Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hump Day, More Neighbours Move

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 31st we smoothed into the last day of this month. It appears smooth, at least, already well into our summer routine. I can’t say that mine is exactly the same as last year, but at least I’m cleaning the laundromat every other morning. I was up at 6:15 to say goodbye to Bill and then within half hour I was out the door myself.

So, this is Tuesday nights sunset
after I'd posted

And you see the heat in the air
with this morning's (Wednesday) sunrise

I stopped at the post office to mail some cards and then the bank for some cash. The Mat was empty but still looking good from Monday’s cleaning. Two male customers came in to drop loads in the machines and left to wait the time out. Most go for coffee at Tim Horton’s, some run errands and others just wait in their cars. I am still surprised with the number of men doing the laundry. Are they all single?

As Gibbs and I sat out on the patio,
Monsieur Hummer visited

Showing off his beautiful ruby throat
although my picture shows how flitting he was.

One look in the Lost and Found box sindicated that some of the clothes had been retrieved but not all. These have been left for 2 weeks, so I checked them for damage. Any odd socks or items with stains or rips went in the garbage. They’d been washed and dried so I folded the good ones and put them in a bag to donate them. There is still another load, from a different family, in the dryer so they were folded and then put into the Lost and Found. They’ve been here a week so I'll wait until next week to add any left to the bag. LOL

Then a lady friend joined for a conversation

It's obvious who is doing the talking here. 
NOT the female!

Then, I cleaned. By the time I finished, I’d worked for 90 minutes so I marked the calendar, totaling May’s hours for Sandy. I’ll text him tomorrow so he can pay me. I was back home before 9:30. Gibbs and I sat outside in the shade for a while, semi-watching and listening to the goings-on next door. Our neighbours to the west were moving out today. They must have had a lot of furniture with one large panel truck with two loads and 2 pick ups with cargo trailers. I suppose compared to living in an rv, any household has a lot of furniture! Then we’ll find out who our new neighbours are! 😊

To kill some time, we drove to Riverside Park in town

And had a walk-about

At 11:30, I took Gibbs to the vet for an 11:45 appointment. Since they were running behind, we went to get the water bottle filled and then took another 15 minutes walking through Riverside Park behind the Ultramar station. I’d never walked through there before. It needs attention, some weeding in the gardens and grass cutting but it was nice enough to help us kill some time.

The bridge you see in the distance
is on Lambton Rd. 4 which I take from
Baptist Church Road through town to Hanover
We are on the south side of the highway

Everyday we learn new things
I didn't know this walking bridge and small falls
were here. It said Private Property: Use at Own Risk
so we stayed off it.

We returned at 12:05 and she was ready. Gibbs got his annual vaccine and checkup. He is in A-one shape and weighs less than we thought. Since we use the same scales for ourselves at home, maybe we do too! 😊 Back home, the Suite was comfortable since we had things closed up and the a/c set to run when necessary.

More purple, not sure what the wild flower is though

Maybe you know.

Keeping an eye on the time, we stopped here

I tried for a selfie but he was confused and 
wouldn't sit with me

But, he posed in the shade for his portrait shot

I didn’t want the little guy running around after his needle so we stayed inside while I had lunch and then I slipped out to work on the puzzle for an hour. She said he might be lethargic so it was good to let him sleep where it was cooler. The heat outside had reached 30C/86F, as expected, but there was a nice breeze from the two windows in the Bunky. This is a difficult/challenging puzzle but that just makes me prouder when I accomplish a few pieces.

The county/township has sprayed our road
to keep the dust down

This puzzle is a tough one but I do love that it makes
me use the old noggin' to find pieces

Now that the neighbours have vacated,
I can take pictures of their off-grid home
They were very private people.

It is another young family, as both neighbours
to the east are, so they should love this property.

Bill didn’t get home until 5:45 again but I had supper planned and all set to start by then. Spaghetti and meatballs were on the menu for a change. I had spaghetti squash in place of noodles and it was all very good and filling. Bill went to the Hangar and I wrote my blog post while watching NCIS reruns from the days of ‘Gibbs’. 😊

Supper waas good. 

We’ve started seeing Mrs. Yertles’ around again so will need to drive slower up the lane and be careful where we walk. They are trying to find the perfect place to lay their eggs. This has been a pretty good day.

The turtles are looking for that perfect nesting place

Well, hello there!
Hopefully, the skunks don't return.
Good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. Single men doing laundry? Can I come visit???? Just kidding. Hope your new neighbors will be just as quiet. That's a beautiful place!!

  2. Love the turtles! I hope some of the eggs survive. Didn't you have an issue with a skunk digging up the eggs in the past?

  3. I've heard laundromats are good place to meet potential partners.

  4. Those pretty flowers are phlox.

  5. I taught my boys to do their own laundry at around 15 and both still do there own. Youngest even likes hanging things on clotheslines to dry.

    Hope the Mrs. Turtles find the perfect spot to lay their eggs. I need to ask are these snappers or painted turtles?

    God bless.

    1. Good for you, my son also does the laundry and cooks. 😊
      They are mostly painted but we do have a couple of snappers.

  6. It's Dames Rocket Patsi. The one that blooms later in the summer and has five petals is Phlox.