Sunday, May 22, 2022

Laundry and Just Chillin’

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 22nd we took our time getting up and moving. It was 8 when I started sorting and prepping the dirty clothes. Gibbs, of course, tried to help, getting into his playful mood. We left him in charge and with our coffee-to-go mugs, we drove to town. First, we stopped at Rob and Pat’s to give them a couple of things we brought back from Arizona and Mexico for them. 😊

Lunch for a Sunday

The Mat wasn’t busy at all and although we had some difficulty with one machine, we loaded two machines. Bill went about a small job for Jamie in one of the lockups and I went about cleaning. We finished by putting our clothes in the dryers since it was a wet start to the day. No line drying today. It was a chilly 8C/47F so I’m glad I didn’t have to stand up there anyway!

What can I say? Another mixed up sky day

We went to Foodland for some replacement meat for the freezer. Our insurance claim for the fridge and other repairs needs receipts so heck, I’ll buy meat here in town. Lastly, filling our water jug at the Water Store and we headed home. That was it for our chores today and the remainder of the day was pretty laid back. I baked cinnamon rolls for lunch and Bill went to the Hangar.

It had a hard time deciding what to do

Gibbs and I stayed inside where I first finished my blog, read, he slept and I even dozed a bit. Because nothing else happened today, this is a short blog. For supper, we had leftovers so the picture would be the same as last night. Instead of dessert, we decided to have some chips and cheese while watching the 3-hour finale of American Idol. Basically, pretending it’s Saturday night. 😊

I choose this one

This was a fine day and the sun made the odd appearances in the afternoon which was a surprise. Is your Memorial Day weekend going well?

As long as there is something to watch
out the window, Gibbs has a good day πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Good night!

Thank your for stopping in!


  1. Ummm now I want cinnamon rolls. Lol. Looks like a beautiful day.

  2. Nice to have a quiet day once in a while.
    Gibbs looks like he's enjoying his coffee.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the holiday.

    It's about time.

  3. Did your Idol win? We were cheering for Noah, however both finalists did a great job. A fun evening.

    1. Yes!! Of the final 5, we didn't care. We loved them all but we also were pleased it was Noah. He's so humble.

  4. A laid back day sounds good to me. In fact that's pretty much my Sunday too. I needed the rest after a long travel day.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

    1. Glad you also got a slow day after your travels! You've had a busy time!

  5. Yummy cinnamon buns. Today was our first really nice day and I got to use the clothesline. Doing a happy dance here.

    God bless.

    1. I'll join you in the happy dance! It feels great to hang laundry.