Sunday, June 18, 2023

A Day for Dads, Laundromat Mess, Company for Happy Hour

The Ridge

On Sunday, June 18th we woke to one of the best mornings yet. It was 11C/52F outside and the same inside with outside feeling warmer. We both said last night that we wanted to get up and moving earlier today than yesterday. I hoped to get into the Mat for cleaning by 7:30 and he to the flying field by 8ish. Neither of us got what we hoped for.

a lovely morning

It was 7:10 when Gibbs moved and that was after I moved. My goodness! It wasn’t even that late last night when we went to bed. Oh well, we must have needed it. Gibbs was pooped after entertaining everyone around the fire. 😉 So, I sorted the dirty laundry and left before Bill. It was a few minutes after 8 when I arrived at the empty Mat and loaded 3 machines. One was for the chair covers that I took off. They are more a pain than a help so I put the quilts back one.

This was just the beginning 

This was on the other side
coming from underneath - LOL

The machine I chose, started leaking ‘really’ badly and I spent the first half hour mopping up the continuous flow of water. At least it was headed for the drain but what a mess! It was so bad that it ran under the washer to the centre aisle of the laundromat so I had that side to mop up as well. I texted Sandy pictures so he could have his guys look at it on Monday. I hated bothering him on Dad’s day but it had to be done. I stuck a note on the machine “Do Not Use” and it was 90 minutes later when I left.

They were having a meeting in the laneway until
I arrived
6 adults and 12 children

I drove slowly until they found a spot to
get into the pond

I filled the water jug before driving home where I let Gibbs out to help me hang the clothes. The chair covers and a load of rags (from wiping up the water) were washed and dried while there. Then, Gibbs and I sat outside together. He found shade where he could but I sat in the sun at the picnic table and played my Wordle games. I had lunch and had to run into town at 1. I met Bill on his return trip home. Our company, Rob and Pat, arrived with Bella shortly after 2.

This is a better picture of the shepherds crook 
I moved.

It's always so great to see these buddies of ours and although there seems to be long intervals in between visits, we pick up right where we left off. We had a nice visit, chuckles, stories and entertainment watching Bella try to encourage Gibbs to play. He was being a stick in the mud for some reason. They had a busy day so headed out around 3:30 or so. Big hugs all around until next time. 😉

Waiting for Daddy

Still waiting - in the shade

I worked on my puzzle to finish it and then we brought the clothes in off the line. Bill went around and locked the storage shed and Hangar and will do the same for the Bunky later. For supper, we just had leftovers. The last of the meatloaf, rice and stuffing and then we got ourselves into ‘packing’ mode. It’s been forever since we’ve had to pack a ‘to-go’ bag but we managed. It helps that the forecast is for hot, hot and more hot.

Little fluffy Bella

Happy Hour!

The kids at play

Responsible adults with the kids 😂

Daddy and Gibbs relax after a full day

This has been a really nice day. Bill got to go flying with his friends and we have laundry done for another week. We’ll have showers in the morning before we head out for our mini-vacay. 😊 I hope our friends are ready for us! Yes, Gibbs has a bag to pack too but he is a bit stressed tonight watching our movements.

A leftover meal but it filled us
and helped to empty the fridge
Good night!

Thank you for popping in to see what we’re up to. We reached a sunny high temperature of 24C/75F and that is pretty much perfect. Bill enjoyed his day and heard from all of the kids. I hope you Dads had a wonderful Father’s Day! It seems very odd that neither Bill or I have a father to call, but I believe they are still with us in many ways.


  1. Nice for you to get away......a change of scenery is necessary sometimes.
    What is the latest on Bill’s arm? Still haven heard anything regarding his MRI?
    If so, is this the way medical works in Canada? I’m sorry for Bill.
    Linda a

    1. We were ready to get away and the invite was at the right time. ;)
      Nothing yet on the MRI. He sees a surgeon on Monday the 26th and hopefully he'll be able to foresee the next step. This appointment was actually quite quick. Thanks, I'll update in the next post.

  2. Safe travels. Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends.

  3. Those geese have grown quite a bit and its quite the flock now. Those commercial washers may get overloaded from time to time I think and the maintenance must be ongoing. Hope you are having a nice trip!

  4. Ohhh the goslings are getting big!! Eeeeeek the laundromat is throwing up!! Hope they get it fixed easily. Have fun on your trip!!

  5. Hope you all have an awesome mini vacation.

  6. Enjoy your mini vacation.

    God bless.

  7. Have a safe and fun trip. It is always good to get away once in a while.

    1. thank you. With Bill not able to work, this is a nice time to go.