eve baby.  Bill spoke to Jess later when they were done with their gifts. She has the smallest ones that still get excited over Santa.

Gibbs is smelling for treats but there weren't any
in his stocking 

Just new 'indestructible' toys.

We have a winner!
He carried it around all day.

I had my cup of tea, Bill had his cereal and Gibbs and I went for our walk around the park.  Bill left to meet with the guys for a couple of hours at the flying field. It was a beautiful crisp morning, 41F/5C, but the sky was as clear and blue as it could be. Not a cloud in sight. It didn’t warm up too much this morning but did make it to 61F/16C by mid-afternoon.

Mom and Dad did well too.
Some clothes in the bottom box too. 

Tools and things plus slippers too.

I made the pan of apple crisp I was taking to dinner and then made some Keto Energy balls. It is a combination of two recipes so I’ll never be able to duplicate it but they look and taste pretty good for a guilt free snack. 😊 

Oh-oh. Gibbs laughs in the face of 'indestructibility'! Ha!
It's his toy and although one foot is now empty,
at least this year, he doesn't try to eat the stuff. 

For lunch, we just had cheese, crackers and split an apple since our big meal was at 3 pm. Bill went up for a snooze and then had his shower while the crisp baked and I blended the coleslaw.

I should have used my smaller glass pan
Patti said it was good, she was looking forward to it.

These little keto balls are tasty too.

There were about 35 for dinner and enough food to feed twice that. I know from what I brought home, why do we think people eat more than they do? I could’ve made half of what I took and still fed everyone. LOL Good thing we like coleslaw and apple crisp! It was a good time sitting with our camp mates and we were home by 4:30. The extra good thing is that we won’t need anything else to eat tonight, if we can just keep our hands out of the goodies!

Gibbs and I waiting for Daddy to come home
He was such a little cuddle bum this morning. πŸ’—

We went upstairs to watch a movie together and I managed to be the one to drop off to sleep. Hallmark movies can do that to me! 😊 It was nice and cozy, with Gibbs getting in between us for his extra doses of attention if we so much as dared to look at each other. He’s not spoiled, at all. I came down to write today’s post and see if I can get it finished.

I guess it is a lot more food than I normall eat
but I still didn't taste everything.
It was all good.....the rice dish, um, not my favourite.

It's been a wonderful day! Everyone back home seems to be doing fine although wee Alexander has a cold and isn’t sleeping well. That means, Mom and Dad are also not sleeping well. These things will pass and he’ll be back to his giggly little self again – soon, we hope. Merry Christmas, everyone! If you comment, how about sharing a favourite Christmastime memory of your childhood? I’d love to read them.

Just in case you didn't have enough to eat of
the first course,
there was dessert! Oh my goodness!
Good night all!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. I think one of my favorite Christmas memories was when Dad would bring home the bushel basket of holiday treats and meal items that he would receive from the implement dealer where he worked. Things were tight back then and the basket would guarantee we had several nice meals and candy treats and such for the holidays. Dandy memories indeed!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. What a wonderful memory! We children didn't mind not having things, since we didn't know any different. Thank you, Don.

  2. Lurker here, Merry Christmas. After all the work, the Christmas pies were put out on the three season porch to keep them out of the way while preparing and cleaning up the meal. Plenty of room out there, cold enough and not freezing. Went to get the pies for dessert and came upon my two year old nephew sticking all five fingers into the pumpkin pies. You should've seen the faces when I announced we were having finger pie and the laughs when they saw the pies and Nick's goofy smile.

    And just so you know, my favorite pictures are of Gibbs sitting on his "little bum" looking out the window. Too frigging cute!

    1. Thankyou Lurker! πŸ˜‰ I'm sure you have a real name!
      What a great memory, I'm sure 'little' Nick won't live that story down and I'll bet the pies were still delicious! Did you have finger pie this year again?

  3. I remember when we were youngsters we would run around Christmas Eve searching for knee socks to pin together and hang over chair backs. It was tricky finding a matching pair without holes in the toes! Santa always put an orange in first to solve that problem.

    1. Haha, yes, sis!! Remember the big safety pins! We sometimes used Daddy's wool socks and then a pair of my tights. They were always full though with nuts, an orange, socks , coloring books and crayons.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I like your family photo at the top. I remember being in the second grade at Christmas. I got two cap guns with black butts and my parents had the boot maker make a two gun rig for me. I would wear it to school each day but Miss Johnson would make all the boys hang their guns on the coat pegs until recess. Then we all played cowboys and Indians. I was Gene Autry. We lived about one mile from school and my best friend and I would each take a side of the road and pick up pop bottles at 2 cents each at the candy store across from school. We would both get enough penny candy to last all day. I have a picture of our second grade class in front of Santa and his sleigh with reindeer made with paper mache. Miss Johnson wore red lipstick and was always kissing us. Mrs Birmingham said she wore red because she was not married yet. They were sisters. For lunch, the ladies would bring our food to our class room like at home so we would not have to eat with the older kids. Now I'm Sam in the Ozarks

    1. That's a wonderful story and terrific memory! Thank you for sharing, Sam aka Gene. I love the part about Miss Johnson kissing you all. I'm sure your cheeks were rosy because of it!

  5. Gibbs .... it's a challenge to him!!! Let's show Mom and Dad how STRONG my teeth are! LOL. The food ... good heavens ... all that dessert for 30-some people? I find it hard to be good when faced with so much sugar!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. I was certain Gibbs would find a way to destruct the indestructible! He's got the will and the ability. :)
    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Day. Potlucks always mean way too much food. We had a fellow at work, who would load up several plates with the leftovers and take them home after our Christmas potluck. I'm sure it fed him for days.
    One of my favorite Christmas memories is of the Christmas concert that was held every year at our farming community's hall. The children would sing, recite poetry, or even dance, while the mothers/aunts/grandma's would put on a skit to end the program. Meanwhile one of the men would dress up as Santa and bring a bag full of toys (one for each child marked either boy or girl). Then the ladies would hand out small paper bags filled with a mandarin orange and hard candies. We'd tuck into the car that Dad had started earlier to warm up, and head home in the cold to our beds.

    1. I knew Gibbs would succeed with chewing them up but at least he doesn't eat it now!
      Thank you for the memory. It reminded me of the recitals and skits we used to have. One year, shy little me was chosen as Suzy Snowflake and i was never so proud!!