Thursday, June 8, 2023

Back to Work – for Me, Birthday Wishes

The Ridge

Thursday, June 8th Bill was up with Gibbs at 6 and then after the little bum joined me in bed, Bill stretched out in his recliner. That’s where I found him when I got up at 6:30 to get ready for work. Bill said he didn’t have a very good night’s sleep for which I feel really bad. Some nights, he wears the sling and it helps keep his arm in place but sometimes when he moves his arm, the pain wakes him up.

The laundromat all cleaned for another day

This morning, I had to work so I headed into Durham before 7 and was alone while I cleaned the Mat. Back home, I found that Bill and Gibbs had gone to the Acreage to get water. When they returned, and water was transferred, Bill loaded the empty propane tank into Black Beauty and headed into town. He wore his sling so it made it obvious that he couldn’t lift the full tank into the truck.

Here is the beast we've been working on

After paying inside, the tank was in the truck and strapped in for him. 😊 I met Bill at the end of the lane as I left to go to M’s for a shift. He has a pickup truck that absolutely ‘needs’ to be finished this week. I worked 4 hours with M, taping and papering the cab and then covering the back end. The truck doesn’t have a box but instead rails and a cargo box that needed to be covered while M painted.

Hopefully M can get it painted tomorrow and have
it picked up Friday. It's been sitting too long,
M needed to be pushed on this one, so who better for the job? 😀

I was home at 2 and had to stop Ptooties as soon as I turned into the laneway. Mrs. Yertle, the big Mama from yesterday, was back in the middle. She was either digging, laying or covering her nest so I wasn’t about to disturb her. I don’t know how long she was there but I waited until she finished and headed back to the pond. I’ll check tomorrow to see if there is a new hole. If not, yay!

She is a big old Mama but still laying eggs.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet. Bill had taken care of our water and propane needs, he’s not helpless even in this state , and also hooked up our 3rd Amazon firestick to the bedroom tv while I was gone. Now, we can watch tv in 3 areas if we choose. 😊 He went to the Hangar for the remainder of the afternoon and I watched more Mrs. Maisle episodes and then NCIS when I started supper.

My little snuggle bum showing some love 💓

We had the last of the Chicken Pot Pie and another piece of pineapple cheesecake. Gibbs sat on my lap while I worked on my blog, what a lovebug! Bill returned to the Hangar which means he is being successful at working on his plane to some extent. At least his time at home is not wasted. 😊

Leftover chicken pot pie

This has been a cooler day with mostly cloudy skies. We barely reached 16C/61F and we didn’t get the rain that was a possibility for this afternoon. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day, as we have. My back feels a bit achy from being on my feet in the shop for 4 hours, bending and stretching over the truck. I’m sure after a couple of yoga stretches tonight, I’ll be fine. Before ending the post, today is my oldest sister's birthday so Happy Birthday, Cathy! 

Happy Birthday, sis!💗
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Looks like you are pretty efficient in your work with M- the truck is well protected.Bill will find a gel pack that can be heated or chilled will make the shoulder more comfortable- the pack after a few hours in the freezer helps promote a better sleep.That turtle really is a size; neat to see all the pond “goings on”.All the best.

  2. I think I might actually use that laundromat ... and I hate them!! Excellent job of keeping it spiffy! I agree ... those gel packs really work well. Especially at night before bed. Me thinks Bill is going to be quite bored in the next few weeks!!

  3. Hopefully something can be done to easy the pain in Bill's arm and shoulder soon. It sucks when you are handicapped to one hand/arm only, I know as I had a broken wrist. He might have to rethink his participation in his airplane flying club for a while. Wishing all the best!

  4. Poor Bill, I do hope he gets some relief from the pain.
    M is fortunate to have you willing and able to assist when he is (obviously) procrastinating.
    Our temp was double yours yesterday at 32C, and it's cooling off to 27C today.

  5. Somehow you find a way to get things done with one arm. Jerry started a new project today. When I broke my arm I slept in my recliner. Laying in bed was too painful. Bill will figure out what works for him.

  6. When I broke my wrist I had to take awhile to figure out how to do things, but once I did I got back to cleaning and cooking. I also slept in my recliner during the first three or four weeks.

    God bless.