Monday, June 12, 2023

We Got Rain!

The Ridge

On Monday, June 12th Bill and Gibbs came back to bed after their first outing around 6. At 7, I left them in bed and made my tea for work. It was close to 7:30 when I drove into Durham to clean the Mat. It was certainly wet outside, it was obvious we’d received a lot of overnight rain. Yay! That’s what we need. It was only light rain with my wipers intermittently cleaning the windshield.

Driving to work, I see that M has the Dodge
sitting out for pick up

There was one regular customer that arrived during my hour and a half of cleaning and I drove straight home after. Bill was cleaned up and ready to head out whey I returned. I changed into ‘shopping’ clothes (clean ones at least) and we took Black Beauty to Hanover for a few things. We first went to the jewellery store to get my diamond stone reinstated but even though it was after their opening time, it was closed.

Black Beauty got a bath
They never do the best job, these touchless car washes,
but it got some of the grime off.

First, we got fuel and Black Beauty got her bath. Next, we went to Canadian Tire and then Walmart to pick up the few groceries on our list. In and out in 15 minutes, that’s because Bill was with me. 😉 I probably would have spent more so it’s good he was along for the trip. Still, the rain was sporadic and although it felt mild when we left home, the dampness had really set in and it seemed much cooler on our return.

This afternoon, it got
really misty outside

It doesn't look too bad here

But then it got even foggier

No walks today

We turned the fireplace up higher to take the chill off inside. We spent some time with Gibbs and then chose toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches for lunch. After Bill went to the Hangar, I tried to get into my new book but felt tired and dozed for a few minutes first. I played my word games and because Gibbs and I couldn’t go out, it was crazy misty and foggy, I used Madame IP to make some rice pudding for desserts.

Gibbs doesn't like the rain

With that done, I turned on Mrs. Maisle and watched 3 episodes. Bill came up for his afternoon nap of which he seems to have no problem with. 😊 For supper, Madame IP made us pork tenderloin, potatoes and gravy. I also cooked corn for Bill and Brussel sprouts for me. It was a really nice ‘Sunday’ meal on a Monday and although not enough pork leftover, there are potatoes and gravy for another night.

Delicious supper!

Bill enjoyed the rice pudding
One of his favourite desserts.

After dishes, Bill returned to the Hangar and we were each catching up on the episodes of NCIS Hawaii. Gibbs chose to go up to bed, which he has been doing earlier and earlier these nights. I feel bad that we can’t get outside for his walks in this weather.

This bird bath was empty yesterday

This has been a wet, cool day, only reaching a high of 14C/58F. The bonus is the winds are low and I don’t have to water anything. Maybe the grass will turn green again. 😉

Look at the memory that popped up
on my Facebook today.
This little gapher was only 3 months old.
Him choosing us for his parents has made
us so happy. 💖💖💖
Good night!

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  1. My back yard is like a hay field! Everything is growing like mad.

  2. Okay ... pork loin is now on my menu. It's weird how our weather mirrors yours. We got a few sprinkles too. I admit, I love misty weather.

  3. What a sweet photo of wee Gibbs! He's a lovely dog.
    I'm happy to hear you finally got some rain. It's dry here now, and the forecast suggests we're going to be that way for awhile.

    1. I agree about the photo of Gibbs.
      I feel bad complaining about weather when Alberta is having such a hard time.

  4. Hard to remember Gibbs being that small!

  5. I do like the way the Dodge turned out! The rain pictures sure make everything look a beautiful green! We've had thunder, lightening and rain last few afternoons and we love it :)

    1. Lots of people love storms. Me, not so much. Especially if wind is involved.

  6. We loved Mrs. of the best written series we have watched in years!