Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Gusty Day, Three-Handed Jobs or Seven

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 7th, I’m flabbergasted where the week has gone. Already hump day! First off, thank you everyone for all your concerns for Bill. He is a trooper and although gets himself into some troubles now and again, (don’t we all!) after kicking himself he gets back on the horse and forges on. We don’t know where exactly this round will lead us but we’ll get through it.

Good morning

This big Mama was distracted by us

and deserted the hole she started to lay in

We were all up before 7 to start the day. We had our tea and coffee and cereal together. It was a bit cool this morning, 7C/44F but the forecast was a better sounding 16C/62F. The sky is clear and there is quite a wind coming from the north. We discussed our day and Bill went out first to start rounding up the scrap metal we have on the property. We loaded my wagon to cart things down to the end of the lane where the gate is sitting.

This is the 'I'm ready to go home' look

So, 'we' checked out the pond reeds
on the way back

It meant taking a few things apart to remove wood and rubber etc. We will be calling a business in Flesherton to pick up when we’re ready. When that was finished, I watered the potted plants and Bill hooked up the hose to our water pump and rain barrel. I found a couple of places for my petunias and placed those. Right now, the vegetables are all lined up by the pond water pump for easy watering. I’m not sure if they’ll move or not, they get a good 6 to 8 hours of sun where they are. šŸ˜Š

The pile of metal for pick up

We worked together where we could, my two arms, Bill’s one free arm and Gibbs’ four legs. What a team! Stopping for lunch, we each just had a sandwich and then we went out to offload the 10 bags of cement. I previously said 50-lb. bags but they are 66-lb. bags so too heavy for me to lift safely. Yes, he should have known better! However, between the two of us, Gibbs sat this one out other than to supervise, we slid and shared the weight of the bags and stacked them in the shed.

The cement is for his flag pole but now that will take a back seat. He has the time but not the muscle. He has an appointment for Xrays on Friday and an appointment to see the orthopedic surgeon in the last week of June. 

a new book I'm about to start

So, things are moving along fairly quickly but it still means he’s off work until things are taken care of. They also suggested he get in for physical therapy so he has a call in about that. He can work on his planes a bit but only if it doesn’t require his right arm to lift any higher than table height. That sure limits things for him! Bill and Gibbs stayed in for a snooze and I did a clean sweep in the Bunky to look for the missing puzzle piece as well as to clean the floors.

Gibbs is watching the birds 

and tries to find Chippy

 Chippy has been sneaking in to eat the bird seeds, leaving a mess. I ran M into town this morning and at one of his stops, I cashed in our winning Lotto tickets. 3 free tickets, woohoo! I also picked up a couple of scratch tickets so we shared those – to no avail. Bill went to the Hangar, Gibbs ran free and I got a new puzzle out AND a new book. M has asked me to work in the morning so I’ll enjoy my free time today.

The next puzzle should be easier

Gibbs and I went for our afternoon walk around 3:30 and met the strangest action of a bird that I’ve seen in a long time, almost ever. This dark brown bird with a long-curved beak squawking up a storm came up from pond side. He looked young, barely able to fly so of course, Gibbs to the rescue. I’m glad he was on the leash as I don’t know what he would have done. The bird fluttered awkwardly across the lane into the opposite side chanting along the edge of the water.

A cute little Virginia Rail

After retrieving the mail, we walked back and encountered the same noise in the same area. There were a couple of these birds so I captured the sound on my Merlin bird app and discovered it to be a Virginia Rail which is rare in this area. I was tickled with our visitors! Just before supper was ready, we had a call from our friends Lori and Roland and while that call was just finishing, our other friends, Loree and Ron called.

Some garden pictures

Corabelles/Bridget's Bloom

Jack in the Pulpit

Our biggest hosta

They were all just calling to check on Bill and offering support for what he’s going through. What a wonderful group of friends we have! Supper was Hamburger Helper with mixed vegetables added and it was quite good. Dessert was the pineapple cheesecake and now we have 2 meals of leftovers in the fridge. šŸ˜Š I cleaned up the dishes and Bill loaded the dishwasher. He went to the Hangar and I put a movie on that he recommended. My Secret Billionaire looked interesting. He called a few minutes later to tell me that Donna and Gerry called to offer the same best wishes and support. šŸ’“

An easy but tasty supper
Good night!

This was a busy but wonderful day together. Thank you for popping by!


  1. So glad you have a new book to read while doing over flow work . ;)

  2. That is a GREAT puzzle!!! I'll never understand why they want physical therapy for a torn or pulled muscle. Shouldn't they just let it heal up first? Or maybe after surgery?? Seems like that will just make it worse. Hang in there Bill.

  3. I'm impressed the two of you were able to get the bags of concrete mix moved. Glad to hear the Bill's appointments are coming quickly.

    That puzzle looks so cute! Your flower beds are doing wonderfully too. What a fun looking bird - I do wonder what was going on with it. I know some birds will act as if they are hurt to keep humans away from their nests. Maybe you'll see babies a little later on.

  4. So sorry to read about Bill. Glad to read they got him in fairly quickly for x rays. Fingerscrossed surgery is not in his future.
    Your gardens all look beautiful. Your newest grandbaby is as cute as can be. Looking at the two of you holding him is an awe moment. Those two Alberta grandchildren are, also, pretty darn cute. Gibbs is pretty cute,
    My question as I catch up, is where the heck did May go? Unfortunately our mosquitoes are doing well, sounds like yours are enjoying the same luck. Will be sending nothing but good thoughts your way that things go well for Bill and a prayer or two. šŸ™šŸ¤žšŸ™
    P.S. Did you find the puzzle piece...inquiring minds want to know?????šŸ˜Ž

  5. Prayers continue for Bill. Jerry finally slept well last night. He slept until 9am! When I told him how Bill injured himself he did say those bags are at least 60 pounds. Bill will find ways to keep busy. It's amazing how we can adapt to just using one arm. Blessings....

  6. That's a lot of heavy lifting on the cement. I am glad that between the two of you it was unloaded and put away. What an interesting bird.

    God bless.

  7. That's a lot of cement for a flag pole. The fire pit foundation turned out nice!