Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy New Years EVE!

Park Place RV Park

We started out the day on 1-2-3-1-2-3 with clear blue skies. The forecast indicated some clouds moving in later but only a high of 62F/16C. I say ‘only’ because without sun, that doesn’t feel very warm. Still, all in all, a pretty nice day. I was up by 6:30 and we walked over with the sorted clothing. Bill helped load and we returned home with my 25-minute timer set.

Good morning
Look at that clear sky

Bill left for the field around 8:15 and by 8:30 I went back to fold and retrieve everything. Laundry done before 9 am, that is pretty good in my books! No one else was even around after me. Gerald and Dora are on duty so he was back sweeping and cleaning the washroom and shower before the office even opened. He does such a good job and, like Bill, needs to keep busy. He is always eager to do something for the betterment of the park – at least that is what I, as a guest, see.

The moon says good bye

With my tea finished, I’d started it first thing after getting up, Gibbs and I went for our walk. I didn’t need the heavier jacket today, just my lumberjack coat today.😉 I had other jobs to do today so didn’t waste any time. I dragged the Christmas boxes out from under the bed and began undressing the tree and our Suite of the seasonal adornment. Usually, I wait until New Year’s Day but with pool in the morning, I wanted it to be done today.

I didn't know what the smoke was
but I liked the way it drifted across in the 
calm air

With that 90% done, I dusted the entertainment centre, coffee table (what the tree sat on) and counter tops. I say 90% because I left the 2-piece 4’ tree out to wait for Bill. When he got home at 11:30 he brought the candy cane lights in from outside for storage in the tree box. By that time, I’d had my shower and helped finish putting the boxes away.

a running start at the new puzzle.

We had chicken salad sandwiches for lunch and then he vacuumed throughout the Suite and we moved the coffee table back into place. While they snoozed, I went over to the clubhouse to start a puzzle. Gerald helped me separate and flip pieces over on a puzzle Dora gave me. It is a nice picture so I worked away at that for a couple of hours.

A few clouds moved in this afternoon

Someone had started one on one of the side tables but they don’t do it the way I do, so I left it alone. Yes, as Bill says, I can be anal too. They had the top half of the puzzle border done and sky pieces put in place. I’m assuming another guest is doing this one and I had no desire to pick up where they left off. Hopefully, they will be back to finish it 😊

The Suite looks normal again
(with less dust)

I had a tea back home and then Gibbs and I went for our predictable walk. It sure doesn’t seem like New Year’s Eve but it is! We have no plans and so the evening will be much like any other for us. I think we might be opening a couple of bottles of coolers to bring 2024 into our lives. We’ll watch the ball drop, from some programming station, but it will be at 10 pm here so I can be in bed at my usual time. I’m not the only one, so don’t laugh!

It was good. 

We had shrimp, cocktail sauce, fries and a vegetable for supper. It has been a nice peaceful day with chats back and forth with family and friends. I hope you are planning to be with a loved one tonight. I’ll sign off now and wish everyone the very best of the new year ahead. Be safe, have fun and be happy! Let the countdown begin.........3,2,1 - 2024!!

My last outdoor picture of the year.
Good night 2023 and Welcome 2024!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Have a wonderful day, the first of many in 2024!

  2. Enjoy the first day of a brand new year. Harvey does his puzzles just as you do. He is missing one of the edge pieces on this brand new one and it is driving him crazy.

    God bless.

    1. Good man, Harvey is. 😁
      Hope he finds the piece!
      Thank you for the wishes.

  3. Good for you for leaving that puzzle. If I started one, I would be so disappointed if someone else came along and finished it. The group puzzles ... that's different. Your rig looks spic and span!!! Nice job!

  4. Happy New Year to you and Bill, we wish you lot's of fun, good health, and safe travels in 2024!