Thursday, December 21, 2023

Typical Thursday

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Dec. 21st, we are 4 sleeps away from Christmas. I always say that it doesn’t feel like it, because of our warm weather so I won’t say it this year. It’s the Christmas we have grown to love, regardless of whether it is cold, icy, wet and white! Brrr, hey, I love it even more now! 😊 we turn our tree lights and our outside lights on every evening, watch seasonal movies and you know who, wears something Christmas related as much as possible.

Starting the day off right
Beautiful, huh?

Bill was up already, since 6:00, when I got up a few minutes after 7. He’d showered and came back into the bedroom to help me make the bed with new sheets. Our joint Christmas gift to ourselves. I’d picked them up when we went to Yuma and they are a soft jersey/flannel. It is hard to find the perfect size, considering rv mattresses are just a little different than for a regular bed. This set was a King and seemed to be just fine.

Patti contemplates her next shot. 

Bill left for the field and Gibbs and I headed out for our walk. Following our normal route, we didn’t meet up with anyone. No Gerald today, he was busy talking to Rick so I steered Gibbs away. Back home, I sat for a bit with the little guy before making a coffee and walking over to Poker Pool with the ladies There were 6 players today and we had a good time No surprise there. I came in third with the Dora the big winner again today. She is on a roll! 😊

Sheila surprised us all with a teeny coffee cup
laden with goodies. πŸ’—

What a cute gift!

I brought the 2 boxes of about 12 puzzles back to put in Black Beauty and as soon as Bill returned at 12:15, I drove them to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Right next door is the mail depot so I popped in to find 4 Christmas cards from our family and friends back home. See? It is starting to feel more like Christmas already. Thank you, Jim & Sharon, Charlotte & Cory, Donna & Gerry and Jeff & Joan. We appreciate you thinking of us!

Each year, Bill and I are curious to see if this old 
structure is still standing. It was built in 1856 and is the remains of old Fort Tyson, a
U.S. Army fort built as protection against the Apache Indians. Later it became a
stage coach station on the famous butter field route between
Prescott, Arizona and Riverside, California.
With that history, it is wonderful that they are trying to save it.
Bill took the bottom picture on Monday.

After lunch, while my sweeties had their snooze, I went out and sat in the sun. I’m very happy that I brought my zero gravity chair this year, it was the perfect choice. When Bill and Gibbs came out, I was in the gazebo painting more rocks. I got a few more done, similar reprints of previous ones, so didn’t get a picture. Because of the impending rain overnight and tomorrow, I packed things up a bit more than usual.

Today, I took two more pictures.
This is at the corner of Moon Mountain Ave and Main Street.
They are totally covering the structure from the heat of the sun.
The little old shed on the north side of it may be used this winter
as a ticket booth for the camel rides. There are 3 camel statues in between
the two buildings. The camels were here last year with no closed space
for ticket sales. 

Nice job, we'll keep an eye on the progress for sure.

At 4:30 or so, Gibbs and I set out for our afternoon walk and dropped the garbage in the bin on our way. We chatted with Dora and Gerald before carrying on around the park. What an absolutely gorgeous day and evening! 

This is where I was after lunch. The sun was hot
and just the way I like it. ♥

Bill left for the field again, tonight is night flying and I opted to stay home with the pooch. It will be a lovely evening for them tonight, the winds have dropped. We reached a high of 75F/25C today and only expecting a low of 55F/13C.

Gibbs and I caught the sun before it dropped
behind the mountains.

There are warnings around for flash flooding but not in the immediate vicinity so we’re not concerned. There is no where for the heavy rains to go down here so it is good to be aware at least. 😊 

Bill's supper is the same, ready for reheat later.
Minus the sprouts and plus more Kraft dinner.

For supper, which Bill will eat when he gets home, I made his request. Mac & cheese with wieners and some sprouts for me. I made a tea at 5 and started my blog, holding off on my own supper for as long as possible. 

Missed it again, but still lovely.

To the east, I love the pink in the mountains.

Gibbs has a grooming appointment in the morning, so he got a brushing tonight. Only parts of that process are pleasing to him but he humours me all the same. This has been a great day. Sadly, the heat isn’t going to last, dropping back to the more December normal in the 60’s (teens C) but with clear sunny skies each day. This is still ‘shorts /capris’ weather here, depending on the wind speed and direction. I hope your day has been a good one. 

Running out of Christmas jewellry
but at least this is red for the 9th day before Christmas. 
Good night all!

Thank you for the pop by!


  1. Nice Christmas jewelry! I have a pin of my moms but don't wear it....I wear silver and the other hand is gold/turquoise. Beautiful sunrise and love the sunset reflection between rv's !

  2. It is surprisingly warm at home as well and doesn't feel like Christmas, we are dressed the way we do in Yuma once the sun goes down at night. Pretty sunset picture!

  3. I thought the sunset pic was quite striking & electric. Glad all's well and that you got to enjoy a nice sunny & hot day.

  4. I'm so glad to see them cover that adobe building. It's much smaller now than when I first came to Q. Maybe they will try to rebuild parts of it? Very cute gift idea. Lots of rain here the last couple of days. More forecast for next weekend. Enjoy the sun!!

  5. I like the sunset photo between the rigs; the golden color is striking.
    That is an interesting old building - perhaps it will be open for tours after it is rehabbed?
    Enjoy your day!

  6. the little coffee cup is adorable with all the positivity! How sweet! Love that they are protecting the building. Sunset is beautiful!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day. When we had our camper it was very hard to find sheets to fit. I was glad we only used one bed to sleep in as the second set came in very handy.

    Cute coffee cup and love what it was stuffed with.

    God bless.

  8. How wonderful to see that they are trying to save what is left of that adobe building. That was definitely a cute gift idea. I am using your Christmas Jewelry idea to fill in our last days before Christmas.