Friday, June 2, 2023

Cleaning, Some Laundry, Some Shopping, Puzzling and CLOUD NINE!

The Ridge

Today, Friday, June 2nd, the only thing that ‘really’ had to get done was my cleaning job. So, I was up early again, by 6, and downstairs to spend a bit of time with Bill before he left at 6:30. It was 11 when we all went to bed last night and I slept really well with my little window open beside me. 😊 I felt rested when I got up. The day started out pretty much normal.

Last night, the sunset was amazing.
I love the trees but sometimes,
they get in the way.

I removed the chair covers from both the recliners as well as the dining chairs to get them laundered. Today there was a lovely breeze so they would dry with a fresh smell in no time! There was one customer at the Mat when I arrived at 7:10, a young lady (early 30’s) this time, so after loading my washer, I set about cleaning. She never spoke, never even made eye contact, although I tried. What’s with that?

Another picture from last night.
While Bill was in the Hangar, Gibbs slept in his chair.
I took one pix without flash, he never moved.
I took the second pix with a flash. This kid, who never misses anythiing, is out cold!

I didn’t find that things were too dirty so I got the Swifter duster, extended the arm and did all the crevices where wall meets ceiling plus door ledges etc. That filled up the hour nicely. I guess Sandy forgot to leave my pay in the lock box, no big deal, I’ll get it on Sunday if he doesn’t bring it out. I would never expect them to make a special trip but I know Jamie always did and we had a nice little visit. I miss Jamie, we haven’t seen him since we returned home.

The puzzle this morning before lunch.
I have to turn the table around to work
on the sky.

After leaving the Mat, I stopped at Foodland’s Garden centre to check out the prices on some annuals. It’s nice to add a bit of colour up here. Things just aren’t cheap so even though I only bought 8 petunias and 1 hanging basket, it was easy to spend $54! Geesh! Back home, I hung the clothes and the plant and realized that I should have bought a bag of 3 in 1 soil. Rats, the planting will have to wait for 5 of the petunias.

I seem to have good luck
with geraniums and petunias.
Fingers crossed, I know this is a strange
weather year so far.

Gibbs ran around freely while I watered the vegetables and then we sat together for a while on the patio, under the awnings. πŸ˜‰ I left windows open for as long as possible to enjoy the breeze. Then, I left Gibbs on his own in the Suite so I could work on the puzzle for an hour or so. I had to turn the table around so I could work on the sky half. I was enjoying myself and soon it was time for lunch. I made a salad plate today with canned ham.

Our walk after lunch
Sometimes that sky and road go on forever!

By now, it was time to close windows as the a/c was about to start running. It doesn’t feel as hot outside because of the breeze but indoors it is sticky enough to warrant the electrically cooled air.  The 3 cups of rhubarb I pulled from the garden over the last few days is in a pot on the stove. I’ll make some stewed for Bill and/or add some of my homemade lemon curd for an even more exciting taste! Yum!

The cow's pasture across the road is covered
in Birds-foot Trefoil.
Gibbs ran ahead of me but waits in the shade.
Can you see him?

The book I started is A Blade of Grass by Lewis DeSoto and although only 2 chapters in, I think I’ll enjoy it a lot. The only problem is that the print is sooo tiny so there will be no reading by candlelight (as if!) or when I’m tired. Just sayin’. I tried to find the ebook at Libby (my library) but they don’t have it. Thought I could at least increase the font size.

I think I'll get through it, small font or not.
It is already interesting.

Then, I went back to the puzzle and Gibbs did his thing running around until Bill called that he was leaving the Acreage with a bladder of fresh water from their well. 😊 I like to sit with Gibbs until Black Beauty is in position to offload the water and before long, it was done and Bill was on the mower in the back field. It’s good he got off work earlier today so he can take care of that today, leaving him most of the weekend for ‘fun’ stuff.

Gibbs does the 'sniff and roll'
in the field.The grass is nice out there.
Mr. Oriole came back after a few day's absence. ♥

While in the Bunky, I got the absolute best news EVER! My day was already pretty good but increased 10-fold with the text my daughter sent me. I gave her The Book of Two Ways on Mother’s Day so she sent a picture of the book with her hand on it, with the note “I started your book”. You shouldn’t need me to spell it out but I will. That’s a diamond on that hand! Chris has proposed. ♥♥♥♥ After she called and I did the whole goosebumps excitement thing with the two of them, I ran down to show Bill the picture.

This is the picture I got.
With the words
"I started your book".
My daughter is so subtle. πŸ’˜

My big ole softy had tears in his eyes and could hardly speak when he called Bridgette right away to congratulate them. See why I love him so? No wedding this year but what a wonderful thing to look forward to in 2024. My heart is full and our day (as Bill said ‘our year’) and weekend has been made even more wonderful. With a new grandson and an engagement, we are truly blessed.

I quite just before supper and had made good progress!
It's hard - I love it!

Yesterday, I showed you a pix of our peony bush
last year on June1st.
Here it is today. Healthy but slow. 

For supper, after Bill cut the back field and berm, we had pork and beans. Simple, that’s it! When he is done the front field, we’ll have a dish of ice cream. Maybe I’ll have a ‘drink’ to celebrate. What an awesome day!

Be still my heart. 
Yes, Chris, of course you have our approval!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
We love you both.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Congratulations, news like that always makes for a happy day!

  2. Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!! Your family gets bigger yet again. Awesome news!

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple!
    The basket of geraniums is very pretty. I know I was shocked when I picked up my annuals this year too. The baskets especially were way beyond last year's prices.

  4. Congratulations to Bridgette and Chris and of course you and Bill. Those flowers look nice that you bought and as to the other perennials I think this year the blooms will be later. I noticed that on some of my plants.

  5. Congrats to the lovers! You sure those aren't Buttercups?

  6. What a beautiful couple. Congratulations to all of you. Something for your family to look forward to/