Thursday, June 1, 2023

There’s a First Time for Everything!

The Ridge

Thursday, June 1st, I still can’t believe it’s June, but here it is. With the weather we’re having, plants, lawns and gardens should be just beaming. Of course, a bit of rain on the weekend will just help them along quite nicely. Bill was up before 5:30 and in for his shower. I got up with Gibbs early too. He’d eaten his first Heartguard pill this morning and I swear it put the p*** and vinegar into his blood! He was a fool, trying to get away with things he hasn't in a while! 😊

One shot from inside

But I had to run up on the berm to get it

It was only 6 but I was awake and ready for my day too. Not near as lively as Gibbs was though. Bill left and I sat to have my tea. No games first thing as I had a blog to finish publishing. I got tired and lazy last night before finishing the picture downloads. There were a few clouds in the sky this morning making for a lovely sunrise and beyond. That also meant it was a bit breezy, in a wonderful way today.

and again

and then once more for good measure. πŸ˜ƒ

After my tea, Gibbs and I walked down to the corner and turned back for home. It seems strange not to see vehicles next door. We never really saw the occupants outside much unless he was cutting grass, so the geese have pretty much free run of the lawns and fields over there. As they did this morning, hurrying their teenagers across to the pond. We’re such a threat, you know, even from 100’ away. 😊

Heading out for our walk

Back home, Gibbs ran around, off leash, while I watered the potted vegetables and the plantings on the corral hills. They seem to have taken root but I still give them a drink before the sun hits them hard. We sat in the shade and that’s when I played some of my games and Gibbs chased Chippy and the newest visitor, a gray squirrel, off the lawn. He sure moves quick but the chipmunks have holes everywhere so can get away quickly. Drives the little bum nuts! It's unusual to see the squirrel up here.

A peek through to the glistening pond

Sorry for the blur,
I was at the road, 100' away, remember?
Run children run!

I read my book and boy, it is really good. My friend, Nancy K, will enjoy this one, I think. The story puts me in mind of her stories of being raised on the ranch. I’ll keep it for her, just in case. 😊 That’s if she slows down enough to read! I came in for lunch but chose to eat some of the leftover spaghetti from last night. Bill isn’t keen on it when there aren’t meatballs or ground beef in it, nor as a leftover, so I pigged out and ate the noodles too. There is still enough for another lunch.

The house looks simple but it
is quite nice inside, cottage appeal

M called and asked if I could play Uber this afternoon for him around 3 so with supper in my head already planned, I thought I’d help Bill out in the meantime. Our black tank needs dumping and we’ll soon need water so I talked myself into doing something that would lessen his chores. I’ve only watched from a distance. Well, once or twice, I might have pulled levers or held the nozzles for him but never have I done it myself.

I didn't realize it was a game of hide 'n seek.

Found you!

Today, I dumped the tank into the Blue Boy/honey wagon or whatever you call it. Tadah! (no pictures, I was too busy!) It was a bit of an awkward start but I soon got the hang of it and although it was hard to pull the second load to our dump station over by the outhouse, I did it in two loads! I’m so proud and now I am confident that I can do it whenever he can’t. Yay! First time for everything, Mom used to say. 😊

I put the pillow down to entice him
from not needing to sit on my
but the cool matter was more appealing

At 2:45, I drove over to pick M up and took him to 3 places in town. I was home in half hour, refusing payment. He has a generous heart, just not always the $ to back it up. LOL I had a hard time cooling down after the tank-dumping and was still quite red in the face. I had the a/c running the whole time we were driving in Ptooties but opened windows while I waited for him to run his errands, saving the gold, er, I mean fuel.

Ah, maybe not.

Back home, I was grateful for the air running inside, just a handful of degrees cooler than outside was the plan but that didn’t always work. Bill was home at 5:45, as per his usual, and he did the reconciling with our bank statements before I lit the Weber for the sausages. Once he was done, he grilled them and I cooked corn on the cob in the microwave. Yum, both were delicious!


 I was excited to tell Bill that I dumped the tanks so before he started the process on his own, I started by asking if he knew how much I loved him. ♥ From the look on his face, which brought joy to my face, he was quite pleased. Just another chore he didn’t have to worry about. He gave me a few pointers to make the job easier IF I decide to do it again (which I’m sure I will) and I laughed at my naivety. Of course! I made it harder on myself but now I’ll remember that crucial step which will make things smoother. Plus, I didn't even notice that one of the tires on the wagon needs fixing. Duh!

Another blurred picture
from across the room this time

We received our 2 new Firesticks today from Amazon so Bill took one down to the Hangar to set it up on his tv down there. The other will be for the bedroom tv, once we figure out how to get it out of the cubby hole it ‘lives’ in. πŸ˜Š One step at a time.

It's a hard job but someone has to do it.
You try chasing Chippy all day!

This has been another hot day, with 4 more on the horizon before a cool down to seasonal. It was a good day so the 29C/85F didn’t hamper anything I was doing. The plants were watered this morning and they are all looking quite happy. The nights cool down to around 17C/64F so we turn the a/c off and open a few windows. Bill is happy that the chorus frogs, although singing at bed time, are done their recitals by midnight. By the way, I finished my book. πŸ˜Š 

Now this is interesting.
This is our peony bush last year on this day.
already in full bloom.
Nothing close to that this year. πŸ˜•
Good night!

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  1. Congratulation on taking on a new job ... and a yucky one at that!

  2. What book did you just finish reading?

  3. If you recommend it, I will read it!! Good for you for dumping the tanks. It's not hard, but there is an order of things. You get a gold star for the week!!! And an extra one for dinner .. it looks yummy!!

  4. I'm impressed at your taking on the task of dumping the tank. I don't know much about it, but I do know what's in the tank so.... :)
    We had more rain last night, another inch and a quarter, so hopefully some reaches you too.

    1. Thank you, i had to convince myself that i could remember the process!

  5. Good for you for doing that task. Not sure if I would have....

    We just had a bit of a downpour, but it is soaking in very well. Tomorrow I plan on weeding and planting some annuals in the perennial bed so we have a bit of colour all summer.

    God bless.