Saturday, May 28, 2022

A Bit of Secretarial Work, Bill Off Early, Costco Shares

The Ridge

On Friday, May 27th the day ended differently than we thought it would when it started out. Bill didn’t need to rise early, although Gibbs didn’t know that and had him up before 6, so it was around 6:30 when he started to get ready for work. I was up around 7 and made sure Gibbs ate his breakfast after our walk down the lane.

When we walked down the lane this morning,
this county truck was spraying calcium.
Gibbs barked at him and his 2 little terriers returned the favour
from the front passenger window. Cute!

Now it was too wet to walk on
As good an excuse as any!

I had my tea and sat playing my games and reading. It was a rainy day and although it felt warm enough, we had no reason to be outside. Bill was working just down the road today so took Black Beauty rather than the SUV. It made no difference to me; I can get anywhere with either vehicle but I had nowhere to be. 😊 This morning, I made another batch of Baked Keto Oatmeal as I’ve been eating Bill’s cereal many mornings. There's still one recipe that I made for 'oatmeal' granola that I liked but can't find now.

Gibbs and I watched Daddy leave for work

The corral looks nice all cut and trimmed
My garden has a lot of weeds, but I hope to get at those soon

At noon, I had a wrap with mayo, avocado, cheese, lettuce and cucumbers. Oh, plus a hard-boiled egg. It was filling. Then I drove over to M’s to play secretary for an hour. 😊 He needed a letter written and that kind of thing is right up my ally so I was happy to help him out. When I left there, the remainder of the day was free so I was happily surprised when Bill drove in about 10 minutes after I got home. He was done work for the day. Yay! A short Friday!

My keto 'oatmeal' all ready for the oven

He was quite dirty from sanding drywall today so hopped in the shower and suggested we go to Guelph today to get our Costco shopping done instead of going in the morning. It meant that I could sleep in a bit tomorrow and do the laundry while cleaning the Mat. Otherwise, the laundry would wait until Monday. The sky was everchanging and it went from cool to warm and back again, depending on whether we were under rainy or sunny skies.

Mama Oriole gets her fill
Sorry for the blurry picture

They are both really enjoying the oranges this year

Costco was crazy busy, not surprising for a Friday afternoon, and we felt like we’d bought a share in the business when we left a hefty $300+ deposit. LOL Oh well, we needed to stock up on a few non-food items and won’t need to buy them for quite a while again. 

We saw skies like this often on today's ride

I can't even imagine what they bring in during
any given day

Toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, and a host of other items. We fueled up at their station and that was another busy spot. Lineups at every pump. Gas prices were $1.89/litre, 6¢ cheaper than here in Durham so it was worth the wait and Ptooties was almost dry.

It's crazy that we line up for such expensive fuel
Used to be the day when we'd line up for the deals

We'd left home at 3 and it’s 75 minutes each way. It was probably an hour plus in the store and fuel station.  Bill must have read my mind (or did he hear my tummy grumbling?) and at 5:45 just pulled in to A & W in Fergus without asking. This would be supper and we each had a Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger combo.He got a big ‘thank you!’ from me. It was after 7 when we arrived home and I’m glad I didn’t have to start cooking something to eat.

When the staff at the exit who checks our
receipts drew a happy face for the little girl
in front of us..........
You know I had to have one. 😂
I said 'don't I get a happy face too?'
He happily obliged and it got a laugh. 
I heard him ask the person behind us if they wanted one too. 😍

Gibbs was happy to see us after just over 4 hours alone and ran in and out as we unloaded the car. He was so good and when I filled his dish with the old food, he waited to see that we weren’t going anywhere and gobbled it up. 😊 Worrying and over thinking too much about his eating habits? Us? Ha ha, yah, maybe. The weekend will give us a chance to figure him out. As long as my 'Mom' genes can be kept at bay. I can't help worrying about him. 💕

Water tower in Guelph
I love the lower case letters

We seem to have a dark blanket over us tonight and yet the forecast for the next 4 days shows very little rain. We’ve had enough here and I’m believingthe forecast that the clouds will not produce precipitation overnight. 

Fast food but it was tasty
and saved me cooking!

I worked on my blog while Gibbs did everything he could to get Daddy’s attention in his chair. He did a good job looking after the house and now just wants to play. Bill put an old black and white guys movie on and I soon tired of my blog. That meant it went on hold until Saturday. I went upstairs and watched Magnum P.I. with Gibbs until I fell asleep. 

Someone, not mentioning any names, was
hungry and ate all his supper 💓
Good night!

This was a good day and it ended very well! Thank you for stopping around. Happy weekend!


  1. Patty, have you heard anything from Suzie? She hasn't posted since January, the anniversary of George's passing. Hope she's ok.

  2. I just wish I could get out of Costco only spending $300 or so dollars... I think I might go a bit crazy stocking up.

    God bless.

  3. Yup - I must have your Moms genes too! Lol. Beautiful birds in your yard.