Sunday, June 11, 2023

A Busy Town and Morning

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 10th when I woke up, Bill was already downstairs and Gibbs joined him so I could make the bed. He isn’t sleeping well, not finding a comfortable position for the most part. I feel bad about that but at least he manages to squeeze in his afternoon snooze and that helps. I sorted the dirty clothes and left for town around 7:15. The Mat wasn’t busy just one, no, two ladies this morning doing their laundry.

A pretty morning sky

When I left there, it was almost 9 and this little town was getting busy. There was the Book Sale at the town hall and the Herb Sale at Riverside Park. Along with that, there were a few garage sales plus the regular traffic going through town with campers heading to their cottages. Now that the nice weather has arrived, Durham’s main street gets fairly backed up at the one traffic light we have. #6 is a direct highway to cottage country. Look both ways before crossing, for sure!

These delightful looking shorn Alpacas
were at the Herb Show. You could buy their
home made scarves, hats etc. 
I got our water jug filled, stopped at the Dollar Store to replace our mailbox flag, a stop at the bank to deposit my laundromat cash, a stop to drop off the bag of abandoned ‘lost and found’ clothes at Rethreads and then a walk through the Herb show and sale. Oh, I did stop at the Flower Shop garage sale and picked up a few of their freebies. 😊

Do you like my hair do?

Apparently, they are up there with one of the land
animals with the largest eyes. Ostrich takes that prize. 

Back home, the cloudy morning was turning into partially sunny skies so I hung the clothes on the line with Gibbs being a good boy, hanging nearby. When I opened the door to the Bunky to put my free nails and level away, I screeched at Chippy! 

"You little beggar!"

He had got in and had already chewed a couple of holes in the new 30kg bag of bird seed. What a mess! That little devil! Gibbs ran around trying to find him while I moved things and cleaned it up.

While Gibbs entertained himself with the empty bag

I found boards to cover the top of the 
full pail - for now
Maybe Bill would have a better idea for me

I had to decide what to do with it as I had no lids for these pails. I was able to empty the bag into the 5-gallon pail and had to place a makeshift lid overtop for the time being. Grrr! I watered the flowers and vegetables and Gibbs and I came inside until Bill got home from flying. He had a pretty good morning, able to fly his plane a bit but mainly, he had a good social outing too. 😊

We had bacon and eggs for lunch and after a snooze, he went into Durham to the hardware. When he returned, he presented me with a new Home Hardware 5- gallon pail WITH lid! Yay! I transferred the seed, sealed it up and felt good, having got the better of the little critter. Later, when I worked on the puzzle, I had to chase him out of the Bunky, hiding in a corner with a few droppings of sunflower seeds in his greedy little paws. LOL

Finally, I got our flag replaced

The clothes dried quickly

The clothes dried quickly, we reached a lovely 24C/75F, and it was a gorgeous afternoon.

I got started on the puzzle but had to push myself to walk away
Even with a Palm Bay vodka cooler in me, it is quite easy.
A nice change from the last one! πŸ˜„

Did you remember the picture from a few
blogs ago? It's cute.

Sadly, our peony bush is not happy this year
She looks healthy but only one bud, one flower. 

Bill surprised me with a bucket with a lid!
Now, I'm happy that I got the last laugh on Chippy!

. For supper, we had grilled bacon cheeseburgers and then we parted ways, Bill to the Hanger and Gibbs and I to our recliners. 😊 

The burgers were good but this brand
I bought are not quite as tasty as the last ones.

I’m catching up on the Mrs. Maisle series so am quite content to stay indoors. The puzzle is for daytime pleasure. This has been a nice day. We’re supposed to get rain for a few days starting overnight or early morning so I didn’t fill the feeders yet. The birdies will have to understand.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Oh my gosh ... Chippy is a little scamp! How did he get in there?? He's just hungry. Maybe a little Chippy bowl just for him. You know me, I'd be feeding the entire countryside.

    1. I know! He has chewed the bottom of the door and squeezed in. That's another 'one day' project. Replace the doors.

  2. Ugh, those critters can be a nuisance. We had our birdseed in big heavy duty plastic garbage cans. They chew holes in both of them. My aunt would feed the squirrels on her back porch. They destroyed her screen door. Feeding those cuties is a slippery slope.

    1. You are right. I love watching the little guys and Gibbs chasing them but now they are in my bad books.

  3. Poor Bill! That puzzle is going to be so cute when finished! :) Enjoy your day!

  4. Those cute little critters sure can cause some damage. Sorry to hear that Bill has pain while trying to sleep. Any news on the x-rays yet?