Tuesday, June 20, 2023

So, This is Relaxing!

Port Lambton, Ontario

Gibbs and I started our Tuesday, June 20th with a walk down St. Clair Parkway. It was a lovely morning already at 7:15 when we slipped out. He slept in, which meant we mostly all slept in until 6:20. 😊 We had a comfortable sleep in their Lance and a peaceful one. Of course, I had my ear plugs in so my sleeps are usually peaceful.

Our morning walk
Ron and Loree's little church
Gibbs stops to smell the .........clover.

the little waterfront park
a beautiful big tree (on the left)
The hazy morning sun

Loree texted me about a coffee for Bill and re-directed my walking route in a very gentle way. I couldn’t remember which way to turn at the end of the lane and chose the wrong direction in order to find the park she mentioned. So, easy enough, we turned back and found it across from the school. I thought Gibbs would at least step into the water, he’s so enthralled with our pond’s edge – but no, he was too busy sniffing at the grasses and weeds.

If it wasn't so early, I might
have dipped my feet in.

Back home, Loree announced that breakfast was ready and she had cinnamon buns, mini sausages, and bananas and that hit the spot very nicely! Bill and Ron took a drive around the area while Loree and I sat with the pooches. It was thrilling when we were eating to see a Viking cruise ship meandering on by. That’s a rare occasion, Loree said. 😊

The ships we saw today- a Viking cruise ship
A gravel freighter was channeled by a tugboat.

They’d decided on leftover lasagna for lunch so when the boys returned, we came inside to eat. After dishes, we went to the FRONT yard, which I’ve been calling the back yard, to visit some more and enjoy each other’s stories. They have beautiful big trees, maple and a couple of others I’m not sure of what they are, but they offer wonderful shade. I’m not a shade person, persay, but after a suitable time in the sunshine on the deck, I moved to the yard and sat under those trees.

The puppy dogs were hot and
settled down too

The gate keeps Reggie inside
but Gibbs would slip through the hole between the benches
and then want back in through the gate. LOL
Please let me in!

The day was hot and the dogs were hot so when Loree and Ron took Reggie indoors, I put Gibbs in the trailer with the a/c running. It was nice in there now; after stepping into what felt like a sauna earlier, I’d turned it on. 😉  It wasn’t long after that Bill joined him for a snooze and I read my book and dozed a bit in the gravity chair outside. When teeny flying bugs pestered too much, we all came back inside for a rest before supper.

Relaxing on the deck in the shade
A barge carrying a digger, channelled by a pontoon boat

Cute puppies
Look at those eyes.

My book, Acceptable Loss by Anne Perry, isn’t grabbing my attention – yet – but I’ve only gotten through the first ‘hard’ 3 chapters and not ready to give up. I’m still trying to find my footing in the story as I’m sure it will turn out to be a good one. Supper was cheeseburgers and they were delicious, even more so because we just had to sit and eat them, no cooking involved! Thank you, R & L. This is a real treat being here.

The Chef wanted a picture with Bill
The burgers were yummy!

The wifi here is not what we’re used to but it depends on where you plant yourself. At least in the rv, I am able to get connected enough to post a blog. And Bill too! Check his out here. I haven’t been too regular playing my Wordle games but my family and friends understand that I’m ‘out of the office’. Ha ha. 😊 We chatted around the kitchen table, the dogs slept, played, argued a bit and we went out to the Lance after 8. It has been another great day.

Loree has some beautiful potted flowers around their
property. 💖
Good night!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. It's nice to get out and about, especially when you get to see friends. Enjoy!

  2. You have wonderful friends. I could sit and watch the various ships go by all day.

  3. What a great view!!! That sneaky little Gibbs ... leave it to him!!

  4. I love to watch the ships. What a beautiful location.

    1. We would be talking and all of a sudden look up and a huge freighter would be slipping by so quietly.

  5. Great view. Gibbs, the explorer.