Sunday, May 1, 2022

Spending the Day with Friends

The Ridge

On Saturday, Apr. 30th Bill was up ahead of me. Gibbs and I dragged ourselves out of bed around 7:15 or so. When I opened my small blind, it looked to be a bit windy under the almost clear blue sky. What clouds there were, were wispy and scattered. So, we went for our walk, Gibbs and I. Down the corner and back home. We carried yet another large branch up the laneway and he raced up the steps. The wind wasn't so bad at all although on the back of our neck, later, Patty and I needed protection. 😊

I can help carry that big one, Mom.
(ignore the time shown, my camera is mixed up)

Gibbs has been eating his breakfast immediately following our walk and we don’t want to jinx that so I try to get out with him, no matter how short the jaunt. ðŸ˜Š It has been an absolutely wonderful day from beginning to end. Bill had started a fire in the pit so I sat inside with my tea and finished yesterday’s blog. It didn’t take long to add my pictures and publish. Then I went outside to putter around. We had nothing on the agenda today but visiting. I neglected to take many pictures, too busy having fun.

Nice to have company and they brought their own home!

I had a few things for hanging outside but without taking a picture, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see them. What a tease! Patty and I took a walk around so I could show her the Bunky and Bill’s Hangar. Of course, she loved them both. It is pleasing to hear how much she likes the Ridge, the peacefulness, and the beauty. She sees what we saw and still see here. It is hard to describe what we feel to someone who hasn’t been here.

I wasn't quick enough with the camera but if you look up
above Gibbs' head, he was up on his hind legs
trying to grab this colourful ball

Bill mentioned taking Duncan over to the Acreage, Donna and Gerry’s other property, so I suggested Patty, Gibbs and I go along too. Bill wanted to take the water filter over for the well and it's a nice drive. Patty was cleaning up inside and when she finished, we hopped into Ptooties. They enjoyed their summer home too. 😊 Back home, we gave them a tour of our Suite after having seen their home yesterday. I had made some steel cut oats in Madame IP before we left so it was done and cooled.

Our whirly-jig has found it's home 💕

The time flew today, as Patty said “time flies when you’re having fun”, and before we knew it, it was Happy Hour time! We all got our drinks and sat at the picnic table with Duncan checking on supper at appropriate intervals. The sun was wonderful but there was still that annoying cool breeze occasionally. Gibbs played with his rope, he and Duncan get along well and the little romper followed him back and forth. 💓 They invited us to share in their barbecue supper tonight, back bacon roast, salad, rice, corn and rolls.

Because of the chilly air, we decided to eat inside their Airstream rather than outside at our picnic table. It was lovely. You may think an Airstream without slide outs is small but I can see how it would be a beautiful place to live. We make do with the area we have and waste nothing in space. I love the abundance of windows, an awesome light source. 

Apple crumble pie and cheese
Oh my! 😋

The wine and dessert of apple crumble pie was the icing ‘on the cake’. Everything was delicious and we didn't have to cook. Bill offered to bring their dishes back to our fill our dishwasher and although Patty said that felt funny (sending the dirty dishes out), it made sense! We said goodnight around 8:30 and returned home to Gibbs. He was upset, I guess, because he didn’t eat his supper. Not even after we came home. He went out to piddle and went up to bed at 9:15.

What a sweet couple
(thanks Duncan for taking your toque off!)

I worked on my blog, actually started it after we came home, and finished writing it before joining the little guy. Another late posting. I’ve been blowing my nose all day, darn cold, but it seemed to have settled down for about 4 hours this afternoon. Nighttime brings it to life again so I took a Tylenol Cold and Sinus pill and went to bed. My regret is that I think I've passed my cold on to Bill, we'll see what the morning brings. I hope our guests didn't pick it up!

This has been a wonderful day and we’ve gotten to know Duncan and Patty a lot better. They are terrific people and we’re proud to say they are our friends.

I stole this sunset picture from Apr. 30, 2018
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. I love it when you have company and don't have to wash the sheets!!! They look like a fun couple to hang out with!!!

  2. Gorgeous sunset! Another lovely day on the Ridge.

  3. It's nice to have visitors. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Looks like another wonderful day at the Ridge. Better still that you are sharing it with Friends.
    It might not be a Cold but Allergies that are causing you problems. Drs. say our systems change every seven years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That's what Dinan said yesterday. Could be but i hope not or I'll deal with it each year. ðŸĪŠ

  5. Allergies suck! I never had any living in CA but here, I swear it's year round. Sounds and looks like a great day with your friends. Great smiles! What an awesome dinner and dessert.

    1. I don't think it's allergies, really. It's what my colds feel like. :) It was a great day.

  6. Back bacon roast? I'll have to look that up. What a cute couple. Fun times. Elva

    1. They called it back bacon but it had to be sliced. It was delicious!