Thursday, June 15, 2023

Slow, Dreary Looking Day, Turtle Talk

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 15th it was a slow rising for all of us. Well, after Bill and Gibbs were up at 6:30, they both returned to bed with me until almost 7:30. It was 11 when Gibbs and I went up to bed so I was grateful for the sleep-in this morning. I could still feel the tightness in the muscles across my breastbone but also across my upper back, shoulders and arms. Boy, aren’t we in great shape! 😊 Those latter aches I was expecting and did some stretches last night so at least my lower back was just fine and dandy!

Of course i don't know for sure,
but this sky looks very smoky to me.

We had our cereal and hot drinks together and when Bill decided to go cut grass, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. It may rain, it may not. It’s that kind of a day and he wanted to get it cut before the weekend. He started it yesterday, but nothing too major. M called and asked about a trip into town so he could stock up for a few days so at 10, I drove over for that. It was no more than 40 minutes later when I dropped him at home with his groceries and beer.

From the dark ages, Mrs. Yertle/Snapper
has laid her eggs safetly - again.

Bill had sent me a picture from the front of the property. He was cutting grass when he saw her. It was Mrs. Snapper laying eggs. He also showed me a covered nest so I quickly went down with Gibbs and covered it up. Yay! I hope we can keep it safe! I’ll have to find something better to hold the boards in place, the rock might too high for vehicles. I drove around it when I left earlier. 😊

At least this time, we might be
able to save them.

But she was a long way from the pond
and didn't know which way to go.
My Turtle Whisperer helped her find her way. ♥

Bill finished cutting at the front and came in for a coffee break before heading back out to the back field. We each had some of the banana bread, it is quite good and used up the last 3 black bananas nicely. I had nothing else to do today and was quite happy to take it easy. A laugh, a cough or a stretch was making me cringe so I took an X-strength Tylenol again. I hate taking them but if it eases the pain a bit, I’ll use them.

I had a quesadilla of sorts for lunch

I delved more into my book and it is one of those that you don’t want to put down. It is told in 3 parts, from 3-character perspectives and I’m desperately trying to figure out the connection. Halfway through, and it is starting to come together. I’m really enjoying it and even more so since my sister-in-law, Liz, told me she read it in a day! We’ll both be looking for more of Lisa Jewels books now!

They were still cutting trees and branches
to protect the power lines.
This is just to the east of our place. 

For supper, Bill requested meatloaf, one of his favourite entrees so I began making that at 5. Madame IP cooked the rice and I made up a salad for our side. It was ready around 6:30 and worth the effort. 😊 Last night, I watched 2 or was it 3 episodes  of Mrs. Maisle, it was hard to turn it off. I’m on Season 4 and there are 5 seasons. For those of you who watched it, are they still making more? If not, I need to slow down to savour the hilarity. 

Nothing special (well, to Bill it is!)
but it was a good meal.

This was a quiet slow day and I was happy for it. We might have reached a high of 17C/63F but we didn't see any sky clearing at all. I hope yours was just as nice but with sunshine. 😊

when I finish my blog in the evening,
this is often what I face in my chair. 
He has to think hard about whether to move,
and when he does, it is warmed up nicely for me. ♥
Good night y'all!

Thank you for the stop by!


  1. So nice that you saved the turtle's eggs and that Bill got her home!

  2. Fingers crossed that Mrs. Yertle's babies survive. I wonder how long their gestation would be - at some point they're going to want to get out of that hole. :)
    A slow day sounds perfect to me, but goodness what's up with your weather? We've cooled off the past two days but are expecting more heat this weekend.
    And yes, that looks like smokey skies to me too.

    1. Gestation is between 80 to 90 days, so August to October. Hard to know when but I'll uncover them in lots of time and hope the skunk trap does its job by then! A niece sent me a pix of what their park does and if I could make one of has a screen top so they can see when they hatch.
      Our weather is nuts, yes, cool, hot, cool, warm. Tomorrow and the coming week sounds hot though.

  3. I hope that the eggs survive.

    It has been very quiet here as well, but that is pretty much every day lately. I turned some of my dandelion oil into salve today and tried it out on a small ache I had in my fingers today. Worked a charm. Tomorrow I will turn the rest into a salve as well.

    God bless.

    1. Sounds like I need shea butter and beeswax for the salve? Hmm, I might not be making that!