Wednesday, June 28, 2023

A Very Full Day and a Very Full Pantry/Fridge/Freezer!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 28th I was up and in the shower at 6:30. After making my tea-to-go and having some yogourt, I headed in to town. I was alone at the Mat until I was ready to wash the floors and a regular customer came in. She complimented me on how clean everything looked so that brightened up my day.

Good morning

Speaking of brightening, the sun was out when I left the Ridge but it was a hazy, smoky sun again. This was the worst I’ve smelled the smoke, very strong as soon as I stepped out of the Suite. Looking like billowing fog across the fields, we’ve never experienced anything like this before. Once more, friends in the areas closer to the fires come to mind and I have empathy for them.

It isn't the sun we're used to seeing.
The bright clear golden ball is now rimmed in red
from the smoke drifting across from the fires.😔

I scooted home at 8:30 with no other stops and after a brief rest with Bill and Gibbs, I made my thermos of coffee and drove over to M’s for 9:30. We did a town run for him and then I worked until 12:30. Today, I taped and hand sanded a VW Jetta. It gets a full paint job so I put my best efforts into it while M did his own thing in the other bay and his ‘office’. 😊 It’s his sitting/office kind of room and wouldn’t win any awards! Sssh. He's a single senior, he's quite happy with his home.

I didn't notice my Moonflower first thing
By noon hour, it was starting to fade.
Good thing I have 6 more buds!

Bill had the back field grass cut and was working on the front when I drove in. He came up a few minutes later reporting that the blade belt keeps coming off so he would have to work at that later. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another and it is very frustrating. Pickings in the fridge for lunch were pretty pathetic, so we each had toasted sandwiches, changed and drove to Hanover. Our government pensions were in, so were everyone elses, so Walmart was busy with shoppers.

My tomato plants seem happy.
Blossoms and then a teeny little tomato!

Bill dropped me off and drove to my cousins to drop off an old laptop and visit Canadian Tire before returning to help out with the grocery list. It was a full cart so I’m glad he was back on time to help pack and load the car. I forgot a few things and had to run back in for eggs, which are very important. Not sure how my fuddled brain missed seeing them on the list. LOL

I have a guard at my Bunky door
Oh, okay, he's just enjoying the shade. 💘

We made one stop on the way home and then it was time to put things away. We have a full ‘larder’ (does that mean fridge, pantry and freezer?) now and should do us for a while. 😊 Feels good to have things stocked up again. I’ll get the few things I missed at Foodland in town. Bill went to work on the mower and after I finished separating the sausages, chicken thighs and cutting the pork loin into roasts, I finally was able to relax.

The puzzle is coming along.
The pieces for the lower picture are very similar
I have the sky pieces separated on a side table, that helps.

I went out to the Bunky to work on the puzzle that I’ve been neglecting for a few days. Bill had no luck getting the belt to stay on so put the mower away. More $$ to have that taken care of, isn’t it all fun? I lost track of time so supper of pork chops, spuds and vegetables was quite late. Bill was okay with it as he needed to close his eyes for a bit anyway. Gibbs has had fun today, running around outside in between cuddles with Mom and Dad.

Our London rose bush is very happy this year
which makes me very happy.

The birds are happy, so many grackles, and there is still a fair bit of food in the feeders. The smoky air cleared out around 11:30 this morning and it has been a beautiful afternoon. 

As I sat here writing, I admired
our hutch display.
I haven't killed the cacti yet, Deb D!

We reached a pleasant high of 22C/71F today and it is warming up even more tomorrow after a cool 9C/48F night. I’m done work at M’s until after holiday Monday and that makes me happy for the break. This has been a good day and will be a quiet evening with my book. Yes, I'm finally enjoying the story. It's a mystery so what's not to like?

Supper was very good. The chops could have
been in for about 5 minutes less but still tasty and edible!
Jello and yogourt for dessert.

Today, I reflect on Daddy. It has been 28 years since he passed at the tender age of 70. That is just around the corner for me so he has missed a lot of our life. Never forgotten, always loved. Some times the feeling of his absence is so profound, I miss him a lot.💔

Daddy, a young man of 37.

An old family photo mid 60's
A family that misses him very much.
Good night!

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  1. Your roses are beautiful!!! Sadly stuff breaks. Mechanical stuff in particular. Wish I had some of your cool. Looking at 102 in Q tomorrow.

    1. Thank you, the roses are pretty but just don't last long enough.
      Yup, mechanical stuff does break especially when bought used. Bill admits being hard on the poor mower, riding it through the rough fields. :) Wow, that's hot!!

  2. Try not to breath too much of that smoke Patsy. It's full of toxins! It's starting to build here again. We are getting ready to head west and hope the fumes don't follow us.

    1. Thank you Karen, it was bad for a couple of days so we weren't outside much.

  3. I feel for you with the forest fire smoke. We are used to it in B.C. during the last four summers but are ever so grateful that we have so far been spared this year. Yup I probably jinxed that now 😞

    1. What we experienced here for two days is probably laughable for those further north and what Alberta are enduring. We shouldn't complain, just pay heed.

  4. I've often thought, we never grow so old as not to miss the presence of our parents in our lives. Memories are sweet but insufficient to overcome that desire.
    Your roses are lovely, and the moon flower is spectacular.

    1. You're absolutely right. Some days, I'm brought to tears just thinking of Daddy and what he is missing in our growing family's lives. Thank you Maebeme.