Monday, May 16, 2022

A Slow and Easy Spring Day

The Ridge

On Monday, May 16th, spring returned. It was a short summer. The rains were very necessary and things are sure greening up nicely. Well, there is a fair amount of yellow too, with the dandelions. 😊 Not to mention the ever-present goldfinches. Bill’s job site is just down the road, 15 minutes away, if that, so he was able to sleep in until 6:30 and not leave until 7:45.

The rain hung around all morning

He took Black Beauty because it is so close and in the event he needs to bring the work trailer back here at the end of the day. I mentioned spring returning. It dropped to 10C/50F overnight and dropped even further to 8C/47F at 7:30 when I got up. It was raining off and on so I knew we wouldn’t be going for our walk. Sorry Gibbs.

After Bill left, it felt good to just sit in my chair with Gibbs close by and finish my book. This one has taken longer because I’ve had other things going on but today is a stay inside day, for the most part. 

Last night, after supper, I hand fed the little guy his supper and each time I brought the dish close, he turned away as if offended. I wondered if for some reason the metal dish is bothering him for some reason. ??? So, I tried something new but this morning it made no difference.

When Ma and Pa Goose made their
way up the hill

Our patrol dog was watching

Today is M’s 65th birthday so I was going to deliver his cheesecake, sauce and card but called him around 10 to extend my birthday wishes. 😊 He indicated that he wasn’t going anywhere all day because it was so crappy out so after I had some lunch, Gibbs and I drove over to deliver it. He was excited to have his favourite cheesecake again. He wouldn’t need the whole cake, being on his own, so I only take him half.

I'm glad the finch feeder holds so much
and lasts for so long

I called the vet this morning and made Gibbs’ appointment for heart worm test and flea and tick meds. Then I called the groomer and made that appointment for Friday. It will be warming up soon and he is getting quite the woolly little dog! He’ll feel better after a good cut and nail trim. He likes me brushing his teeth, well, he likes the toothpaste, so we did that in my chair this morning.

He sat still long enough for a photo shoot

Bill called about getting Jazz in and she can’t get in to the ‘doctor’ (as Chris calls it) for at least a week so we’ll get it off the trailer tonight. Chris suggested something first but it’s something Bill had already tried and Leroy at the shop suggested something else. If they don’t work, we’ll keep her at home until he has room to fit her in. We still don’t think it will take much to fix her up, at least we hope not!

I’m getting stuck on supper meals again but I know we need to eat good things. I decided to make one of Bill’s favourites, with potato and a vegetable for tonight. Around 2:30, the sun began breaking through the white clouds and it warmed up to 15C/59F which is quite a change. 😊

A better position to see things
He just wanted to sit outside 💗

I’m hoping the rains are feeding my newly planted seeds and that I see something in a week or so. I’m dubious only because I’ve not planted these things before.  Put together the ingredients for the meatloaf and I’ll start cooking it when Bill gets home. 

Mr. Oriole made a return appearance

A wren? sparrow? Not sure, but it is
definitely a baby

Tea time right now! I enjoyed my cup of tea and at 4:20, Bill and Billy drove up the lane. Billy came with him to help get Jazz off the trailer and in the shelter. Gibbs ran around supervising and my job was simply to open the shelter door.

Blossoms on the apple tree by the Suite

A few blossoms on our sick Service Berry tree

Bill and Gibbs went right away into town to return Rob’s trailer and while they were gone, I put the meatloaf into the oven. We were eating supper at 6 with mashed potatoes and beans. Yummy, it is always a good meal that never fails me. We cleaned things up by loading the dishwasher. When Bill made his lunch, a little encouragement of some cheddar pieces mixed in his dish, Gibbs ate his food.

When we went out the laneway, these guys
had been relaxing
Too bad I had to disturb them

The sky is almost completely clear of clouds and speaking of the sky, was anyone in a position to see the Blood Moon last night? I wasn’t even aware so I’m bummed that now I have to wait until November for the next one. Lucky you, if you saw it. This was a super lazy day for me but it was very nice all the same. With my book done, I got back into crocheting to add to my afghan.

Well, he finally ate this food but it's only one meal

Our supper got gobbled up with no hesitation. Yum!
Good night!

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  1. Have you checked Gibbs teeth? If he’s got a loose one, that may be why he’s not eating. Try some plain (no spice) chicken. Check his weight too. He’s ok if he’s not losing. Cracks me up he sits on the table!!!

    1. I just cleaned his teeth last night and there are no loose ones. If he went for more than a day without eating anything, I'd be suspicious too. He's not losing weight either so I guess we shouldn't worry.

  2. Trust your dog. The food is bad. A good resource:

    1. We believe it is the change in his routine. Daddy going to work is what seems to have set it off.

    Get email alerts for recalled dog food:

  4. I agree with Anon., Your dogfood might have turned. We buy the Costco food, which is quite a large bag, but keep it in cold storeage.
    Our corn is up, but we have frost warnings for Tuesday and Wednesday nights!

    1. Thank you Karen. Wouldn't he be sick though? All good advice and comments.
      Figures when things pop above ground, the frost is back! We aren't getting to frost levels - yet!!

  5. Hopefully the weather will get on track soon.
    Lots of pet owner are stopped feeding processed Foods to their animals. There are a few newer brands that are more pet friendly. They cost more but you will see a change in Gibbs's eating and energy levels.
    Hope Bill can get Jazz going on his own.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Isn't the weather crazy?
      Thank you for the comment re dog food.
      Bill had luck this morning with Jazz! yay!

  6. The weather has been so strange this year. We have had some nice sunny days, but I am not counting on it staying this way.

    I hope Gibbs gets his appetite back. I agree that perhaps you should check that the food hasn't turned,

    God bless.

    1. It really has been strange weather this spring! Can't count on it staying here either.
      Not sure how to check if food has turned. I would think he'd be sick though.
      Thank you!

  7. The Ridge is looking really nice Patsy and Bill. I cook fresh chicken breasts in the instapot. This is part of Freddy's diet.
    No spices and for a picky dog he likes it.
    You sure do have the birds!

    1. thank you Loree. Freddy is a lucky doggie. Gibbs eats anything so we're thinking it is more the change of pace around here, with Daddy leaving.
      Yes, we do have birds! :)