Sunday, June 25, 2023

Wishing the day Away – Sort Of

The Ridge

It was another hot, humid day we woke up to on Sunday, June 25th. Much better than a cold, rainy one! The rain is giving us a break today, although my forecast gurus are still spouting (good rainy word, eh?) a 66% chance of precipitation – today. I suppose, it has 10 ½ hours to prove them right. We all slept in, incredibly so! Gibbs moved at 5:50 and both Bill and I suggested ‘it isn’t time, go back to sleep’, which he did, and it was 7:20 when all 3 of us moved again. 😊

Last night's sunset.
Yah, I know. This is Gibbs.
I watched the sun set last night over his sweet self
and he never moved. 💕

Bill wanted to go flying this morning, since the rains yesterday messed up his plans, and he sure didn’t want to sleep in! He was up, washed, fed (& watered) and on his way soon after 8. That’s moving pretty quickly. It should be a lovely day for them to fly AND to retrieve Alan’s plane from the tree it found itself in last weekend. Woops! Although, with the 62% humidity this morning, I’m not sure if it will be so lovely after all.

My sun rise was to these Moonflowers, healthy
and with 2 teeny buds. i thought the little one
on the left was dead for good. 

I had my tea with Gibbs and played my Wordle games. We walked down to the corner, far enough until the big dogs in that house barked their fool heads off. They didn’t stop even when we’d turned back for ‘home’. Gibbs doesn’t like their big sounds. I noted on our return that the tree in the front field is really bushy and Bill must be having a hard time cutting or trimming around it. That’s a job for ‘Wonder Woman!’ You get the picture. 😊

Our morning walk - top
The afternoon sky - bottom

So, I left Gibbs inside, with blinds pulled to keep the heat of the sun out, and I pulled my wagon down the lane. Of course, there was more trimming along there to be done so I did that as I walked. We have friends coming in early July with a new rig and I don’t want it to get scratched because I neglected to do this. Already, I was pretty hot, hot, hot. In the field, I started trimming around the pond’s edge, as Bill had mentioned those branches getting in his face too.

I eventually made my way to the tree
Not busy anymore!
I have a hard time stopping, no holds barred!
The branches were right to the base of the trunk.

Let me tell you, by the time I finished that area, my water was almost gone and sweat was running into my eyes. It doesn't help that the clippers are dull as a ......? The wagon isn’t suitable for sitting on (I’ll bring a board to go across the top next time) so after cutting the lowest branches off the bushy tree, I sat on the branches on the ground to cool down. No way, would I be gathering today. Darn! When I start a job like that, I really like to get it done all at once. Maybe tonight, if it cools down and doesn’t rain too soon. 😊

Last year, I had no blooms on my
flowering raspberry but this year,
one bloom and many buds.
Gibbs and I are resting after my hard work.

I was a dirty mess and had just had my shower yesterday. I’d get our little pool out but after two more days of heat, it drops to mid-teens/mid 60’s for a couple of days. Later, I'll decide if I want another shower. Anyway, I came back and cooled down in the shade of the patio with Gibbs. It felt decent inside so that is where I sat while we waited for Bill. He wasn’t home by 12:30 so I mixed up chicken salad for a sandwich. It was good, with the guacamole I made yesterday, spread on toast.😋

When Bill returned, he dug the hole
for the crook. See the rocks? No way could
we pound the legs into that ground!

After a thorough wash, I got a head start my blog. (that's why it's so long!) Bill drove in around 1:45. Since I’d eaten, he made a sandwich with the chicken salad as well. It’s a nice change. We did our own thing, he in the Hangar and me in the Bunky. The puzzle is coming along but I’m working on the easiest part first……the train and car, leaving the mountain, the buildings on the hill and the sky. Yi,yi,yi! Gibbs entertained himself, in between the two of us, in the shade. ♥

It stands perfectly.
Wait a minute! Gibbs looks like he did all the work!

