Friday, June 9, 2023

Fridays are Good – Regardless, Book Sale

The Ridge

On Friday, June 9th we slept in. That was the goal anyway and although Bill had to get up at 6 with Gibbs (& his own needs), he did come back to bed. Gibbs has one hard plastic bone that somehow has flavour built in (?) that he has had for a very long time and he loves it. It can’t be chewed off but is good for his teeth and its entertainment value. I’ll be sure to get another. So, he chewed on that off and on, in between going back to sleep with us.

Not the perfect first picture?
Gibbs loves this chewy
commonly known as 'bone'.

When Bill dropped off, which he did a few times, I just waited until he woke before moving too much. A movement after 7 would awaken Gibbs and he’d go lay across Bill’s neck. 😊 “Pet me, Daddy”. Finally, around 7:30, I got up, washed, made my tea and sat downstairs in my recliner. Bill dozed off again and Gibbs went back and forth. If he felt neglected, he’d grab Bill’s sock and stuff it in his mouth as much as he could until I retrieved it. What a little monster!

I meant to share this yesterday.
It was on a chair in the Mat
What a special gesture!

Three things happening today, and even though we haven’t both worked ‘all’ week, it is still a Friday and that just has a nice ‘weekend’ ring to it. 😊 First, at 10, I took M into town for a few things to get him through the weekend. I am his Uber, apparently, but he pays me for each run and it is a fair price. Bill worked in his Hangar on a plane, quite happily, and after a Western on a toasted bun for lunch, he and Gibbs dozed in the bedroom while I delved into this new book.

Lunch, I can tell you that it tasted
better than it looks!
It was delicious!

This one is called The Color of Our Sky by Amita Trasi, maybe I already told y’all this. It is a bit challenging as there are a lot of references to Indian names, India as in Bombay, but it is still an interesting story told by two girls from a young age to their 20’s. At least that is as far as I am so far. I’m liking it. It was the book cover that sold me actually. I often find great books that way, seldom am I disappointed.

a few days ago I mentioned this pasture full of
Birds-Foot Trefoil and a commenter wondered if they
were buttercups instead. Today, I checked it out
and both wildflower varieties are prominent.
Still yellow and still pretty!

After Bill had his shower, he left the Ridge at 2:30 to go in to the Durham hospital for his Xrays on his shoulder damage. At 2:40, I walked down the lane to meet Donna. 

I walked down North Line to meet Donna
Look at where the geese are hanging out - next door!
I'm glad because that is a whole lot of poop!

After a dull morning, the sky and weather had
turned lovely!

We were going to Durham’s Library Book Sale at the Town Hall. 😊 We had one other stop first at a farm to pick up milk and cream and to see some really, really adorable 8-week-old puppies! Already the size of Gibbs, but still fluffy loveable balls. Out of 9, all but 3 have homes waiting for them.

                                    WARNING, WARNING, WARNING

                                              ADORABLE ALERT!

Pet me! My turn! Pet me!

This guy was looking at Donna
"Will you take me home?"

They all scrambled to our fingers for attention.
I have a little guy here at home that does the same thing. 💓
They are so darn cute and fluffy!

No, Gibbs would not love a live-in friend. Look up Leonberger and you’ll see why this would never work for us. 😊 The book sale is by donation only so Donna and I took a bag and walked around the tables. I think it was over an hour that we perused book titles and each found totally different collections to bring home. I found 11 (2 for our friend, Nancy) and Donna found 8 or 10 as well. Happy campers we are!

I found some great books.(+ 2 for Nancy, not shown)

Back home, Bill and Gibbs greeted us and then Donna was off to the Acreage. Today started out dull and cool. We actually started the morning with the furnace running for a couple of cycles. It was 8C/48F and with no sun to warm it up, and a few drops of rain off and on before noon, we barely made it to 19C/67F. With very little wind though, it felt quite nice by late afternoon and the sky cleared out nicely too.

This week's purple flowers

For supper, we finished the leftover Hamburger Helper w/veggies and also the Pineapple Cheesecake. Easy and it hit the spot. Bill went to the Hangar and after my blog, I’m deciding: book or tv? 

Supper tonight was tasty but kind of boring.
Easy is always good for me though.

This has been a great day. Not much going on but we’re happy and Bill is doing okay. Thank you for those inquiries. He appreciates each and every one. 

Gibbs keeps an eye out for raccoons and other visitors

We haven't had much affect from the Quebec/New York fires
but if the haze around the sun is any indication..........
Camp and other kinds of open fires are banned
until we get a good dose of rain.
Donna and Gerry weren't staying out at the Acreage anyway
so it's just as well. 

Today, is my step-daughter’s birthday so I’m sending out a special wish for Charlotte’s day.

Happy Birthday, pretty Charlotte!
Good night y'all!

Thank you for the visit and for all your comments.


  1. My InLaws have that breed of dog. It's way too much for two rather feeble seniors, but they love him so much. We just wish he was a bit better trained....

    1. They are adorable when this size but after seeing their mama, we couldn't handle one so big in our Suite!

  2. Sorry for the delay in catching up. Our son-in-law messed the rotator cuffs, ligaments and muscles in both shoulders on different occasions and needed surgery to repair them both.
    Hoping Bill will learn to work smarter not harder and heal quicker.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This could likely be surgery too. Learning to work smart is always there but when trying to get a job done sometimes, we don't stop and think first. :)

  3. Oh my gosh those puppies are cute. I’m pretty sure I would not have been able to walk away without taking one home!

  4. Sorry for Bill’s shoulder. Hopefully he has just strained some muscles
    and inflammation has set in. I know you must have plans for the
    money he is missing..... at least it’s fixable. Trust for quick recovery.
    The pups are darling but looks like there gonna be big! I’m sure
    Gibbs would not be happy!
    Linda a.

    1. If it was just inflammation, that would be great but we're hoping for the best, prepared for the worst case. It is fixable, as you say, thank the good Lord for that. :)
      Those pups are so sweet - at this size! Gibbs would enjoy the companionship until it came time to sharing his parents.

  5. A quiet day is a good thing. Those pups are cute now. They'd be too big for me.
    I sure hope you get some of the heat we've been experiencing soon.

  6. A lovely day that started with a bit of a sleep in is always good. You got some great books.

    God bless.

  7. Wishing Bill a speedy recovery.