Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Another Mixed Weather Day, Got my Job Done

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 25th Bill was up and moving early again. Gibbs had come back to bed with me and went right back to sleep. He knows the routines like he’s been living with them for decades. 😊 I was up around 6:15 and the little guy and I went out for our walk. 

When we returned, Bill was in Ptooties backing out of her spot. We said goodbye and came indoors after watching him disappear down the lane.

goodbye Dear!

It was a damp morning although it wasn’t nor hadn’t been raining. It just felt like it had. I had my tea inside with Gibbs on my lap in ‘our’ recliner. He started shivering and I realized that it was chilly inside, with no heat on. Rather than move him, I reached my hoody from the back of the chair and covered him up with it. 

All tucked in and sleeping soundly

He stopped the shivers and dropped off to sleep. I wondered if he was feeling alright because he slept for 2 hours. So soundly that I checked a couple of times for his breathing.

The water bottles keep the foot valve and hoses submersed

Part of the water pump hose system
that runs along the laneway

I played my Wordle and Phrazle games and read my book to pass the time. I felt cool too so was glad for his warmth on me. 😊 At 10, I went out to see if I would have any luck with the weed eater today. Bill had it running last night and filled the tank with fuel. It was up to me now! At the first 3 or 4 pulls, I was having no luck but, on the 5th try, it started up and died. Encouraged, I pulled again and finally she was running like a charm. I geared up with a face shield and ear coverings.

This was the area that bothered me the most
It was so long

Goose the Spruce  trimmed

Composter, fence line and evergreens

I wasn’t cool any longer, warmed up quite nicely within minutes. I finished the area and walked down to my garden, then Goose the Spruce and then across to my compost bin, along the fence, the evergreens, the apple tree and then along the wood pile. Mostly, any place I could manage in our general area. I felt that I had accomplished a fair bit before I needed to stop. There was still a lot of fuel left but I was tuckered out.

Apple tree

We have company coming on Sunday so I will finish cutting the lawn down the corral hill before then. We try to have it looking nice always but especially when visitors come. 😊 Gibbs watched my movements from his rope tether near the Bunky with nary a peep. He can be so good. I actually put his little coat on him before we went out until it warmed up. He looked so cute but I don’t think I got a picture.

Wood pile - all trimmed around

Then I went into the Bunky and worked on my puzzle. Gibbs wouldn’t eat his breakfast at all this morning for me. Not from his dish nor my hand so outside, I added some warm water and eventually, he cleaned it up quite quickly. I thought to myself that this was the answer. We came inside around 12:30 and I made a wrap for lunch. We kind of got stuck indoors, when my afternoon games took precedence and then my book. Oh, I also caught up on some blog posts. 😊

Outside and he's actually eating out of his dish

My lunch wraps are always so full, that I 
make a mess eating them
But, they're so tasty!

Bill got home around 4:45 and by then it had cooled down even more. The weather is still very strange. It was 14C/57F this morning and had risen to 19C/66F but it didn’t feel that warm because the sun was non-existent for the most part of the day. I unplugged from power and it was bright enough to keep our batteries fully charged at least. This morning, I packed up Gayle’s Keurig that they lent us and got our new one out. With it set up, my first cup was perfectly filled.

A full cup of tea! Yay!

The borrowed one worked great but we never got a full cup no matter which setting we used. We will return theirs next time we see them. For supper tonight, I gave Bill 3 choices, all involving mini sausages, and he opted for pancakes. That was easy and we were eating by 6:30. By then, rain had spattered across The Ridge but it wasn’t heavy so not a wash out. Gibbs wouldn’t eat his kibble w/gravy tonight, of course, just when I thought I had the answer. He’s a puzzle.

Not your typical supper
but it doesn't take much to make
my hubby happy 💓

While Bill made his lunch, I replaced my phones screen protector and boy, does that look better! My old one was scratched badly. They say it has a lifetime warranty but we’ll see about that. I will register anyway. 😊 This was a good day. I accomplished what I’d planned and more so feel good about that.

Look at this little boy from a year ago
He was just over 9 weeks old!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. My kind of supper. Coopers not eating either. He only wants snacks. Lol. Great work on your yard. It looks so nice!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. We can't figure Gibbs out with his eating.

  2. Yum, your supper looks wonderful. It was a good thing your hoodie was close to cover Gibbs with.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. Without his extra fur layer, I'm glad i could warm Gibbs up.

  3. Freddy doesn't want to eat either.
    Ron says he'll eat when he's hungry.
    The Ridge looks very nice!
    Gibbs is a sweetie.

  4. Mugsy and Lila (next door) eat dry kibble. I watch Mugsy chomping on what seems like every piece and wonder if softening would make it better LOL. Not my dog, and he's spoiled enough hahah. They won't eat all day if nobody's with them. The Ridge looks beautiful and so green! Company, yay that'll be fun!!

  5. That supper looks delicious!