Sunday, June 18, 2023

Tidying Up, Bill Gets Two Extra Hands, Company for a Fire

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 17th we weren’t in a rush to rise. It was almost 7:30 when Gibbs and I got up, earlier for Bill. He’d showered before I even knew he was out of bed. Needless to say, I slept well. I had my tea and after he had his breakfast, he said goodbye and headed to the field. It didn’t take him long to hook up the cargo trailer (with all his planes etc.) and pull off down the lane. Gibbs watched him go, quietly from my dining chair.

Good morning.
You can see how things have grown since we returned.

Two views of the wildflowers we picked on 
our morning walk. This one with no sun.

In the sun's rays.
I like them both!

It was a Fun Fly day at the Saugeen Flyers field so, although I forgot, he had lunch there with the guys too. I busied myself, first by taking my book outside and finishing the last few chapters. What a nail biter! I love stories like that that keep you guessing. With that done, I got the mower out, my small one, and cut the grass in areas that Bill couldn’t get at the other day with the rider. I didn’t want to get the weed eater out so put my gloves on and pulled tall grasses as I went. I like to see things looking neat, we both do. 😊

Waiting for someone to come home

The Supervisor from inside
watching Daddy park the cargo trailer

I was done on time for my ‘coffee break’ and took it outside in a to-go mug while Gibbs and I filled the bird feeders. Then I decided to move the 4-hook shepherd’s crook from the fence (where Chippy has full access) out to an area where I could easily pound it into the ground. It isn’t sturdy enough for a heavy plant but it is perfect for a couple or three bird feeders.

I hope this works, the
birds have found their feeders

I’m quite pleased that I was able to get it pounded into our rocky ground and am even considering picking up one more. I’m so frustrated with Chippy and our newest visitor, Mr. Squirrel, knocking the feeders out of the trees. Plus, the whole hummingbird feeder thing is not working out too well this year either. I’ve come to the conclusion that they are all leaking, no way will the few hummers and orioles empty the whole thing in one day. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do about that.

With 3 good hands and one bum arm,
they worked easily and quickly
on cementing the flag pole into the hole Bill had pre-dug
a couple of weeks ago

I invited our friends over for a couple of hours this afternoon only to have to renege on the invite a couple of hours later. Duh! 

Gibbs checks it all out

I’d forgot that Gerry and Mike were coming to help Bill mix cement and pour it for his flag pole. The dreaded cement that is the cause of his discomfort right now. I didn’t know how long they’d be here so thought it better to postpone the visitors until tomorrow. I hope it works out, we’ve only seen them once this spring.

Now to let it set before we fill it in with the rocky soil

Bill was home by 1 and Mike arrived by 1:30. Gerry didn’t make it as he got called away but the two of them were able to get it done by shortly after 3. I know Bill is a happy man as he loves the whole flying flag idea. πŸ˜‰ 

While in the Bunky, I noticed this
painted turtle meaner by

I worked on the Noah’s Ark puzzle and Gibbs ran around and supervised the boys. Checking things out in the hole and keeping an eye on Mike’s water bottle. Actually, he kept trying to steal it!

It's coming along quite well and
it's fun to work on.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and since we had no hamburger buns left, had grilled burgers in sausage buns. We’ve done that before! They were filling and tasty.

Just after supper, a fewclouds found their way
to join the sun before it set

Bill started a fire in our pit, first one this year, and Donna, Gerry and Mike joined us around 7:30. It was a beautiful day, starting out around 12C/55F and reaching a pleasant 21C/69F by late day. The winds were strong for a while but calmed down, as they always seem to, by 7.

Good night!

On the 16th little Alexander
turned one month old.
This is his super hero pose. πŸ’“

Another beautiful grandson to cherish.
Krystal posted these pictures so I had to share.
Now, good night!

Thank you for your visit! Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all you Dad’s out there!


  1. The chippies here just scamper right up the pole that we have the niger seed hung on. For some reason some of them seem to really enjoy the niger. I hade to buy another squirrel baffle to put on that pole now to stop them. Constant battle against the squirrels and the chippies.

  2. Goodness, a month already? He's a cutie.

  3. Not that you want to feed all the squirrels in the neighborhood, but maybe throw a handful of seed across the yard? Will that keep them looking and out of the feeders? My hummingbird feeder doesn't leak, but the big birds hanging off the side make it leak out the holes. Poor hummers don't have a chance!! LOVE your fire pit!

  4. I’m wondering if the white starburst flower in the vase is hemlock. If so, wash your hands really good after handling it.