Saturday, June 24, 2023

A Warm One, Laundry, Haircut, Success! Bad Grandma

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 24th we woke to a humid day but with the sound of a steady rain beating down on the Suite. We’ve been dry again for over a week so this is good news! The forecast is for wet weather for the whole week but in varying stages. We may see the sun later today.

Two posters to start the day
I love the left one, on the wall in the laundromat. 
The right one was of interest to Bill especially

I was up at 7, had my shower, sorted the dirty clothes and drove into the Mat. Not a soul was venturing out in the rain to do their laundry, so I was alone the whole hour and a half. Because of the precipitation, it was a no-brainer that I would also dry them before returning home. I made a stop at the Shell station on the highway to cash in a $10 lottery ticket. Yay, a step up from a free ticket, of which we’ve won a few times recently. Of course, I picked up a couple more from our winnings.

Robin and Alexander's finery
The plants along the house and these 
under the evergreen.
These are the plants I will be nuturing for a week.
There are a few smaller ones around back.

Speaking of Saskatchewan,
the old Ford and trailer at the Shell station
are headed that way.
Pretty good condition, they last if you look after them!

One last stop at Robin’s to check on her large potted plants to make sure they were receiving the rain through the evergreen branches. They were quite wet. 😊 Her red maple sapling had tipped over so I’m glad I stopped. Alexander had moved it to the side of the house, on rocks, and it just wasn’t steady. They ran out of time to plant it before they left for Saskatchewan. We’ve been fortunate not to have any winds accompanying the rains. I up righted it, managing to get a couple more showers in the process from the wet branches and headed home.

I love Bill's hair at the back (and the colour - or lack of it)
The before and after cut. 

Bill was ready to go in to town for a haircut when I returned. The Knox United Church was hosting haircuts by donation, with all proceeds going to a community outreach project. He liked the hairstylist’s job so made a nice donation and came home looking spiffy. He’s happy with it so I’m happy with it. We had some lunch and then decided to drive back to the auction site and pick up my winning item!

Outside and in, they have so much
stuff to sell at every auction.
Such variety.

I won the bird feeder crook and it wasn’t until we got it home, that we realized just how well made it is. I also didn’t notice, while bidding, that it came with 2 feeders and a suet feeder. I was tickled pink. The item is brand new; that, I did know. It is well worth what I paid, after looking it up on line for the actual price. Our ground is, again, so hard and rocky, that we’ve decided to ‘plant’ it in a hole and that means it will happen tomorrow. Put together, the crook is quite large. 😊

I am so pleased with my purchase today!
I thought I was going to have to buy more feeders.

We finished up the last 2 eggs and had a toasted western, mine in a tortilla and then went our separate ways. After the prerequisite snooze by a couple of someone’s near and dear to me, of course. I slipped out to the Bunky and worked on the puzzle until I found it too humid to stay any longer. There was NO breeze for relief. The afternoon slipped by, Bill worked on his plane and after I dozed with my book in my hand (!), I went out and weeded the corral hill. It was long overdue. By the way, the book is slowly improving. 

The spinach was seeding
The bird bath was overflowing with the rain

I didn't accomplish too much today
but got a few pieces in.

In my bare feet, I had the best grip that I’ve ever had. All my shoes slipon the rocks, even the ones with good tread. This still wasn’t 100% but it worked today and Gibbs supervised from up on the top in case I needed help. 😊 I got ‘er done, at least enough to make me happy for now. The Evening Primrose are beginning to bloom and soon my gardens will be bursting with colour. I'm happy to report that my work yesterday didn't cause me any undue soreness. I did stretches before bed so that may have helped.

I noticed one of my potted spinach plants was seeding so Donna suggested I snip them off. I’ve never grown it before so was concerned that it was done for the season. That would be disappointing! I also snipped some of the older, larger leaves for supper. 

two clean vehicles
Bill's got the treatment,
mine just got the rain. 😃

It was a leftover meal, mashed potatoes for Bill, pork loin to share, a bit of spinach and fried zucchini and radishes for me. Oh my goodness, those veggies were so good! The pork was good too, I must keep some in our freezer at all times.

The hill looks a bit better.
Notice Gibbs? One of his favourite (not on our lap) spots.
The yellow primrose are going to be lovely. 

After cleanup, Bill returned to the Hangar and Gibbs and I remained inside. He slept on the cooler floor, at the door and I worked on my blog. The forecasters were correct and the sun came out in full force by 4 this afternoon. The rain has stopped for now and there is a slight bit of wind coming in through the Suite windows. Just enough to keep it comfortable. Should be good sleeping with them open tonight. 

It was a simple tasty supper tonight.

This has been a good day but I have been remiss. A special birthday for our 16-year-old granddaughter has slipped by without mention on here. We did send a card but I meant to honor her day all the same. So, Happy Birthday to lovely Chelsea, Sweet 16 is a very special birthday.

We are so proud of the young lady
you have become!
Happy Birthday!
good night!

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  1. Okay, I don't need to send you a photo of my shepherds crook because it is the same one that you got. Only difference being mine didn't come with that cone. Mike cut a hole in a plastic plate and used a pipe clamp and a bit of pool noodle under it to keep it from sliding down. Works a charm. Chippy tries to jump on it and it tilts and down he goes, LOL

    1. I was trying to think of a way to do that on mine but this came along.yay!

  2. Haircuts at the church? What a great idea!!! Poor Chippy ... you have to give him SOMETHING!!! Nice crook though ... it will be great for the bird feeders. Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!

    1. Chippy can still get up on the one i have now. The oiling doesn't last. I'm going to put peanuts on there too. Don't worry!😊

  3. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter Chelsea. Sweet 16 is definitely a special time in a young person's life.
    Chippy isn't going to be happy with you, but I bet you'll entice even more birds to the feeders. Congrats on your winning bid.
    Your hillside garden looks lovely! I have to admire your tenacity as I'm sure it isn't easy to keep weeded.

    1. Thanks Maebeme. My tenacity only kicks in on that hill 2 or 3 times a summer though!

  4. Gardening is such a benefit.....starting with the exercise and finishing with that 'aha' moment of accomplishment when it's completed.