Sunday, June 4, 2023

New Acquaintances, Renewing Friendships, Payday, Spinning Wheels

The Ridge

On Sunday, June 4th I didn’t know the day would be so full when I got up. Bill was up around 6 and I thought I’d just rest for another half hour. Next thing I know is that Bill is talking to Gibbs and it is 10 to 7! I was lost in a dream; I was counting out the money Sandy paid me. Too funny. I began sorting clothes right away as Bill got ready to go flying.

The new owners next door had a fun afternoon
and evening with friends
There was more laughter coming from there
than we've heard in 6 years! 

He carried the basket out to the car and was on his way. It was closer to 8 when I got myself in motion and headed for Durham. Dollar Store Dave was doing his laundry when I arrived and loaded our 2 washers. A young fellow came in, whom I’d never seen before, but he was very pleasant, greeting me immediately. I knew his nationality was different from his accent. 😊

This Northern Flicker is so beautiful
but it took a lot of failed shots to get this good one
as he was constantly picking at his feathers.

I had a nice conversation with Dave, who is always very nice, learning more about him and then after he left, Bogden introduced himself and we talked about boon-docking, a dream of his, while I emptied the washers and he loaded the dryers. Before I left, I retrieved my envelope from the lock box with May’s pay in it. Sandy let me know yesterday that it was there for me. Yay! Don’tcha just love payday?

The rest of the pictures are from our afternoon ride

I went to get water next, filling the jug from the outside machine as always, then stopped at Foodland where I bought a bag of sheep manure soil and the few grocery items we needed. Quite expensive here in town but not worth a drive to Hanover for 7 items. I saw Bogden about to get out of his car as I walked out to mine and he waved hello once more. I’m sure I’ll see him around. 😊

We drove through a number of small towns

I stopped at a garage sale in town, a daughter-in-law cleaning out the parent’s home. Oh my! I don’t say this often, but having done this in our lifetime, I say ‘get a dumpster’. The stuff is so old and outdated, with very few exceptions, no one will want it. It’s sad but true. On the way home, I noticed Robin’s Garage Sale sign out so stopped to check her stuff out. She always has nice, clean items with good prices. I found a couple of books and a hand crocheted dishcloth but we had a really nice catchup chat before I left.


The clothes were hung on the line and I came in to finish yesterday’s blog. LOL, I felt very far behind! Bill was having lunch at the field so I finished off the leftover spaghetti and then he arrived. He had a snooze and I went up to the garden plot and removed the chicken wire and stakes that we erected last spring. I won’t be using that area again for vegetables. That is a given.


Bill and I decided a ride on Jazz was in order so left around 3 and didn’t return home until almost 5. We did stop at Jenny G’s food truck, our favourite, for an early supper and then scooted home. I had the jumbo beef hot dog and Bill had the bacon cheeseburger. Ooey, gooey, good. We shared a medium fries. 😊 The air was cooling off for the ride home but we really enjoyed getting out again for some fresh air.

Hanover and it's drive-in theatre
This is where we saw the new Top Gun movie

Bill read my mind by stopping
Jenny G's for supper. 
He's good at that!

Before our ride, we all walked across the field to meet our new neighbours. Amanda was the only one home, working in a small vegetable garden but it was something we wanted to do. Bill left her with a garbage calendar and we walked home. They are renovating inside so won’t be here fulltime for a while. 

Gibbs was a good boy today, helping me hang clothes and helping Daddy unhook the cargo trailer. I don't know what we'd do without him! 💓 This has been a great day again. They are stacking up. That’s it for the weekend, another week is upon us. I hope yours is a good one!

Back on Baptist Church Road
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.