Sunday, June 4, 2023

A Pretty Much Perfect Day

The Ridge

Bill was awake at his normal time, 5:30, on Saturday, June 3rd because apparently Gibbs has his own little alarm clock. He gets very familiar with things and they get set in his mind. I remained in bed until 6:15 or so but Bill stayed downstairs and readied himself for his Saturday. Gibbs has been the best little eater lately and we believe that we were just putting too much in his dish. We’ve lessened that and 95% of the time he gobbles it up at both morning and evening meals. 😊

Morning pictures
I was happy to see the cardinals return.
The front field looks great after a cut.
The smoky sun overlooks the pond.

He still only weighs 24.2 pounds and now that he has free reign up here, he is keeping himself in good shape. I had nowhere to be today, so had my tea with Gibbs and then we went for his walk. He was more into playing in the ditches than walking so we soon turned for home. I didn’t let him off leash today, instead I put him inside and turned myself right around and headed off on my own. Now, the weather is perfect for a longer morning walk. I said PERFECT!

A singular buttercup. ♥
On the farm as a young girl, buttercups were my favourite
flower. Appropriate to show cows in this collage as
my sister (I think) or Daddy named one of ours

Turbine lane waited for me to return.
Baptist Church Road is so pretty along this stretch
in the spring/summer's greenery

I walked past turbine lane nearing the mile before I turned back for home. Then we came outside so I could water the vegetables, corral hill plants and my flowering plants. I worked on the puzzle and tested Gibbs, to see if he’d stick around today. He doesn’t go far but if he doesn’t come when I call him, even when he is in sight, he gets chastised and put on his rope leash. At least he comes now to get that put on! 😊 Last summer, he’d run from me like a game of tag.

Rub my tummy Mom. Now!
Look at me, I'm so cute!

Bill went flying, you probably guessed, and returned home just after 12 noon. We each made ourselves a sandwich, mine was toast with the lowest carb bread I have in the freezer and sugar-free marmalade on it. It was quite good too! Bill dozed for a bit so I sat beside him and read my book. Small font or not, it is so-o-o good and difficult to put down. When Bill went out to do some weed-trimming, Gibbs and I also went out.

Bill works hard to keep this property looking
great. I admire his tenacity so much. 💓

We really did nothing but sit outside, enjoying the beautiful day. A high of 24C/75F with a nice breeze up here. At least the winds held off so the boys got a few flights in this morning. Bill got a lot of trimming done but at 3:30, he was done. I’d say! That’s hard work, especially on the corral hills where he takes his life in his hands. He did a great job and may get the front field finished tomorrow afternoon – or not.

The two loves of my life.
Time for a rest. 

All Gibbs and I did was rest, basically. 

I’d filled the feeders again this morning and tossed one of my oldest ones out. Mr. Squirrel made short work of it last night by knocking it off the branch, and it is beyond repair. LOL I’ve once more switched their position around with bungee cords to keep them out of reach. I get brownie points for trying! 😊 We kind of invited ourselves to a fire at Donna and Gerry’s so I started fish and chips for supper at 5:30.

This pictureof a White-Crowned sparrow on my big Canon turned out
really nice. I'm hoping to use it more often for close ups.

With a cooler packed for a couple of hours, we dressed for mosquitoes more than coolness and loaded into Ptooties. All of us. It was so nice to see Michele again, a niece of Donna’s from a previous marriage, (I think I have that right) and of course, Mike, Bill’s boss. Gibbs entertained everyone with his antics, Michele loved him.

Supper and then at peek at the sun
through the Acreage evergreens

It was a lovely evening and although the skitters were on the prowl, seemingly hungry, I don’t think I got bit. Well, I’ll know tomorrow, they were sure all around us. Michele left around 9:30 and Bill, Gibbs and I were within minutes after her. The air was cooling off and I wasn't layered enough. 

Gibbs with Aunt Donna's empty bottle
Their new fire pit is great!

It was at the end of their lane, out of the trees, that we saw the full moon. Googling it, I see it to be the Strawberry Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, at its peak at 11:42. I won’t be up to see it. 😊 I’m not good at moon shots, I don’t understand the whole ISO/speed etc. settings so I’ll leave that to you pros.

Two lovely sources of light.
The Strawberry moon
Our Algodones 'night' llight. 

The snack cupboard got opened when we got home, as I felt hungry for some reason. Bad habit but too bad. I snuck into the potato chip bag. I just can’t go to bed until it settles so I waited an hour.  This was a great day. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

My futile attempts.
Bottom left was with my phone camera
and the other two with my Canon.
It was beautiful!
Good night!

Thank you for the pop by.


  1. Sounds like a perfect summer day to me. Gibbs is growing up but retaining enough puppy to be lots of fun!