Thursday, December 14, 2023

Cool Start, 12 Days, Deliveries 😊

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Dec. 14th the normal routines ensued. Bill left for the field, the sun rose over the rv’s to our east and Gibbs and I went for our walk. I did squeeze a shower in there shortly after I got up at 7. No longer walk for me today, instead I hung around home until 9:10 when I joined the ladies for Poker Pool.

Maybe kitty cats admire tree ornaments,
but we have a snoopy little puppy dog.
Hmmm, something smells good in that stocking, Mom.

There were only 5 of us playing today, Patti, Barb, Adele, Susan and myself. We had a great morning and made some momentous shots – both on the good, bad and hilarious side. Such fun! Adele and I tied for 3rd today and we were all done by 12 noon. Bill and Gibbs were outside when I returned so I sat with my furry little guy while Bill finished up ‘puttering’ on his planes.

No wind this morning and even
Gibbs noticed that glorious sun today!
He is also in the 'Wait' position while I take
the picture. ♥

I need to get better at making the bread as Bill had to indulge in my keto loaf today. I chose a cheese and ham salad wrap which was just as good. Tomorrow is bread making day. 😉 I sat with my Yarn Barrel and made up a few more worms, trying to switch the colours up. I was surprised yesterday when I opened the barrel to find the 3 toques I’d made over the summer. I had forgotten about those!

Yesterday, when I stayed home for the day,
the ladies finished 2 of the 300 pc. puzzle.
Pretty pictures too! 

If my video thingy worked, I'd show you
how Gibbs reacts when these meeces
sing 'we wish you a Merry Christmas'.
It's adorable, him trying to find who's in there.

Bill and Gibbs had their snoozes and at 3 we drove to the Moon Mountain mail depot to see if my 3 parcels were ready for pick up. I knew they’d been delivered and there they were! Yay! I ordered a few (4) things for Gibbs (ssh) 3 hard chew bones and an ‘indestructible’ stuffy toy. We’ll see about that but I slipped it into his stocking. Of course, he saw me.

two things impressed me on this short outing
The diesel price, wow! and my packages arrived, yay!

I love these belts and now I have
one in all the colours I wear.
There are no buckles, snapping only
around the belt loops. I always wear belts.

I’d ordered new underwear, and 4 of the ‘no buckle’ belts and everything arrived and looks just fine. I love the quality of all of it, China does produce some good stuff. Gibb and I went for a quick walk but I should have slipped a sweater on before I went. My bare arms were not a good idea. Over the last few days, I’ve read that Nancy and Deb D are doing a 12 days of Christmas ‘thing’. I like the idea and every year start getting 'festive' a few days before the big day.

Good colours for the worms.

Missed the sunset AGAIN, I'm not in a good position
to catch it and at 5:25 that isn't surprising. Supper prep time.

Going through my jewelry box yesterday, as I do every December, I noticed that I have a few pieces of costume jewelry. I decided I'd 'borrow' the idea of 12 days and see how many days I can wear something different that is Christmassy. No o’dourves or fancy drinks for me, although we may imbibe occasionally. 😊 Simple and effective. Yesterday, I wore my Christmas light bulb earrings, today a Penquin brooch. I might have to repeat, repeat, repeat but oh well. 

But then it improved. 

Tonight is Bill’s night flying and I’m staying home. I’ll only go once in a while to support him in his hobby; but I get chilled too fast and don’t enjoy it. Wimp. He left at 4:40 while I was writing this and having my tea. Supper will be a beef stew and he’ll have his when he returns. 

My blurry brooch

This was a good day. We reached a high of 67F/19C and the sun was very hot when you sat out of the breeze. I hope you’ve enjoyed some sunshine in your day too. Bill was home before 7 and I warmed up his supper for him. 

Supper fit the bill.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Your beef stew has green.
    olives in it? What a great dea! Making the 12 days
    . before Christmas special was a tradition in my. life years ago, thanks for reminding me of that I may do it again this year

    1. Haha, the olives are an addition to the plate. The green beans were also added by me. 😄

  2. Great picture of Gibbs at the X-mas tree.

  3. Love the brooch and great sunset pic!

  4. I'm most interested to see whether the indestructible dog toy is truly indestructible. I seem to recall that Gibbs tends to make short work of those toys! :)
    My cat Saku doesn't bother the tree, but he sure likes the tissue paper in the gift bags. Brat!

    1. Ha ha, you and me both re Gibbs!! :) You recall correctly, he's a little monster.
      Laughed at Saku.

  5. I don't think anything is indestructible when it comes to Mr. Gibbs!!! LOL.

  6. I wonder if wearing green or red would work for that challenge. No Christmassy type broaches here.

    God bless.