Thursday, May 5, 2022

Changes in the Family Dynamic

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 4th Bill and Gibbs were up at 6. I only heard Gibbs coming back and dropped off to sleep again. I was awake 2 or 3 times through the night with a tickle in my throat and I was worried that my cold was coming back. Bill came up at 7 and laid down with us. He was dressed for work and was early enough to rest before he had to leave. It will take a while to get used to him being gone during the daytime.

The sky was pretty cloudy first thing

Bye Dear and bye Ptooties!
(cheaper on fuel, you all understand)

Yes, he is back working with Mike in the Home Renovation business. He needs to keep busy and after having the winter off, he wanted to get back at it for 3 days a week. The extra money sure helped us over the winter and now with all these added expenses for the fridge etc., it's a blessing for him to have the job. I’ve granted him some leeway on the 3 day thing but only if it is an easy reno job with no heavy lifting or back-breaking labour. Billy, his co-worker and the boss’s nephew, is happy to have Bill back, as is Mike.

From our walk
Father Goose guards his mate on her nest
A street sweeper ? It wasn't 'on duty' when it went by

Gibbs didn’t know what to do with himself when we returned from our walk to the corner. He wouldn’t eat his breakfast until 11:15 and watched out the window or slept up on the bed for most of the morning. Poor little guy misses his Daddy. I had my leftover fish taco and although I wasn’t able to pick it up after reheating, with a knife and fork it was still quite good. 😊 I sure wish the fridge was fixed, sour cream would have been nice on it.

When we returned from our walk, the fog moved in
for a couple of hours
By noon hour, it was a beautiful sky

After lunch, Gibbs and I stayed inside, me adding to my blanket and Gibbs not far from me, until 3. Up until then, I found it quite cold outside even though the sun graced the sky for most of the afternoon. The wind was bitter. I donned my down winter coat and went up to the garden. Gibbs was off leash and for an hour and a half he was very good, sticking close to me.

Hanging out inside with my love bug
The right-hand picture is a search for a sleepy bug
Figures if he waits on my chair, Daddy will return 💖💖💖

He had me laughing when he went on his Wildman rampages around the garden, up and down the hill, even chasing his first Chippy! I wasn’t laughing though when he went through the cedar rail fence behind me down into the bean/soy/corn field and took a while returning. I tried to be firm but encouraging in my call to him. We practiced the “come” command with rewards and he was doing quite well with it.

Gibbs does have fun outside
He brings long sticks up the lane
Top right: running back for a drink, just a blur
Bottom right, laying under the chair and Daddy's flag pole
It's shady

The turtles are out but skittish when I approach
One garden ready for bulbs
Peony in leaf, evening primrose and tiger lilies
Hostas aren't up yet and the flag pole needs to be 
re 'planted'. 😕

Needless to say, he ended up on his rope tether while I finished pulling weeds and removing stones from the berm garden. I wanted to focus on getting it done today. He didn’t seem to mind; he was in the shade close to his water dishes. We walked down to the mailbox and I replaced some fence rails across the other entrance to the property. It appears that we’ve had trespassers. Hmmm. I'll also make a No Trespassing sign even though we think we know who it is. 

Why someone would just drive onto someone else's property
is beyond me
but it happened between the time we left for supper 
and our return on Tuesday

Bill returned around 5:30 after a long day and yet he was feeling great from today’s job and the feeling of being back at it. We were happy to have him home. 

Remember the picture of last year's flower box
flowers in bloom?
Here we are today, just starting to get wee blooms

For supper, Rosy air fried 2 large pork chops, which had to be cut in pieces, with shake and bake coating. I boiled potatoes on the stove and heated a can of carrots and peas. It’s unusual to have canned veggies but necessary right now. It took a long time to cook the pork only because my fryer is small and the pieces were stacked on top of each other. It was all delicious!

I see two sleepy boys waiting for supper

The meal was very good and I have one chop left for lunch

We loaded the dishwasher and after a beautiful sunset, Bill made his lunch and I worked on my blog. TV was on in the background and by 10, I was in bed with Bill not far behind. This was a different day; our world has made a turn again and Gibbs is the one trying to figure it out. 😊 I had a response today from FB’s Marketplace for our futon so it sounds like it’s sold. Yay, my She-shed is getting closer! 

What a beautiful sunset
No touchups required here!
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to and of course, for all of the anniversary wishes.


  1. It's always hard to get used to a new schedule, but nice when you get that paycheck. It comes in so handy!! The thing about all those house repairs (fridge), it sure is nice when you get them all fixed. Sounds like your bunky is coming right along too. Good thing you keep an eye on Gibbs ... he might chase that critter too far and get lost!! Silly boy!!

    1. The paycheck is very nice as long as his body doesn't get over taxed!
      Gibbs isn't out of my sight for too long. I don't know how far he'd go.

  2. Always a challenge for us getting used to different schedules. Harder for the Fur Kids.
    Tasty looking supper.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Really, why would someone feel the need to drive on your property. Rude!
    That Gibbs just makes me smile. I love the photo of him with the stick in his mouth. What a helper. :)
    I bet Bill will sleep well after a full day. It may take a bit of time, but Gibbs will get used to it.

    1. I know! We think it is our neighbour but why not wait until we're home to all us. Makes us wonder what they do all winter. Lol
      Gibbs makes me smile a lot. He's such a ball of curiosity and energy. ❤

  4. Gibbs....what a character. Very entertaining. Good to see Bill is back at work and part-time is awesome! Elva

    1. Thanks Elva. Bill can't sit still so 3 days a week and a paycheck is awesome.