Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cleaning and a Family Visit

The Ridge

Thursday, May 26th Bill was up and at ‘em as usual. He wasn’t sure where he was going today, they have 3 job sites on the go but he was ready for whatever. I got up at 6:20 and because it was raining there was no question of a walk. Bill got word shortly after that telling him to meet his co-workers down the road at Abdul. That meant he didn’t have to leave until 7:45. I left at a few minutes before 7 to go to Durham.

There was quite a goose gathering

in the front pond when I left

I left the Mat in better condition anyway

The Mat wasn’t too dirty again today, which makes me wonder how many clients are using it. I hope it is enough to justify me working for Jamie. I find enough things to do all the same to put in the hour that he is paying me for and then I drove home. Back home, I was surprised to see Ptooties still in the lot. Bill was just leaving, Billy wasn’t going to be at the job site until 8:30. At least, Bill was able to hand feed Gibbs his breakfast this morning, so I was happy about that. 😊

sitting on his little bum on my chair
Yes, Daddy is gone to work

He will return
(little did I know how soon)

I sat with Gibbs, played my games and drank my tea. Once more, I was surprised when Bill drove up the lane around 10. Things were not ready for them to work on today, drywalling takes time. Mudding and then waiting for it to dry and that was taking a long time in this damp spring weather. It’s nice that Bill had the rest of the day off. 

Gibbs sat on my lap at the puzzle
but I didn't see him pick up a piece
The one in the middle of this picture will be the last one
I put in since it is indecipherable LOL

Gibbs and I worked in the Bunky on the puzzle while he donned his weed trimmer gear and went out to the back field.

A little cuddle time

My ♥ is full

My Moonflowers are coming along nicely

Most of my irises are the same colour
I love the contrast

So far, only my short ones are in bloom

I left at 12 noon to meet Donna in Hanover. She and I were driving to Belgrave to visit our oldest sister and her husband at their new place. We had a lovely visit and found their duplex to be a beautiful home for them. 

Cathy and Bill's new duplex
Their unit is on the left

The sky looked threatening on my way home

We left around 3 with some of her flower bulbs from the old place. Day lilies always have a home here on the Ridge and I love perennials! I stopped at two grocery stores before leaving Hanover and heading home.

Baptist Church Road is very green these days
The lushness gives it an inviting look

We had no rain all day but 5 minutes after I was inside, the sky opened up. It didn’t last long although by the look of the black clouds to our west and north, it looked yeuchy. 

The geese were still meeting late this afternoon
or it was a redirect ??

Thankfully, it moved on past us but I hope it didn’t cause anyone to the north any grief. For supper, we had spaghetti and meatballs and it was quite filling. So much so that we didn’t feel like dessert. 😊

Bill and I are seeing more Mrs. Yertles digging these days
I had to drive around so as not to disturb her

Bill saw this one going up the berm

No idea what she was looking up there

They try finding the perfect ground for their nesting

This was a nice day after a great visit with Cathy and Bill. 

Spaghetti and meatballs 
on a rainy night
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Uh oh - bad boy Gibbs!!! Love the turtles!! Hope there’s no wind and rain damage.

    1. The little bum! He snapped it up so fast, i had to dig into his mouth to get it. So innocent you know!!

    2. You knew that was me ... LOL. I always forget to add my name when I read your blog on my phone!! Sorry, but I was laughing at the poor puzzle piece!!

  2. I think you're over-thinking the food/eating issue.
    Both my dogs are grazers, which is something I have never experienced before. With previous dogs, I'd put out their food, and they'd eat right away. But not these 2 ! I put dry food in their bowls twice a day. They eat when they want to. If the bowls are still full at dinner time; I don't add anything more. Oddly enough they eat during the night! Also, they usually skip 1 or 2 meals a week. It works for them, so I'm not going to worry about it.

    1. Maybe we are but it's the sudden change that has us baffled. I guess we could try and see how long he goes before eating but it hurts to not see him eat. 😕

  3. That's a beautiful new home for Cathy and Bill! Love the brick! Your flowers are gorgeous! Aww..Gibbs is liking the hand feeding, probably never go back to regular LOL. Ken messaged me yesterday afternoon he was over with the "furry kids" because they don't eat if no ones home and Karen wasn't yet. I think he just likes their company :)

    1. They do have a lovely home and it will be nice that they don't have to cut lawn or clear the driveway of snow. The owners of the duplex do that for them.
      Who knows what Gibbs will do tomorrow even! I love that Ken goes to keep the furry kids company so they'll eat. 💓

  4. I love the way Gibbs sits. So cute!

    1. I've never seen a dog sit like that before him. He thinks he's human, OBVIOUSLY!!

  5. What a lovely home for Cathy and Bill. When we moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan I asked Dad why the houses were not brick like I was used to, and wouldn't they blow away. Gibbs looks so cute sitting there.

    God bless.

  6. They are enjoying this home so far. Just renting, which they've rarely done but it is a good move for them. :) Funny about the brick homes, you asked a smart question.