Sunday, December 10, 2023

A Warmer Day, Laundry, New Puzzle, Desert Visit

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Dec. 10th it was a cold start to the day BUT the wind was almost invisible. This was good news for my flying partner and for this walking gal. I call myself that yet I really don’t walk that much. LOL First thing, at 6:45, I sorted laundry and carried it over. By 7, I had claimed 2 machines and returned home to finish yesterday’s blog.

I don't know if you can see them, but walking to the
clubhouse before 7, both the moon and a bright star were in the clear eastern sky.
I Googled it and can name it as the waning gibbous Moon and the Regulus is the star. 
Don't I feel smart? 😁

Last night, I was all set to add my pictures when my blog screen (& Google screen) disappeared from the page. I could see the edge of it to the left of my wallpaper screen but I was unable to extend it back to main screen. Too frustrated to fight with it, I closed it and instead watched my new favourite actor, Timothy Olyphant. Well, at least in the character of Raylan Givens. I watched 3 episodes of Justified before it was my bedtime. Gibbs joined me upstairs and Bill came down to watch a movie. 😊

All was quiet in the clubhouse at 7
Not a creature was stirring, not even a host. 

Back to today, after the wash was clean and in the dryers, Gibbs and I went for a walk. The sun was warm and it was pleasant enough since there was no wind to cool us off. 

The sun was just rising as I walked back at 7:30

The mountains to the west were pretty in pink

And there she is! Pop!

Once the clothes were dried and put away, I had my shower, made a coffee and at 10:30, I started a new puzzle in the clubhouse. By noon, I’d made sufficient progress and returned home for lunch. My sister invited us out for a visit at their La Posa South camp spot so after lunch and a rest, we all drove out.

A new puzzle from Dora. Thank you!
A beautiful picture called Weekend Retreat.

It was lovely in the sunshine and we had a quick catchup. The wind was coming from the north so we were sheltered and quite warm. I had my short sleeves rolled up to my shoulder. 😊 

this familiar fellow welcomed us back. Hi!

This picture turned out better than I thought.
My two shining stars. 💘

Gayle and I exchanged a couple of things, shared tips and ideas while Bill and John did the same. We left for home around 3:30. Back home, I made myself a cup of tea and started my blog. I have a bread maker to sell but before I advertise it, I’ll test out my new one tomorrow. No need for two in our small home!

Early Happy couple of Hours with my sister and bil.
Gibbs didn't wait for the 'click'.

We walked before supper
and captured this pretty sky.

The sunrises and sunsets are overwhelmingly beautiful!

For supper, I fried potatoes and a couple or three eggs with some coleslaw. That was good and something different for a change. After cleanup, we sat for the evening in front of the tv. What else? We enjoy our quiet evenings. This was another good day. We reached a high temperature of 64F/16C and will be dropping again to 41F/5C overnight. We’ll turn the Blue Flame on low later on. I hope you had a good day and stay warm tonight.

Bill's idea for supper, home fries and eggs,
so I spruced them up a bit with chopped bacon and coleslaw.
I'll do it again, it was great!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Let me know what you want for your bread maker. Might be interested 😁

    1. Sure. I'll give the newest one a test run tomorrow afternoon and if it works out, we'll talk. 😊

  2. Goodness, the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous but where are the warm temperatures? It seems to me last year was quite cool too, wasn't it?
    We're well above normal here, just around the freezing mark. I'm happy to see it is forecast to last through the Christmas holiday. I'm heading out to my daughter's for a few days and I'd prefer not to have to worry about plugging in the car, getting snowed in, or horrid driving conditions.

    1. The sunrises and sunsets are great and you are right. No real heat again this year. It is winter so maybe it used up all of its hot stuff in the summer here.