Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Home Again, Jiggity Jig

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 21st Gibbs and Bill went out at 6:20 and I remained right where I was until they returned. We rested together until 7 and Gibbs and I went for a walk down to the park and back. I meandered a bit longer today and sat on the bench for a few minutes before heading home. 😊

It's a pretty little park
I'm sure it is busy in the summer

Bill and I knew we wouldn’t dawdle this morning, wanting to get on the road fairly early but when we went in to say good morning and get our coffee and tea, Ron was out walking Reggie. Poor pooch wasn’t feeling great, didn’t sleep (unlike Gibbs who slept like a log) so we didn’t get to say goodbye to them. Hugs to Loree though and it was 8:20 and 16C/61F when we hit the road. We drove to the park to see if we could find Ron, no luck, but he did call after he got home to wish us a safe trip.

We stopped on the reserve for gas
$1.46/litre, saved us .15¢ per litre
too bad we only needed 1/2 tank

What a gorgeous morning for a drive. There was a fair bit of traffic but once we hopped on Highway 40 and then the 402, we were moving pretty good. We made a stop in Strathroy at Action Trailers to check something out for Bill's cargo trailer and then it was homeward bound. Oh, a stop at Tim Horton’s gave us a nibble to tide us over until lunchtime. 😊 We pulled in the lane at 12:15. Thank you again Ron and Loree for sharing your home with us!

Gibbs was a good boy,
with very little whining on the drive home
to Durham

Gibbs was joyful to be on home turf and I was happy for him to be where he didn’t have to be watched as closely. He knows his boundaries here, even though he tests them sometimes, and there are no close neighbours to bark at. LOL We had a sandwich for lunch and then we all hopped in Black Beauty to go to the Acreage for a water top up. My second lesson. 

Bill relaxed while I looked after the water
Gibbs played in the trees, can you see him?

I thought I'd be throwing my
wildflower bouquet out but
I just had to remove one that was 
dropping 'stuff'.
this dandelion and these daisies
are so pretty still

This time, I did it all, well, 98% of it, with a teensy bit of reminding on a couple of things. Back home, I completed the job with Bill helping when I fumbled. I do believe I have it now and feel confident I’d figure out anything I might forget. 😊 Then we crashed in our chairs for a while. I know I dozed but not the way my boys did. I read a couple of chapters and am still wondering if this book is going to meet my satisfaction. Not giving up, yet.

Our guardian goes from sitting with me
to visiting with Bill
In the first picture, he's waiting for me to come back.

and finally, he had to give it all up for a nap

Gibbs and I were in and out a few times to cool down, the Suite was quite warm even though it felt cool when we first arrived home. All the windows and blinds were closed until we stepped inside and opened things up. Duh! Oh well, we’re home and it is supposed to cool down a bit tomorrow. Today is the first day of summer and we welcome what comes our way! The turtles are digging like crazy today! It must be the hot weather or just knowing it's summer that has them out in droves. 😀 We'll set our live trap tonight to try and distract the skunks from finding the nests I can't cover. 

These pictures turned out better than I thought they would.
The one on the right in the sun's rays is my favourite

I watered my plants, which I had moved to the shade (except for my vegetables), and things are looking good. I picked some spinach for supper and began cooking the chicken thighs in Rosy and potatoes on the stove. It just made it hotter inside but I would step out every so often to get some cooler air. Bill filled in the hole around the cemented flag pole location and then went to the Hangar until it was time to eat. Supper was good and filling.

My spinach was good, but next time I'll steam
it a wee bit longer

I didn't realize that I'd collaged 
Madame Yertle twice, sorry.
Chippy made it up this pole twice and
then I put oil on it. Hilarious!

He hooked up the water sprinkler this afternoon and our grass is getting a good soaking. How nice to have the pond pump working! How many times I’ll be saying that this summer again?! 😊 I got a laugh out of Chippy who shimmied up the wrought iron shepherd crook and was eating the finch seed. I fixed him by greasing it with coconut oil and got a few chuckles out of his efforts. He’s cuter but I’m smarter! I wish I could download the video but it isn’t working for me.

I caught Bill at just the right time, don't you think?
Looks like he's ready to salute the flag - but
the flag isn't hanging yet.
Gibbs checks his work filling the hole.
Madame Yertle took 4 hours to dig, lay and bury.
I covered it with a stepping stone.

What a great day. We had a nice mini vacation away but it is always good to get back home to our routine. We’re not used to so much sitting around! We are also grateful for the StarLink with good wifi and our satellite tv. 😊 I sure enjoyed being out of reach of M's phone calls for errands but that will start up tomorrow! 

The  goldfinches are loving the niger seed. 

I hope you are enjoying this heat. We reached a balmy 28C/83F today both in Port Lambton and here in Priceville.

I love the way the sun's ray came through orange
with no touchups to the picture.
Good night and Happy Summer!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. Glad you had a good visit, and a safe trip home.
    Love seeing the turtlrs. I hope you're able to thwart the skunks.

  2. What fun ... watching Chippy! Poor guy ... he's so SKINNY! LOL I love how Gibbs keeps tabs on both of you. He's such a sweet kid. Glad you are learning the ropes ... it never hurts to know what to do.

    1. I'm not feeling sorry for Chippy!! haha, he's cute but he's a little thief!

  3. It is wonderful to get away, but just as wonderful to get home.

    God bless.