Thursday, June 22, 2023

A Bit of an Update – for Now

The Ridge

On the first full day of summer, Thursday, June 22nd, Bill took Gibbs out at 6 for his morning constitution. He put him on a leash just in case we’d caught something in the live trap at the bottom of the hill. Turns out, no, we didn’t, but something small, probably Chippy, slipped in and helped himself to the peanut butter sandwich we left. Darn!

Another beautiful morning

They came back to bed and at 7, I got up and readied myself for work. It was another lovely morning with warm temps. Many windows were left open all night and we slept well. You can tell when Gibbs is hot, he sleeps stretched out across the bottom of the bed instead of in between us, snuggling up to one of our bodies. 😉 I had the Mat clean in the usual hour and picked up a couple of items at Foodland before heading home.

Bill's efforts sure make this place look great
You can see the position his right arm is in

When I got home, Bill was trimming weeds with the whipper snipper. Speaking of Bill, many have asked how he is doing? He’s doing quite good for someone who can’t sit still for long. He really wants to be working for more than one reason, however, his right arm gives him enough movement from the elbow (he can bend it up and make use of it as it hangs in a relaxed position. This means he can quite easily work on sanding the model airplane he is building. He’s as happy as he can be right now.

Gibbs sits and watches his Daddy finish up

As for the whipper snipper, it hangs low as he walks and is held in place by a strap, therefore not putting any pressure on his shoulder/rotator cuff. Without any physical therapy, for now, he has been using his arm quite a bit which is like his own physical therapy. He isn’t one to sit around and nurse it; we feel the avoidance of motion would only make things worse. Funny, but every few days, he notices a bit more reach.

No blame to Bill but a stone found my
window frame

We’ll know more after Monday when he visits the orthopedic surgeon and we will go from there. Right now, things are getting done around here, small things, and he doesn’t always have a bad night’s sleep. Actually, that is improving as well. One funny thing is that he’s lost about 7 lbs. and, although good news, it just makes no sense at all! 😊 Now you’re up to date and thank you all for your concern.

This is the plane Bill is working on
at a table that is waist height.
I'm just happy he can do something he loves to keep him busy. 💗

After cleaning, I did an errand with M and the rest of the day was free. Bill had also put the tire covers on the Suite wheels while I was gone. We all had a snooze after lunch and then Bill spent some time in the Hangar. 

An idea from Rob and Pat - 
I gave Gibbs a small pill bottle with a few treats in it.
It kept him busy for hours until he got the lid off. 😉

I worked in the Bunky on a new puzzle that Donna gave me but only until the border was done. Gibbs and I walked to the end of the lane and back.

This should be a challenging puzzle

The corral is all trimmed up
We may need to water down there too

Supper was good.

I found some water irises at the edge of the pond down there so pulled them and may try and replant them up here where I can see them more often. Chippy is still persistent in trying to get up the greasy pole, which I’ve reapplied oil to, so Gibbs is keeping a close eye. Supper was grilled sausages, fried potatoes, pepper squash and corn. Quite tasty, these are nice sausages.

Bill shared a photo with me, one he took
while we were in Port Lambton.
I was trying hard to get into that book!
good night!

It was a good day, a great day really. Thank you for the visit!


  1. Is the pill bottle not hard plastic? Are you not concerned that he might get shards? How about a water bottle instead? Have you tried giving him frozen carrots? Our doggie dental hygenist recommended that. Dogs generally like carrots and being frozen is good for their teeth.

    1. It is hard plastic and we keep an eye as he plays with it. He just wants to get the lid off which takes a while. He loves the water bottles but we don't use them. He tears them apart too, eventually.
      I've tried carrots but he doesn't chew on them. Fussy, i guess!

  2. Nice day. Glad Bill is getting better. We are extremely dry here. Hoping for rain this weekend.

    1. It was a nice day. Friday morning rain here, more later on in the forecast.

  3. Yay for Bill keeping busy!! Physical therapy is going to make him move his arm, so moving it to work on things should help ... as long as he doesn't overdo it!! Your entire place is looking quite spiffy!!!

    1. Absolutely! He is careful, he has me to deal with if he does it more damage! :)

  4. I can't say I blame Chippy for stealing the peanut butter sandwich, since it can't get up the pole to the feeder. That's me, cheering for the under dog. :p
    Glad to hear the Bill is finding things to do, that aren't causing further damage, that he enjoys as well. When I heard of his injury, I figured it would be difficult for him based on he seems to always have something on the go. In other words, he doesn't sound like the kind of guy to sit and watch television or the world go by.

    1. I know! I feel bad being 'mean' to Chippy so will have to put peanuts on our list for him. Ha ha.
      Thank you, yes, even though you don't know Bill, you know Bill. ♥

  5. I am glad to read that Bill is getting better, and his reach is extending. Silly that the doctor did not give him some exercises to do while waiting for his appointment.

    God bless.

    1. thank you Jackie. I thought the same thing - maybe the surgeon will suggest some exercises.

  6. Glad Bill can keep busy. That makes the wait go faster.