Tuesday, December 19, 2023

A Warmer Day, More Sky (I’m addicted!)

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Dec. 19th It was 7:15 again when I got up. I slept well but my sleep was full of dreams, at least in the early morning hours. šŸ˜Š I walked around in a bit of a haze, remembering parts of it. It was a strange one and I couldn’t put my finger on any one ‘character’ who played a part. I emptied the dishwasher, while Bill still slept in his chair. He was up with Gibbs around 6.

A can't take credit for this beautiful picture.
Sheila messaged first thing and shared this with me.
It looks like the ocean.

By the time I got out there, this is
what I got. Still pretty but #2. šŸ˜ƒ

I made my tea and Bill headed off to the field. Gibbs and I got out for our walk and it was turning into a lovely start to our Tuesday. The sky was lovely again. After 9, I walked over to the clubhouse to put in a few pieces of the puzzle. Susan and Adele were plugging away at it too. Pieces began falling into place and progress was made. At noon, I was back home to have lunch with Bill.

Susan worked on the bottom, me on the side
and Adele on the top. It will be pretty finished.

Bill's sandwich with homemade bread

He sliced the small loaf of bread and it was so much nicer, much more like a sandwich. That will be what I do from now on. I had my keto bread and we both finished off the egg salad. It is always a nice change. Bill was charging batteries and so I left the two of them and went back to puzzle some more. There was a large group playing Pokeno so I put my ear buds in and listened to Sirius XM radio. Good tunes on The Bridge. šŸ˜Š

Bill tidying up and Gibbs waits patiently for Momma
Isn't it appropriate that the sunbeam ends on the little guy? ♥

Our afternoon walk in a different direction

Around 3, Susan and I sorted through the many, many, many puzzles that are in the clubhouse cupboards. I’ve done some on my own, before they arrived here, they did some, over the summer, and we’ve done a lot together. It was time to weed through them and get rid of any with pieces missing and some we have no desire to do again. I’ll load them in Black Beauty and drop them off at the thrift store or library.  

Back home, Gibbs and I went for a walk in a different direction and for supper, we had leftovers with a vegetable. We watched The Voice together and then watched a movie. 

Leftovers - yum
good night!

This has been a good day. We reached a warmer 71F/22C today with calmer winds and clearer skies.

Thank you for the visit!


  1. The 3 pics above your dinner pic......the larger one is stunning!! Right away I thought of And the Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks!! Too cloudy here....no sunset at all. :(
    The Voice was great this year......Desperado ~ Nights in White Satin......just so many great vocals!

    1. You are right in all counts.
      Thank you.
      Did you see the finale?

  2. Skies are always changing never static which is why I think so many people become obsessed with it.

    Your bread turned out wonderfully.

    God bless.