Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Summer Temps, The Mat, Filling the Maytag, Special Birthdays

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 11th, hump day already? I got up shortly after 6:30 instead of lollygagging in bed. I had a job to do! After Bill left, Gibbs and I went for a walk down almost to the corner. While walking, it was a good time to call my Number 1 child (first) and Number 1 daughter. I just talked to her on Mother’s Day but today is HER special day. We had a lovely chat again on her speaker phone as she drove to work.

Happy Birthday, Bridgette! 💓

I left Gibbs in charge at home and drove in to the Mat to get myself back in the groove. No one was in which is a nice way to start the morning. It needed attention, the floors are pretty much always a mess and the washers needed a good wiping on the outside surfaces. My routine was a bit backwards but since I was washing our sheets, I wanted the floors mopped first thing.

When I thought I was taking a long time, I checked the clock to see that I was right on my hour schedule. It doesn’t matter if it takes me longer, Jamie will pay me for whatever it takes, but I try to stick to the 60 minutes. So, I finished by wet mopping the floors, gathering our damp sheets and headed towards Hanover for groceries. Woohoo! This is the big stock up this time with fresh veggies and meat for the freezer.

I zoomed in from across the room
(now that's lazy!!)
so it's a bit fuzzy

I first nipped into Mark’s to see if they had t-shirts on sale for Bill. He has lots but doesn’t want to ruin them at work. I picked up a couple at a decent price but they are almost too nice for working in. Good quality though. Maybe he can switch things up and wear some older ones for work. 😊 Then I parked across the lot at Walmart and stocked up on food. Including the pop, it burnt a $200 hole in my pocketbook but I didn’t think that was bad for all I got.

I took a peek in the wool department and was tickled that they had 4 large balls of the yarn I need. At $12.97/ball, I only bought two. Highway robbery when they used to be $8! Back home, I got everything put away and we should be able to eat well for a few days. Bill called to let me know he’d called the insurance company, now that our fridge is working again. We have a claim in on the damages for what we lost. Fingers crossed.


M had called last night that the Kijiji ad didn’t go through, nor did his payment for it so I popped over at 12:30 and took Gibbs along for the ride. It didn’t take too long and we got his pictures downloaded to the laptop and his ad posted. I’ve never paid for anything on my posts but because it is a business, he knew he had to do that. I hope it brings in some business. He paid me for my time much to my disagreement and we returned home.

The heat is on! It was 27C/81F by 1:00 today and the clouds had cleared out. We were unplugged from power and I put the awnings out. Surprisingly, the breeze from this morning has died to almost nothing and I’m sure, after 2 hours, the sheets on the line are dry. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I had some avocado, cheese and pork loin for lunch and it hit the spot.

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Today, is a special day for 2 special someone’s. My daughter, Bridgette, as I mentioned above and Bill’s youngest daughter, Jessica, share the same birthday, 14 years apart. 😊 I texted Jess at a decent hour since she is out west with 2 hours difference. I’m glad to hear that she received her card yesterday, mail delivery is not something we can pinpoint as it can be delayed for any number of reasons.

I should get out to the garden but after making rows for the seeds I bought, I didn’t get any further. I guess tomorrow morning that will be my job. I have to be in the mood. 😊 Gibbs and I went out where I let him run for a while and then put him on his rope near the SS. I had a craft that I was working on and he kept an eye on the property around us and even fit in some time for chewing sticks. LOL

Burgers were on the menu tonight
now that we have some again! 😉

Bill got home by 5:30 and went over to the Acreage to get a bladder of water. His day wasn’t done yet as he also offered to grill our burgers. They were delicious with more coleslaw and I loaded and turned on the dishwasher. The chorus frogs started singing around 4:40 today, first a very few and by 7, they were competing with the geese. As for the rest of the evening, it was pretty quiet inside for Bill and I.

A few posts ago, our friend, Elva, asked to see the babies
Here are Easton and Hadley
living the life in Alberta, Canada
(too far away)
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around. Sorry, I didn’t take many pictures today.


  1. No summer temps here. Instead we are getting drenched with rain and yet more rain. Hopefully that changes very soon.

    Yarn prices have gotten ridiculous over the last few months. I am glad that I am well stocked and could probably knit for years. Love that blue colour.

    God bless.

    1. With the high temps comes the humidity here. Oh and the black flies for a couple of weeks in May. Are we ever happy!? haha
      Lucky you with the yarn stock but I only have room for current projects so buy as I need. That's how they get away with it, I guess! :)

  2. Love visiting and appreciate posts you share.

  3. How cool to have 2 daughters with the same birthday. Thank you for the picture of the babies. I wish I could hug them. Elva

    1. It is cool, isn't it?
      I wish I could hug them too! ♥ they are growing so fast!

  4. Glad to read your fridge is up and running again. That must feel really good. Sorry to read your friends are still having problems. Pretty yarn but "yikes" on the price. Happy Birthday to those two pretty young ladies. Definitely two cuties in that last picture.

    1. It is awesome having our fridge again, I'm trying to treat it really nicely! :)
      Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  5. I have cupboards of yarn. I'm going to gather some up and bring it to you this winter. Yes grocery prices have gone sky high, but at least you won't lose any of it with a non-working fridge. The babies are getting BIG!!

    1. You're sweet! It's a great winter project even if I don't ever plan what I'll make! :)
      Our fridge is cold and happy to have food in it again. I can tell. ♥

  6. Happy Birthday to the two beautiful girls! The babies are adorable! I have to agree with Elva, would love to get my hands on them too! :) Congrats on getting back to work! So glad your fridge is working again and you were able to fill it, even if it did hurt the wallet! Burgers look incredible once again!

    1. Thanks for the wishes and the congrats. I'm happy and I know Jamie appreciates not having to worry about it after his work day.
      The burgers were yummy!