Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Lesson Two, Rain in the Forecast, Using up Bananas

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 13th Bill was up with Gibbs at 6:15 and stayed up. Working in the Hangar on his planes prompts him to get everything in order, making sure he has all the right parts – even when they are missing from a kit. 😊 He is quite resourceful in many things. Speaking of resourceful, well I’m not sure this falls in that category but I was ready for my second lesson.

Good morning!

First, we woke to a nice-looking morning with clear sky and sunshine. I wasn’t expecting that but I guess I didn’t look at the forecast last night. It was only around 8C/47F when we got up and had our morning drinks/cereal. After my tea was finished, before taking Gibbs out, I had a job to do. Bill and I noticed yesterday when we returned home from town that Mr. Nasty has managed to dig up all 4 turtle nests in the laneway!

There had to be at least 40 eggs here

It is so frustrating and they aren’t even my babies! Those turtles try so hard to find the perfect location and take so long digging, laying and covering and then it is all for naught. So, knowing Gibbs will try and eat the soft shells that are littered up the lane, I raked them up and disposed of them. I just felt like crying. With that done, I took him for our walk. He found goose feathers from their ‘meeting’ yesterday and once he had one in his mouth, wanted to come home. LOL

He loves the feathers for some reason

“Not in the house, drop it!” had to be recited many times before he succumbed to my wishes and came inside. Now, my lesson. Bill said we needed to get water so I went along and followed his direction but did it all myself. There were a couple of admonishments, woops!, but I got the job done under his watchful eye. I think I got it but might need one more lesson so there is no hesitation. I’m only preparing in case he has surgery down the road and might need me to do it. 😊

My boys were waiting for the bladder to fill
Bill's hands in his pockets because this was MY job today.

Before lunch, Bill went to the Hangar for a bit and I worked on the puzzle. Gibbs remained indoors; he was still wet from helping at the Acreage.  M called and asked for a lift into town so after lunch I did that. He paid me on the spot for the hour+ and I returned home just before it darkened up. They said to expect a thunderstorm this afternoon so I closed the Bunky up and came in with Gibbs.

Just a few pictures at the Acreage
Donna and Gerry's Landmark sits pretty back there

With 3 black bananas, I set about making banana bread. I changed it up a bit. It’s called Cream Cheese Banana Bread and so far, I haven’t found anything with cream cheese that I don’t like so I hope it turns out so Bill will like it too. Plain banana bread for me, just doesn’t taste as good as I remember it so a change might be nice. 😊 With it in the oven, I started my post and found a pattern on line for a small crochet project to try. I’ll show you if it turns out!

My plants are enjoying the rain
Tomato plants are starting to blossom
Spinach plants have really grown

We got one downpour around 2:30 but it was done and the sun returned within 10 minutes. No rainbow though, darn! Back and forth with the dark clouds for the rest of the day and a chance of more rain. It is nice not to have to water and my vegetables and flowers are looking great! Supper was leftover pork loin, fried mini sausages, fried leftover potatoes and gravy and reheated Brussel sprouts.

This will be done tomorrow
Such fun!

Meals like that are ‘easy’ but they create a lot of dishes. Bill washed the pots for me and disappeared to the Hangar for the evening. I’m not sure what I’ll be watching tonight, maybe I’ll just read. This has been a full day.

Supper and the banana bread.
It looks good, we'll see tomorrow.
good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Your dinner and banana bread are making me hungry!
    Great job on filling the bladder. Plants are looking great!

  2. I'd feel like you about the poor turtle's eggs. So sad.

  3. Is Mr. Nasty the skunk? Nature can be so cruel at times. I guess she has to lay that many eggs just so a few can survive.
    Well done on learning another lesson. Even if Bill doesn't require surgery, I'm sure it is a good thing to know.
    That banana bread looks delicious!

    1. Yes, the skunk. The way he dug things up, no eggs survived.

  4. Aww that is sad about the turtle eggs :-(

  5. I hate skunks!! They are such predators!!! Can't wait to see how your bread turned out. I use drained crushed pineapple in mine ... Hawaiian style. I applaud Bill for teaching you how to do those things. It's a good thing to know.

    1. Me too!
      The bread turned out good. Pineapple would be good too!

  6. Terrible skunks! I'm looking forward to hearing about your bread too! I always think i should know more even around the house, just so used to Ken doing those things! That puzzle just makes me smile :)

    1. Learning things like that has always been on my mind but i put it off. I need to learn.