Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Bit of a Stock Up and Sticker Shock

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 17th Bill was up and getting ready for work when I woke up. I’d felt quite refreshed after a good sleep but stayed in bed until 7 before Gibbs and I got up. It was a cloudy and cool 3C/38F but with little wind so I dressed to go for our walk. We almost made it to the corner when Gibbs stopped and was ready to return home. He’s the boss so I turned back. (don't tell him I said that!)

I had my crocheting project on my lap
with Gibbs on top of that last night
so Bill obliged and took these pics for me

What a beautiful sky!

Off his leash, he hightailed it up the laneway ahead of me. Of course, there was a wee detour down to the pond’s edge, just enough to stick his nose in and dampen his feet. Bill encouraged him to eat all of his breakfast out of his dish so it helped that he wasn’t heading out the door as soon as we returned. šŸ˜Š We were both happy he ate. Just what he needs, more energy!

A view of the pond to the west
Difficult to see through the bushes now
No sign of the geese babies since Sunday

When Bill left, I wasn’t far behind him to clean the Mat. It was in fair condition again and I left after an hour, finishing up by washing the floors. My found profit today was .50¢, a few cents shy of Sunday’s $1.65. šŸ˜Š These are my tips/perks. When I left the Mat, I stopped briefly at Rob and Pat’s to drop off the straps we’d used to secure Jazz on the drive home Sunday.

Following his nose

From there, to Hanover’s Independent Grocery for a few stock up items. This is where I felt my first sticker shock on food. I literally put things back and left without them. I went to Walmart, which is still my favourite for groceries, and found a few better deals. Independent is where I can get my 9% Liberte plain Greek yogourt and it is a better price than at Foodland here in Durham so I was happy about that.

The sun improved the day gradually

Back home, I unloaded and put everything away. We’re trying a Blue Buffalo dog food that we used to buy for Clemson, just to see if it makes a difference for our little guy. If he likes it, we’ll mix the two but I’m not thinking that is the problem. He still seems to like what we’re giving him just very particular as to when he eats it. Hopefully, he’ll get used to Daddy’s routine like he’s gotten used to many other things.

My first blooming iris is one of the
transplants from last fall onto the corral hill šŸ˜

After lunch, I had another lazy day. I found a new book to read and fell into it really quickly. John Grisham’s The Street Lawyer had me hooked on the first page. Now, that is a good writer! He ranks right up there with my other favourite authors like James Patterson, Lee Child and Michael Connelly. They all know how to keep me interested from the get-go.

And the Spirea bush is also looking good
I need to trim the dead branches

The sun had made appearances off and on but when Gibbs and I walked down to check the mailbox, the wind had me zipping my jacket right up to my neck. Brrrr! We aren’t expecting much summery weather over the next couple of weeks and a lot of rain so I guess that is Ontario spring for us. Bill was home early, around 3:30, after an afternoon of just Billy and him, drywalling a ceiling. Does not sound like fun to me, no wonder they stopped for the day.

Leftovers are still delicious and also easy

For supper, we had leftover meatloaf, potatoes for Bill with salad and beans on the side. Dessert tonight was cheesecake with strawberry sauce. Yum. It was another success. We loaded the dishwasher and Bill made his lunch. Oh! Before he left for work this morning, he went out to see if charging Jazz’s battery overnight did anything. He also had cleaned the battery posts and changed the lug. She started!

NY cheesecake with almond crust and strawberry sauce

So, tonight when he went out with Gibbs, he tried again and she roared to life with no delay. That is great news! Now, we just need the warm weather to return. šŸ˜Š This was another great day. There wasn’t a lot to do beyond cleaning and shopping so most of the day was to do as we pleased. Getting ready for another cool night.

I needed one more picture
Look at this 'baby' picture from May 17, 2021!!
That was at 2 months + 5 days old
and at about 6 lbs. šŸ’•šŸ’•

Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. If the change in Gibbs's diet doesn't have him eating more it is definitely Separation Anxiety.
    Glad to hear Bill got Jazz running.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

  2. Have you read any books by C.J. Box? I think you might enjoy his books. I sure do and I also love Lee Child.

  3. Sticker shock is something that I am slowly getting used to. Especially when sale prices are the old normal prices.

    Supposed to be getting snow here on the weekend.

    God bless.

  4. My already short grocery list is getting shorter by the day. Prices are just too high for me. I suppose it's a good way to lose a little weight, not being able to afford things like ice cream and meat! Glad your bike is running again without undue expense. That little Gibbs ... he makes me smile!!

  5. Sticker shock everywhere we go nowadays! Gas in our little town went up 18 cents overnight. Really?!!! We don't HAVE to go anywhere but the people who work and make minimum wage? Just so not fair. Gibbs is too cute :) Ohh that cheesecake!!!