Sunday, June 11, 2023

Dismal but Mild Forecast, Work on Sunday?

The Ridge

Sunday, June 11th arrived quietly and with a bit of dampness in our midst. We have been hoping, and have heard promises for rain but it wasn’t looking like a guarantee. Bill took Gibbs out at 6:30 and returned to lay down in the hopes of dropping off again. I don’t think he did and we all got up around 7, I think. 😊

A good day for this

I had my shower and Bill kept his eyes on the weather wondering if flying would be an option. Turns out, it wasn’t. It was certainly calm and warm enough but the light sporadic showers put a ‘damper’ (haha) on that plan. I read my book in the hopes of finishing it today and Bill did a few things around the Suite that we’ve talked about for a while. It was going to be a ho-hum, but lovely Sunday. Bill and Gibbs had a nice long snooze together in the recliner while I read. Another one of those nights. πŸ˜’

Yes, I zoomed in to make you hungry!

I missed our friend’s birthday yesterday so messaged a belated wish this morning. I feel bad when I do that but I don’t have everyone’s special day in my calendar. I hope it was a wonderful day for you Lori. For lunch, it seemed like the perfect time for pancakes so at noon, I prepared those. Three were almost too much for me, as a matter of fact, half of the third went into the garbage bin. I was full!

With all the 'extras' put back on,
it sure looks nice. 

At 1, I drove over to put in a couple of hours helping M uncover this Dodge Ram so it could be picked up tomorrow. He has had it far too long and I offered to help get the push on to get it done. He painted it yesterday and boy is it ‘purty!’ The wife picked out the colour and it sure shines. I helped put the mirrors on and a couple of the side dΓ©cor and held the bumper while he attached it. Before I left at 3, I cleaned any overspray off the windows with a razor blade and then I drove home.

The wife chose this colour, which is very nice,
but for what is his 'work' truck, I don't quite
understand it. Oh well, we did a great job!

I didn’t mind giving up the home time just to get it finished. Still, the rain was light and off and on throughout the whole afternoon. We need a good steady rain for a couple of hours at least to soak into the soil so maybe the week’s forecast for it will pan out. It is mild and with no wind, we reached 18C/65F by mid-afternoon. As hoped, I finished the Color of Our Sky and what a good story it was. I couldn’t wait to turn the pages! I recommend it. (by Amita Trasi)

You can see how far Bill cut with the
mower and trimmer
It is marshy in that long grass section as
the pond is on both sides

Gibbs and I walked to the lane and I saw Mrs. Yertle (again!) in the middle so instead I took our confused little guy to the back field instead. Bill wasn’t able to cut the tall grass back here on his last cutting, too wet? (seems impossible) so it has grown so tall. We couldn’t walk back there even if we wanted to. The rain drops hurried us back to the shelter of the Suite.

We walked to the fence line where
this pretty purple-flowered vine
is growing.

The turbine looks mysterious
in the haze of the rain

Bill grilled sausages for supper and we had them on a bun tonight. He managed to do so in between the drops of rain. This afternoon, I strained my homemade dandelion oil through cheesecloth and have a finished product. Now, I’ll be looking up how I can use it again. 😊 

It looks like it turned out well,
and it was easy to do. 

This evening, Bill first went up to the bedroom to do some therapudic exercises for his arm and then went to the Hangar, like he did earlier today. I worked on my blog and then watched tv on our Firestick. When streaming, I am happy that I can watch any show at any time. I guess I’m sold on this whole thing!

These honey garlic sausages are delicious!
Bill had our home grown stewed rhubarb for dessert
 and loved it!

It was a pretty quiet day but we’ve enjoyed it. We’re getting used to being close to each other, even though there are a few steps between us.

My next book
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. The truck looks fantastic. The colour is not one I would picked either.
    We too need a good rain, fire bans everywhere in the north. Everything is crunchy.
    Interesting oil.


    1. The color on the truck would be nice on a little sports car.

  2. I'm curious what you use dandelion oil for. I certainly have a big crop growing in Arizona. And pancakes .... with maple syrup .... YUM!!!

  3. It's an interesting color for a work truck. M is lucky to have you giving him a bit of push to get things done (and helping make it happen).
    We had another 2 inches of rain on Thursday/Friday. I checked the containers this morning and they are still wet. I'd happily send a bit of it your way.

    1. Thanks for the rain! I'll not have to water for a while. Yay!

  4. M sure does great work painting those vehicles and if word got out he could be a lot more busier I think.

  5. I am turning my dandelion oil into a salve. I hope that is much easier to rub into my aching muscles after doing too much work.

    Love the colour of the truck.

    God bless.