Around 4, Bill came up and we all sat in the shade behind the Bunky. He said it was too hot in the Hangar and I’d done enough on the puzzle. He’d noticed the clipping I’d done down the lane but not in the front field so we all walked down together to bring a load of branches up in the wagon. He clipped some evergreen branches along the cedar fence between our place and the neighbours. They are reaching way too far on our side making cutting on the mower difficult.

While we were in our own 'play rooms',
Gibbs was the best little guy.
He sleeps. 💓 (name that movie!)

Once more, I was 'done like dinner' when we walked back up, gathering as I went.  Good thing I didn't shower! The wagon was overflowing and all of that load went into the brush pile. I’ve been bitten a few times between yesterday and today, and even have a few tiny cuts from my efforts. Poor me! Ha ha, I’ll survive! After Bill got home, dug a hole for my shepherd’s crook. It’s the only way we’d get it in the ground. Now, my feeders are hanging proudly, making it look like a bird condominium.

Not a condominium so much but
a Bird Feeding Suburb
All but one feeder and the hummer feeders are on
the new crook. Sorry Chippy.

We’re anxious for the day to be done only because it brings us that much closer to finding out what the surgeon says about Bill’s shoulder. We meet tomorrow morning and we really have no idea what he’ll say. Physio or surgery? He has the results from the X-rays and ultra sound. For supper, I’d planned fish and chips but soon decided on beans with meatballs. I wanted to avoid heating the Suite up any more than it already was. A cooler day tomorrow?

A quick tasty simple supper.
We seem to have a lot of those!
We had yogourt for dessert.

With things cleaned up, there’s Chippy stuffing his face with the finch seed! He can’t get at it until the birds knock it into the tray. He’s eaten so much of the new seed I put out today so I moved that feeder with the cage onto the new hook. The birds are happy, he is not. He’s making a little pig of himself. I know he needs to eat too, but he’s not starving either! Rant over. Yes, I'll get him some peanuts soon. 😊 

Oh, don't feel sorry for Chippy.
He is still pole dancing and will eat
whatever is up there.
Where's the vaseline?

Last night I watched a couple more episodes of Mrs. Maisel and I’m sad to see it coming to an end. Although, I really enjoyed those two, focusing on the relationship between her and her manager, Susie Myerson. Touching, it was. I’ll probably see the last few tonight and tomorrow night. Nice to know I can watch them over again if I choose. I really love the series.

Wow! This is 2020, June 25th.
Looking back at this mess, my dreaded hill has come
a long way! One reason why I take so many pictures!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Wow, you worked hard! Makes you proud when you see how nice
    it all looks. I’m like you, once I start pruning and clipping there seems
    to be no place to stop.
    Gibbs look very nice all clipped short, much cooler too.
    Wish we had some of your rain....the farmers with all their
    almond and peach trees wouldn’t want it now I’m sure.
    Trusting for Bill a easy report tomorrow. :))
    Linda a.

    1. Thank you Linda a. Sometimes I need to practice what I preach, don't we all? It was really too hot to be out there for so long but..........I'm as bad as my husband some days!
      The rain starts after days of dryness but doesn't know when to turn the tap off. LOL

  2. Nice job on the tree!! Okay, I won't feel bad for Chippy any more. I have the same two horrible barking dogs around the corner every time we go for a walk ... and they look like they could easily crawl under the fence. Fingers crossed for Bill .....

  3. Good luck with the appointment today. I do hope he is able to do physio and avoid surgery, unless absolutely necessary.
    My goodness girl, you did an amazing job. I can just imagine how exhausted you were at bedtime.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Fingers crossed for Bill. Now, I just have the cleanup - on a cooler day.

  4. If you start putting peanuts out for chippy, you will be amazed at how many of his "friends" come out of the woodwork. Been there, done that. With squirrels, not chipmunks, but I had NO idea so many squirrels lived in the neighborhood. Ended up putting sunflower seeds out, there were so many of them. Then they started chewing up the deck railings and other things and that was the end of the squirrel buffet.

    1. Hmm, maybe I don't want to do that with the peanuts. Thanks for the heads up!