Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Seedlings Stay Hidden, Rectangle Puzzle, Round Table

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May18th things started out pretty normally. The day was starting out at 4C/39F but Bill did say there was a bit of frost when he went out at 6:30 with Gibbs. I was happy that my spinach and chard hadn’t popped above the ground yet or they might have been nipped. Of course, I didn’t know that until Gibbs and I walked up later in the day.

By the time we walked at 7:15,
there was no frost, just fog on the pond

Before Bill left for work, we went for a short walk to the east before turning back home. When we returned, he needed a bit of encouragement from Daddy to eat his mixed kibble but gobbled it up entirely. Good. That’s 3 meals right in a row, things are looking up. I bought him some Blue Buffalo kibble yesterday and he was keen for his supper last night – because of the smell? 😊 Doesn’t matter, he ate.

This single primrose is blooming
like crazy

It was a mild morning but even though the sun seemed to try, it didn’t remain out for very long and was swallowed up by the clouds. There was no breeze first thing but it did increase a bit throughout the day. Inside, I sewed our small sofa pillow that Gibbs fell in love with. We kept it up on the bed and he found pleasure humping it night after night. Funny guy, but he got his jollies and wasn’t hurting anything. 😊 Until he chewed a hole in the corner and it needed to be put away.

I got a puzzle out today
Notice the little paws at the left of the picture
I don't need his help

So, he kept watch instead

With that sewn up, he can get back to his thrills and leave our bigger pillows alone! I mopped the floors and then had my shower. I made another wrap for lunch and then sat at my laptop going through old pictures from 2006 campouts and beyond. Lots of memories were stirred up from when Bill and I had Clemson, our older trailers and the family pictures brought many smiles.

With the all clear, he settled down

Gibbs needed exercise so we went out and I let him run while I checked the garden and picked up his droppings from the last couple of days. Living in the country, we don’t have to bag his poop, it goes off into the bushes and fertilizes things. 😊 He was pretty good but twice ducked under the fence up on the berm and wouldn’t come when called. Both times I had to trick him by opening the car door. This works every time as he doesn’t want to miss a ride.

I think I'll have room for a 1000 pc. puzzle too

Second time, he got snatched up and put on his rope tether and I went into my shed to work on something. I hung a new sign over the door and cleaned up my paints. It was time to start a puzzle. I have a round table but the 500 pc. puzzle was rectangle. Unlike a square peg in a round hole, this works just fine.

I changed 'The Ridge Roost" sign

It felt good working on the puzzles again and I managed to complete the border in good time. Gibbs was in and out, seeming to be managing the screen door perfectly. He does like sitting in the middle to keep watch though and while the bugs are minimal (ps, not one black fly was visible today!), he can do that. 😊 Bill arrived home early today, around 3, so that was nice. We are both always happy to see our ‘sweetie’ come home in good time.

Uh-oh. Our on/off switch on the shower head
fell apart during my shower today

I removed the switch and now we're back to 
turning the taps off and on the original way

For supper, Rosy air fried chicken thighs with Caesar salad on the side. It was filling and tasty, as usual. We had a piece of cheesecake with the strawberry sauce adorning it and filling us appropriately.  

I had to fill the hummer feeders today
and then I noticed he was back for the oranges

He is the main bird drinking the hummer feed
but I'm happy he likes the oranges
since I bought more yesterday

Bill finished loading the dishwasher and he made his lunch for tomorrow. It wasn’t much of a day for pictures so sorry for the wordy post. This was a good day and not only did we have the regular goldfinches but Mr. Oriole was back for a visit.

Chicken thighs and salad
Good night!

Thank you for your visit too!


  1. Love your sign. You definitely are an artist! Glad Gibbs is eating again. Such a good body guard you have there.

    1. Thank you, pure amateur! :) I'm glad the little guy is eating again too and hope it lasts.

  2. I enjoy the birds around here as well. I have counted at least 20 different ones. On Monday saw my first Baltimore Oriole.

    1. I wish we had more hummers since I have many feeders but only seen a couple so far. Aren't the Orioles the most beautiful bird? ♥