Thursday, June 29, 2023

Surprisingly Beautiful Day! Bill Stressed?

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 29th we weren’t in a rush to get up, although I wanted to nip in as far as Robin’s to water her plants. Most of them are in full sun and I sure don’t want to lose any! I was up and out the door by 7:20, leaving the boys in bed. Good thing I went, a couple of the pots were pretty dry and I needed to dead head all of them. They’re looking good now but will check once more in the morning. She’ll be home tomorrow evening.

Starting with last night's sunset

It has been a while since we've had one that
was camera worthy.
This one was. ๐Ÿ’–

I meant to do this the other day but
this was the Bunnesan school house
before it was bought and remodelled.
Robin and Andrew have done a great job.

Bill was in the shower when I returned and had his cereal and orange juice. No coffee for him this morning as he was scheduled for a stress test. When his Dad had his heart attack(s) back in 1996(7), it was recommended because of his family history that Bill should start paying attention. He had a stress test every year, I believe, while we were working, right up until we retired and left the area. There was never an issue but at least we knew.

My hill garden is coming alive

The bucket garden
Evening primrose at the back
Dahlias in the middle
Gladiolas in front

When we saw our new doctor in London last fall, he recommended that Bill get one done up here this spring. Okay, so now it is summer and he goes this morning. It is a quick trip to the Durham hospital but I went with him for support. It was a short wait time and once in, it was a mere 20 minutes and he was back out. It went well so we are happy with the result. We are concentrating on his upcoming physio and getting his arm better. ๐Ÿ˜Š

While I took pictures,
Gibbs ran across the field.
If this is as far as he goes when off leash,
we have no worries. It is still our property.
With his colouring, he is easy to find.

Back home, Bill used the pressure washer and cleaned off the Cub Cadet mower so he could get a better look at the problem with the belt. I worked on the puzzle and Gibbs supervised both by sitting serenely in the shade. After a sandwich for lunch, Bill rode the mower up North Line to the repair shop and Gibbs and I followed in Ptooties to bring him home. Hopefully, it won’t be too long but we know it is a busy time so are not expecting a quick return.

Stalking, er, I mean following my hubby
down the road

Where, hopefully, it won't take too long nor
be too costly. Dreamers! ha!
Love the chainsaw on their mailbox.

The puzzle just needs the sky finished.
Won't take long now!

The rest of the afternoon was a bit of this and that. Bill got my battery mower out and cut the grass, which we call our front yard, and I did a bit of garden weeding and watered my vegetables. They seem to be doing well. When he went to the Hangar, I worked on my puzzle until we got a phone call from our good friend, Jim, to see how Bill is doing. For someone who has many of his own health issues, he sure has a kind heart and it means so much to Bill (us) that he takes the time to call.

Hammock time

When he disappeared, I found him underneath me ♥

I love looking up at the sky from the hammock.
I watched a lot of jets floating overhead before
I fell asleep.

I finished all but the sky parts of the puzzle and since Gibbs was inside, I thought I’d stop there for today and sit with the little bum in our hammock. We found a suitable sun/shade spot and relaxed. Once he jumped off to sleep underneath, I actually dozed off for half hour! I never do that! When Bill came up around 5, it was his turn and he had a nice snooze out there too.

I moved to the step so Bill could snooze
Once Gibbs got down, he dropped off.

My Sweeties.

The day is a beautiful one. It was a surprise because although the forecasters said hot, 27C/80F, it was supposed to be cloudy. We had sun for 90% of the time and managed to reach 25C/76F feeling hotter with the humidex factor. ๐Ÿ˜‰ After bacon cheeseburgers for supper, Bill went to the Hangar and I closed the Bunky for the evening. I doubt we’ll get rain but it is usually wise to make sure the windows are closed anyway. 

What a great day! I started a new book today. A fun read called Joint Custody. The Border Collie is telling the story so you can just imagine! 

Supper was yummy and yet so simple!
No sunset tonight, it has completely clouded over.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. How are the bugs your way? We sure appreciate our screen house. We had smoke earlier in the day but it cleared out well this afternoon. Mercy!

    1. The bugs have certainly lessened but I still manage to come in with a new one here and there. I think the screen house will go up on Canada Day for our company. :) Glad the smoke abated for you!

  2. Harvey has a stress test every year and then every 3rd year has an echocardiogram done.

    Your garden is just blossoming.

    God bless.

    1. Bill will probably get back on track now with his tests too. He has the ecg and echocardiogram in July.

  3. Good to know Bill is not stressed when he's stressed. I think it's the hammock!! Funny seeing the lawnmower going down the road, but how nice it's a short drive. Enjoy the cool weather.

    1. Ha ha, M told Bill 'don't be stressed about your stress test!' How can you help, eh?
      It is funny following him on the mower, that's the slowest he ever drives!!

  4. Glad to hear that Bill's stress test went well. Your yard is looking lovely, and I know the two of you do a lot of work to keep it that way.
    The heat is on here, 31C today and even higher temps expected for the weekend. I won't be surprised if we have thunderstorms as well.

    1. Thank you on both counts, Bill and the yard. :)
      Yes, the hot air sure does seem to bring storms.